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Free Energy Blog:2014:05:18

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Free Energy Blog:2014:05:19 troubles
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'Free Energy Blog:2014:05:18'

Relevance: This Week in Free Energy™

Last year, I had a guy, Andros Delron, aka Andrew Reill, volunteer to host all my FrontPage authored websites., where they had been hosted, was phasing out all support for MS FrontPage sites, so I had to find somewhere to host them.

Meanwhile, two things have changed. Pair is still providing one server for my FrontPage sites, which includes PESN and FreeEnergyNews. And it would appear that Andrew has died or is otherwise incapacitated. I've not been able to reach him by email, skype, phone, ground mail, for like half a year. And apparently, whoever he was working with decided the other day to pull the plug on his sites (without trying to contact me), which included about 15 of my websites, including

We never migrated because I wasn't satisfied with the level of performance of the other sites on his service. So it is unaffected. However, I've had to change my DNS to point back to where I still have the content from over a year ago when we migrated the site.

That is why all the links to recent This Week in Free Energy™ programs no longer work.

I'm going to have to repost those pages, maybe pulling from Google cache or other repositories. So please excluse the mess as we go through this interruption of service.

And Andrew, if you're still alive, please give me a call. If you're not, then I look forward to your help from the other side of the veil.

In other news, I'm working up a report of my recent visit to SHT. Interesting...

-- SilverThunder 22:39, 18 May 2014 (UTC)

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