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Free Energy Blog:2014:04:02

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Free Energy Blog posts from Wednesday, April 2, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:04:03

Crowther's H-Cat aluminum fins H-Cat email forum created
Image:IMGA0005 400.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:02'

Relevance: Directory:Nuclear / Directory:Water > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Lattice Energy LLC's LENR / Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > OS:Justin Church's H-Cat > OS:H-Cat Calorimetry

Yesterday when I was chatting with Frank Crowther (who used to work as an engineer at Kennecott, years ago) about getting some details for the write-up I was doing on the H-Cat water bath test we ran last week, he mentioned that he had [the beginnings of] a wind tunnel test bed set up, and was waiting to get a working power supply.

Holy Cow, he doesn't waste any time. I made the 5 minute drive down to his house to see what he's got, and shot this video:


(YouTube April 2, 2014)

(Random Computerspeak: FIn = fin, lE1 = energy in a chamber fst = fast way to get some good idea of what you've got xs = excess heat coming from LENR)

Quick Memo on Random Computerspeak: Yes, that's something I came up with. It's my theory that angels -- or some kind of higher intelligence -- can manipulate random number generators as way to convey tricky little messages for us if we will but look for them. I've seen it quite often over the years, and now I'm starting to share what it is I'm seeing. I showed a few of these in my H-Cat first calorimetry report.

While it's not yet to the stage of being a "wind tunnel", it certainly is adequate to get some good initial readings on where the possible sweet spot(s) might be. I love it when people can make due with what they have. That's what we did in our first H-Cat test on a limited budget.

Today Frank was talking with a Professor of Chemistry at Snow College (yet another 5 minute drive from his house) who sounded interested in what we are doing and might be getting some of his students involved. We may be able to borrow some of their equipment as well. Maybe they have a Geiger counter we could borrow.

After we secure another power supply and take a few measurements using Frank's finned set-up, I'd like to do the water bath test again, and this time in a way that no skeptics can balk.

I'm convinced that the Fluke meter was reading well enough for the first test we did to be legitimate in showing anomalous heat, but people whose heads are too far inside the box of conventionality don't want to weigh my arguments for that, and they want to throw out the data because our Fluke meter was displaying (per its setting) "AC" instead of "DC" on the readout, even though what it was reading was DC, and I make a strong case that it was quite accurate, as a "fluke" if you want to call it that.

It turns out my dad has a clamp-on amp meter he uses all the time that will suffice. We'll probably do redundancy at each step, having at least two meters for each reading so skeptics can't balk.

Oh, by the way, I finally got around to setting up an email discussion list for this H-Cat open source project. I sent a few of the key messages to it for its archive. - public

To join by email, send email to [] and reply to the auto-response email to confirm that you want to join. Messages by members to go to subscribed members.

-- SilverThunder 23:13, 2 April 2014 (UTC)

Might there be an FE suppression angle in Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappearance?

'Free Energy Blog:2014:04:02'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Suppression

Dr. Umberto Stranieri brought this story to my attention, stating that it had nothing to do with what they are doing, but just as a point of interest:

Google Translation to English Excerpt:

: It is conceivable that the plan of Malaysia Airlines MH370 was "wrapped", hiding something else: a high-tech electronic warfare and use of existing weapons.

: It all begins with an eco-friendly high-tech company based in Austin, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL), which confirmed that 20 of its employees have been confirmed to be part of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur direct to Beijing. Twelve of Malaysia and eight are in China. 'Some solutions of the key product of the company include those for the construction of electric vehicles.'

On the subject of 370 conspiracy angles,


: After Flt. 370 disappears George Soros now only patent holder of very important Military electronic device's patent and Israel Hiding Identical Boeing 777 in a hanger Unused !!

: George Soros exposed along with Israel in Flt. 370 Disappearance.

: Soros now the Only owner of a brand new patent formerly 80% owned by the 20 passengers on Flt. 370 that disappeared.

: Israel has been hiding an identical Boeing 777 in a hanger unused !

: Possibly to use on a false flag attack on the USA to get the USA to attack Iran ? !


: From: Thomas Buyea

: Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 9:13 AM

: Subject: Flight 370 may have had a Radar Cloaking Device invented by the company of the 20 employees on board ?? !!


: Flight 370 may have had a Radar Cloaking Device invented by the company of the 20 employees on board ?? !!

: The same company that was the first company to make production model transistors possibly reverse engineered from parts found in the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.

: Engine performance read outs that were electronically transmitted to the ground have shown the engines were running for 4 hours after the Marker Beacon was turned off !

: Hijacked or all people on board dead from decompression ?

I highly doubt that a company of the ilk of Freescale Semiconductor was involved in exotic free energy, but I thought I would at least point out that the company is involved in electric vehicle technology.

