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Free Energy Blog:2014:09:06

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Ozbeau1968's unsuccessful QMoGen attempt
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'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:06'

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Here's a brave soul who made a QMoGen attempt, but was unable to get it to work yet he published a video anyway.

One observation I would make about possible reason is that the generator needs to be substantially larger than the motor. But maybe I'm assuming wrong. If the green unit is the motor, then the proportions are similar to what we've seen before.

To Rob, I'd say: "I realize this must be frustrating, but don't throw in the towel on experimenting. Remember Edison's hundreds of failures before he achieved Eureka. If you were driven to give this a try, you probably have a mission in this regard, and shouldn't give up so easily. Some day, someone is going to figure this out AND open source it."


My experiment in building a QMOGEN ,using 2x 8000/32000 watt LF 24 volt d/c power inverters connected to 2 x 10 x Maxwell 3000 farad 2.7 volt D/C Capacitors as a power storage. The PMA is a Dual Output unit built in the USA by Tony at Hurricane Wind Power and it was built for Micro Hydro use. As a self-educated on You-Tube "inventor" or Dreamer at present I have decided to stop my research and pursue other interests. My experiment didn't work! But I thought this video might inspire you to follow your dreams as well. Cheers, Rob P.s the system is 24 volt D/C (YouTube August 25, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 13:30, 6 September 2014 (UTC)

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