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Free Energy Blog:2014:03:25

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Free Energy Blog posts from Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:03:28

(Nothing posted March 26-27 as I was running the H-Cat experiment.)

Got our custom catalytzer H-Cat test Wednesday 9 am MDT

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:25'

Relevance: OS:Justin Church's H-Cat > OS:Sterling Allan's H-Cat Heater Design > OS:H-Cat Calorimetry

We got our custom catalyzer with no insulation around it (so it will radiate better). I made a video showing it. Sorry that it's a tad long. Wanted to orient newcomers.


(YouTube March 25, 2014)

Now we've got everything we need to set this up and hopefully run our first test in the water bath.

March 26, 3:05 GMT update:

I'm going to give Google Hangouts a try for this, broadcasting live, beginning (starting set-up, not broadcast) at 9 am Mountain (GMT-6).

Memo (I've not been so good at keeping things chronologically ordered on this one, here on this blog.


9:30 pm Mountain update: still around 100% efficiency, rought estimate, from first 4 hours

here's the latest link for live coverage. It's not going to be much action. I'm going to sleep 45 minutes, then take a measurement. Expecting to take measurements until 4 am, or until we reach 38 C. Presently at around 28 C.

here are the links for live broadcast



6:30 pm Mountain update: 93% efficiency, rough estimate from first 63 minutes

before that

3 pm Mountain update: we're pretty much ready to start testing - first half

As far as I know, this will be the first time anyone has tried to quantitize the heat output from the H-Cat.

I'll post the link here for the live broadcast. My webcam isn't the best, and the microphone will most probably not be adequate. But I do plan on also having a video camera to catch the crucial parts of the test to post later.

Today, we got the HHO generator mostly ready, and got water-tight caps (from plumbing supply) for the top and bottom of the catalyzer. Since it will be submerged in water several inches down the stainless steel pipe from the catalytic matrix, we presume we'll not need to worry about those material melting.

This will just be me, Frank Crowther, and his neighbor with a power supply, taking the following steps:

~9 am: finishing up assembling the parts, taking photos of the component sets for the open source project,

~10 am: firing up and testing the HHO generator,

~11 am: testing the catalyzer

~11:30 am: prepping for the test run laid out at OS:H-Cat Calorimetry

~noon: short lunch break

~12:30 pm: run a calorimetry test of the system

I plan on settin up a new feature called Nowtalk that is a chat function from any page of the site. We can chat there about any input you have. I'll need to have one or two people keeping an eye on that to capture the most important questions and comments and post them to me on Skype so I don't miss them. Not sure if my webcam and microphone will be adequate.

-- SilverThunder 19:54, 25 March 2014 (UTC)

Si 28 could be another LENR product

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:25'

Relevance: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > H-Cat

: From: Kim, Yeong E

: To: Sterling Allan

: Cc: jdc.products Neal Ward Steven E Jones

: Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 7:49 AM

: Subject: Si 28 could be another LENR product

: Since our air contains nitrogen (~78%) and oxygen (~20%), another predicted product is silicon 28 (Si 28).

: N + N à Si (N is nitrogen 14 and Si is silicon 28)

: The above reaction is already listed in my manuscript for ICCF-18.

: We should look for both S and Si in final products.

: Yeong E. Kim

: Professor of Physics

: Director of Purdue Center for Sensing Science and Technology

: Department of Physics/Physics Building

: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907


-- SilverThunder 14:55, 25 March 2014 (UTC)

W2E Extreme: Aborted babies incinerated to heat hospitals

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:25'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Animal and Crop Waste to Energy

I've seen this headline from several alternative sources, such as TheAlexJonesShow [best] and Drudge, and decided to post it here. So, out of curiosity, I did a Google News search on and was astonished to find that it is being covered well by the mainstream news. Fox, New York Post, International Business Times, Washington Times, BBC, Telegraph, and many more.

Yes, it seems an awakening is happening. The control freaks and evil players in control are losing their grip. People's consciences are being pricked by the horror of what is ahead.

What is so awesome about this is that the evil of conspirators who are running the show right now, think that they'll get away with their profound evil, but once even the slightest whif of the extent of their evil begins to get out, then those who have signed on to cover for them will begin to scamper, and the curtain will be pulled back, and Dorothy will be able to click her heals and get home again. (Sorry for mixing the metaphors). The cohorts don't realize the extent of evil they've signed up to facilitate. They don't realize that these mind-control freaks get off on human sacrifice and total annihiliation of the planet.

From a purely scientific vantage point, it makes perfect sense to use the waste of human carcasses to provide heat energy for a hospital. However, what science failed to take into account on this one is that humans have a very essential, spiritial side to them as well, and that spirit has a conscience, and even the most hardened cover-up presstitutes can have their conscience pricked on something this extreme.

-- SilverThunder 12:00, 25 March 2014 (UTC)

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