There certainly have been cases in our past where key people have been assassinated via plane crashes. Congressman Larry McDonnald is the most obvious example. Then President of the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], he was going to run for President of the United States, and he had a substantial following. I was involved in the John Birch Society no long after that.

: "There is a real question in my mind that the Soviets may have actually murdered 269 passengers and crew on the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] in order to kill Larry McDonald." – Jerry Falwell, The Washington Post, September 2, 1983

Speaking of conspiracy and today's news, I'll not post this as a separate news item, but I would like to at least mention that the Western mainstream media has completely been glossing over the Turkish false flag attack plan. They don't mention that it was a false flag plan, they skirt around that. Ben Swann, who left mainstream media so he could keep his integrity, posted a Report today: "Turkish officials attempt to shut down YouTube in Turkey after a high level conversation among Turkish leaders is leaked. The conversation includes a discussion about creating a false flag attack in Syria as a reason for Turkish soldiers to enter the country."

Turkey is trying to create a pretext to go to war, and the Western mainstream media, being the presstitutes that they are, are covering for them. But anyone with a mouse can find the lie behind this cover-up in a few minutes.


(YouTube March 29, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 18:49, 2 April 2014 (UTC)

Mats Lewan book on the E-Cat story: An Impossible Invention

'Free Energy Blog:2014:01:02'

Relevance: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat)

We have a lot of respect for Mats Lewan of NyTeknik. He has been heavily involved as a professional journalist from this scientific journal in Sweden investigating and reporting on the E-Cat in particular as well as cold fusion in general. He is not seen as a push-over, but as a careful scientist himself, capable of taking measurements, running calculations, and verifying that what is being claimed is actually taking place.

Image:111006 E-Cat test Mats Lewan clamp 300.jpg

I met him in Bologna on October 28, 2011 at Andrea Rossi's demo of the 1 MW system running at half power, self-looped for more than five hours. (PESN)

Image:111128 Sterling-with-Mats-Lewan bologna 400.gif

To the right of myself and Mats are two of the guys who ended up launching, the nominally official website.

Mats is the one who News:Defkalion Hyperion allowed in their laboratory to take measurements during their demonstration during ICCF 18 last year.

Image:Matts-Lewan NyTeknik participant 400.jpg

This morning, I received this email from him:

Image:An-Impossible-Invention cover eng1.jpg

: From: Lewan Mats

: Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 3:20 AM

: Subject: My new book on the E-Cat story: An Impossible Invention

: Dear all,

: I would like to invite you to have a look at the website where I’m releasing my new book AN IMPOSSIBLE INVENTION – The true story of the energy source that could change the world.

: The book covers the events I have been following in the last three years, and it also gives a perspective on the treatment LENR and Cold Fusion has attracted since 1989.

: I hope you will find it interesting, and that it might contribute to an increased public attention for this field.

: Here below is a blog post with regard to the release of the book.

: Kind Regards,

: Mats Lewan

: ---

: Mats Lewan, Managing Editor Next Magasin, Senior staff writer Ny Teknik.

: Phone: +46-8-796 64 10, Cellular: +46-70-590 72 52, Twitter: matslew


: Finally it's time to share this story

: For three difficult years I have experienced much that I wanted to discuss, that I had thought people would want to investigate and understand better. Yet reaching out has been difficult for me. I want you, the reader, to comprehend, forgive and then participate.

: The term 'cold fusion' is so stigmatized that everything even vaguely connected with it is ignored by media outlets in general and by the science community in particular. Unless it’s attacked. Meanwhile we might be missing an opportunity to change the world.

: That’s why I’m relieved today, when I can finally share this story in my new book An Impossible Invention. It's about, yes, cold fusion.

: It’s actually two stories. One story in the book is about cold fusion itself, about the inventor Andrea Rossi and his energy device the 'E-Cat,' about the people around him and about how I became involved and subsequently investigated and contributed to a series of on-going events in this scientific arena.

: The other story in the book is about how people relate to the unknown, to the mysterious, to the improbable and to what we believe is 'impossible.' The story of how new ideas are accepted or rejected, of whether one is curious or uninterested, open-minded or prejudiced.

: The book may reveal events surrounding Rossi and the E-Cat. It should inspire some readers and upset others. I hope it will provoke discussions—lots of discussions, among other things about what’s impossible or isn't. Consider what the British runner Roger Bannister—the first human to run a sub-four-minute mile, previously believed impossible—perceptively stated: "The human spirit is indomitable."

: Who knows what will happen? More is to come. You, the reader, will play an important role in determining how these matters evolve.

: By the way--just as I'm writing these words I'm receiving new information on events that strengthen some pieces of the story in the book, and also some information that add to my doubts regarding certain stakeholders. I cannot tell you more right now, but I will keep you updated in this blog and in the free newsletter.

: Mats Lewan

-- SilverThunder 15:32, 2 April 2014 (UTC)

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