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Free Energy Blog:2014:05:20

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Free Energy Blog:2014:05:21

Gowtham Visits AG Energy India

'Free Energy Blog:2014:05:20'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic > Template: 973 > Directory:350 kVA QMoGen by AG Energies India Pvt Ltd

Last Thursday, I posted this news bullet:

Template: 3521

This morning I got a call from one of our readers in India, Gowtham, who has been following our news for quite some time and has actually gone and visited some of the inventions in India that we have featured.

It turns out that AG Energies is just a 2.5 hour drive away for him, so he went and visited them and sent me these two photos:

Image:12AE279E-D5DD-4039-BFCE-A22E342468CD 600.jpg


- - - -

Image:D38D9D77-E3EB-48E0-843F-7C282F31E354 600.jpg


He plans to go again on Monday, May 26 to see it running, and he's hoping Directory:Deggory Devassy from India will be available to go with him.

He said that they are not really into the electronic communications tools most of us use routinely. That's why you're not likely to get a response by email if you send one. They still haven't responded to my email, though I was able to interview them by phone. If one of you in India is so inclined, I bet they would appreciate an offer from someone they could trust to help them with this interface that will be so important for them going ahead.

Gowtham said he has also visited Nagendra Singh of Directory:OzzoG, Multiplier Electric Engine in Bombay. He said that it is still deep in R&D, and the prototype doesn't run under load.

Another place he visited was the Thirugnanam QMoGen we featured in our news last December:

Template: 1961

He said it was running, but not in self-loop mode. He said he made a small prototype of this machine but was not able to run it. He said he'd send me a better photo than the one we have on that page.

Here are some photos he provided of the Thirugnanam QMoGen:

Image:IMG 1074 600.jpg


- - - -

Image:IMG 1075 600.jpg


- - - -

Image:IMG 1076 400.jpg


- - - -

Image:IMG 1077 600.jpg


- - - -

Image:IMG 1079 400.jpg


Another technology Gowtham is very interested in is James Qwok's Directory: Hidro -- Water Pressures Energy Conversion (WAPEC) in Australia. That's the one that "is said to use principles of gravity, buoyancy, gas density differences and a pressure gradient to harness inexhaustible energy freely from the environment...." Gowtham said he spent a lot of time studying the math in that patent, and 90% of it makes a lot of sense. He's still grappling with the last 10%. I encouraged him to write an article about this experience, and why he thinks there is something to that design.

Given the extent of helpful initiative Gowtham has taken, I invited him to sit in on our weekly NEST meetings, with the possibility of joining.

Meanwhile, I'm working on getting a visa to visit India in the end of June, with three stops planned. 1) A waste to energy technology in Bombay, 2) OzzoG while we're in Bombay, 3) AG Energies. The trip is being paid for by a friend from India who has been tracking these kinds of technologies for years, like I have, and is on a similar quest to help bring these things to market.

-- SilverThunder 02:30, 20 May 2014 (UTC)

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