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Free Energy Blog:2014:07:02

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Resurrecting Oleg Gritskevich's Hydromagnetic Dynamo

[[Image:Elektrogeneratori_na_vode000002_450.jpg|right|frame|"Oleg Gritskevich - great scientist who emigrated to the U.S. from Vladivostok, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Academy of Natural Sciences. His main invention - hydromagnetic dynamo, where the liquid rotor used ordinary water - in the transformation of the electrostatic field of the Earth into electrical energy. The title of his own device "hydromagnetic dynamo" superficially resembles a large donut 5 meters in diameter. Within this apparatus circulates water, which was heated to a high temperature, and the magnetic field acting on the water."Credit:]

'Free Energy Blog:2014:07:02'

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''On July 02, 2014 3:41 PM [MDT], "Zoran Milan Ilitz" from Russia wrote:

My comments are interspersed in [brackets].

: Subject: The most advanced FE device ever that you know nothing about

: Hi Sterling,

: I've learned something that should be (probably very) interesting to you.

: ...Well, here is your number 1 - by far the best that ever was and is. [Actually not, because it doesn't meet the criteria of being close to market.]

: 22 years BEFORE Fleischmann and Pons, the 1st cold fusion device prototype was constructed. It was supposed to be an enhancement in electrolysis, but it yielded 1.4 kW from an input of 0.8 KW. That was during 1976-78 period. A patent related to this invention (if I translated the Russian correctly), was filed in USSR in 1988, still before 1989. The second prototype was built in 1990 (after Fleischman and Pons announcement of cold fusion discovery in 1989), and was first reported in 1991. Things got rather interesting afterward.

: Long before you started your free energy reporting quest, there was one such free energy device that operated for 5 years continuously (1992-1997) in Armenia. It's distinctive characteristic is that the SMALL (3rd) prototype was producing 1.5 MW of power (0.5 - 2.5 MW, depending on seasonal needs), and up to this day it remains the only one free energy device that had successfully operated in the MW class. Above that, it is the only one scalable to GWs. This remarkable device operated in Armenia (former Soviet republic) until it was finally destroyed in war in 2002.

: It had had no moving parts aside from circulating water and a COP of 100. Since then this technology lies dormant. It was patented in Russia and in few other east countries. The patent is close to expiration if it isn't expired already. (Granted on Aug 24, 1999).

: The inventor stated that he had some familiarity with the new energy field. Nearly all purported new energy devices are fairly small electrical generators. The hydro-magnetic dynamo may be the only new electrical generator which most nearly meets all the requirements of an ideal large-scale electrical generator. He claimed that his dynamo really is the single most valuable invention the world has ever known. I agree with this statement.

: The inventor, a reputable soviet academic, holder of 70 patents one more fantastic than the other (running from boilers and refrigerators to torpedoes and disintegrators), eventually died without obtaining further funding. Not surprisingly, both the Russians and American officials turned down requests for funding repeatedly. The important thing here is that the inventor's son is still alive and on Oct, 2013 appeared an article about their invention in the Russian press: ( (in Russian and English)).

: It is on-line since Apr 26, 2014 (which is the Chernobyl anniversary). Perhaps he hopes to resurrect it ?

: The patent and old articles on the web (repeated many times) give a very detailed description of this device. But with a nowadays knowledge it would be fairly easy to replicate due to 3D printing and other modern technologies. As for the source of energy it combines HHO with the Le Clair effect, alchemy (yes, alchemy - one of his patents is for 'Reactors-converters of chemical elements') and cold fusion in order to fuse deuterium into helium, which is most likely the main energy source. This produces alpha (and gamma ?) radiation during operation, but no radioactives. An ideal device to be used for safe in-place replacement of all classic big thermo power plants! The politicians all knew about it and decided to keep this technology without funding, opting for status quo. Not allowed to be. It still lies dormant.

: I know that others have promising technologies in R&D phase, hoping to get rich in the process, but they are all in uncertain future. This one actually operated for 5 (five) years half a century ago, continuously producing ample amount of power. It is well tested, well explained, fairly simple device to make, with no big secrets in black boxes. Unfortunately, nobody attempted to make a third party replication and nobody was willing to fund it or use it.

: Cheers, Zoran Milan Ilitz.

-- SilverThunder 03:22, 3 July 2014 (UTC)

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