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Free Energy Blog:2014:07:20

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Free Energy Blog posts from Friday, July 21, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:07:21

Another ValyEnergiStar 10kW QMoGen Video Posted
Image:Ratcheting-Mechanims 300.gif

'Free Energy Blog:2014:07:20'

Relevance: Template: 973 > Directory:ValyEnergiStar Self-Looped Motor-Generator System

Valy Valentin from Romania sent me this video link today. They've added some kind of ratcheting mechanism that turns a slowly-moving part. This doesn't make sense to my why they would involved this mechanism. Maybe one of you can enlighten us.


(YouTube July 20, 2014)

Google translates the description as:

: free energy system puncto zero energy multiplication [mailto:VANGHELY@YAHOO.ES? VANGHELY@YAHOO.ES] new system auto feeder system

: This sitem is 80rpm 10 kw

I sent him the following questions.

: Can you give me an update about the commercialization progress?

: Are these available for sale yet? price?

: How many have you sold?

: How long have you run one system continuously without stopping on what power output?

: Have you had this third party tested yet?

: Do you plan on patenting?

: Are you licensing out the manufacturing and distribution elsewhere in the world?

: What are your plans for manufacturing?

Here's his response (translated by Alexandru Pintilie).

: They are under tests at the moment, but they work very well. Costs are low and the operational warranty is long.

: This generator runs from 26 rpm to 80 rpm maximum – there’s no high wear at these rpm speeds.

: A 10kw system needs 250w, max 500w (translator’s note: I guess input). All tests have been made and everything looks good from this point of view.

: In addition: this 10kW generator weighs 500kg because low rpm generators are heavy.

: This can be tested by third parties, but by well-meaning people, who don’t want to steal the intellectual property.

: To manufacture, we’ll need a sponsor/investor or a contributor.

Here's the original Romanian text:

: de moment sunt testate dar ele functineaza forte bine costurile sunt reduse si garantiea e mare

: acest generator functioneaza de la 26 rpm la 80 rpm maxim la aceste turati nu poti avea uzura mare

: un sistem de 10 kw e nevoie de 250 w maxim 500w sau facut tote testele

: din punct de vedere este ok

: in completare acest generator de 10kw are 500kg

: deorece generatorele de turatie mica au o greutate mare

: se pote testa dar omeni care sunt cu ganduri bune nu spre copiere

: pentru a se putea fabrica e nevoie de un sponsor sau colaborator

-- SilverThunder 23:23, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

Assertion: Taiwan QEG achieves 400% efficiency, real power

'Free Energy Blog:2014:07:20'

Template: 4279

John Kuhles brought this to our attention. Unfortunately, the material has been removed from the link where he got it:

: Taiwanese QEG CICU. Our lead engineer, Mr. Li, has successfully built a mechanical overunity device prototype which has near 400% efficiency in REAL POWER: the input for drive motor is 3.7kw and the output is 15kw. This prototype can generate AC 220V in three phase and AC 127V in single phase, the current is about 58amp.

: This device combines a traditional generator with a 3.7kw coupling drive motor and a set of flywheels (weight: 100kg) added on the generator. The assembling began two weeks ago, and the test run was successfully complete on July 14th. The result is very impressive: we now can load a 15kw tubular heating element in full capability while keep the drive motor running. In other words, this prototype can power every home appliance once it is tuned and hooked with the power grid.

: Despite this prototype looks so fantastic, it still leaves much improvement to be done. First, it is NOT YET A SELF-RUNNING device because Mr. Li does not want to provoke too much unfriendly attention either from stubborn trolls or Taipower Company. Mr. Li also said that self-running can be achieved easily once everything is safe and sound. Second, the prototype is already too big to be categorized as a household free energy device. So we might go up the ante and develop it for community, factory, infrastructure…etc. Third, a prototype is just a prototype. Improvements like electro-mechanic control and also safety mechanism will take some time, probably few more weeks. Also, we have to discuss when and how its building instruction can be opensourced to other FTW CICUs around the world. So stay with us and keep your fingers crossed.

: Finally, Mr. Li wants to appreciate FTW family for your altruistic effort and consistent support. Although this device does not go with resonance or quantum energy, it is your hands-on training program that inspires him and then comes up with such ground-breaking achievement.

Video pending.

July 21, 4 pm MDT update

Comment received.

: Does include a very short video of the Mr Li flywheel generator (which does look more like a QMogen to me in the nature of its operation). It certainly isn't a QEG anymore :

: Ahem, the Taiwanese apparatus has been built by the Taiwanese QEG team, but it isn't a QEG. It is a motor-flywheel-generator combination without any similarities to a QEG. The text and the video are available here:


-- SilverThunder 13:52, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

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