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Free Energy Blog:2014:04:28

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Free Energy Blog posts from Monday, April 28, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:04:29

Power Supply Arrived for H-Cat Testing

'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:28'

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We got the power supply and KOH today in the mail. I plan on doing some set-up and preliminary testing tomorrow at Darrell's place then doing the second calorimetric water bath test Wednesday.

I'm so looking forward to proving all the skeptics WRONG! There really is something to this H-Cat, and our set-up can show the anomalous heat.

I should also mention that I finished editing and uploading a draft of the Solar Hydrogen Trend interview for them to review before we publish it. Great stuff. Perhaps the best we've seen so far.

-- SilverThunder 01:06, 29 April 2014 (UTC)

Morocco Achieves QEG Resonance
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'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:28'

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It's an important step. Next we look forward to the 10 kW output and overunity measurements.


(YouTube April 27, 2014)

Other recent developments:

Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 1 - The Parts Arrive With the arrival of the remaining QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) components we are now able to begin assembly. (Stillness in the Storm April 25, 2014)

Waiting for Parts for the QEG - by Tomas Qubeck - Here is the next episode of the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) festival/training here in Aouchtam from Alia’s blog New Earth Paradigm. (New Earth Pulse April 26, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 03:25, 28 April 2014 (UTC)

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