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Free Energy Blog:2014:05:16

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Free Energy Blog posts from Wednesday, May 17, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:05:17

James Corbett on Blacklight Power

'Free Energy Blog:2014:05:16'

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Matt Imber writes:

: You might have caught this video but if not, James Corbett & co-host talked a bit about new energy and Blacklight Power.


(YouTube Apr 10, 2014)

: Story #2: US Navy 'game-changer': converting seawater into fuel


: BlackLight Power Announces Sustained Production of Electricity Using Photovoltaic Conversion


It's kind of a sad commentary that mentions of exotic FE are so rare even among the alternative media that when they do happen, it merrits a blurb in our blog. It should be happening hourly, and we're lucky if it happens weekly.

Speaking of great friends in the cause among the alternative media, I'll be doing an interview next week with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

-- SilverThunder 13:57, 16 May 2014 (UTC)

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