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Blacklight a World-Changer

'Free Energy Blog:2014:07:21'

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As we anxiously await a report of today's third public demonstration, here are some recent stories that might be of interest.

Super Controversial Blacklight Power is Promising World Changing Energy New Physics Magic ... This time for real ? - ...they realized that the greatest energy output of the process comes in the form of intense light. And with modern photovoltaic technology, they will be able to convert that light directly to electricity with an even grater power density. (Next Big Future July 15, 2014)

Blacklight Power Comes Back to the Forefront Of Energy [linked up on BLP's Press page.] - Dr. Randall Mills of Blacklight Power plans a demonstration a power production device that is expected to produce 10 MW of power in a one cubic foot sized module. (New Energy and Fuel July 17, 2014)

HERE COMES THE WORLD-CHANGER - Joseph Shea writes: "while working prototypes are now available for qualified people to inspect, the actual roll-out of commercial and residential devices is about a year away, by my estimate...." (American Reporter July 21, 2014)

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