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Free Energy Blog:2014:03:20

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Awesome Tesla Ad Made by College Grads for $1,500

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:20'

Relevance: Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc.

You gotta check this out:


(YouTube March 12, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 18:50, 20 March 2014 (UTC)


'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:20'

Relevance: Directory:Keshe Foundation

: From: Wa D

: Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 5:12 PM

: Subject: Last 18 minutes of interview with Mr. Keshe on March 14, 2014

: This is not an exact transcription, listen for yourself at this link.

:: In the next few weeks we will see changes that man could never imagine because of the knowledge man will receive freely. Very soon the rulers of force who thought they had gotten away with it will now have to answer for their own conduct to humanity. Our knowledge Seeker Groups cover the Globe and respond to our openness and fairness.

:: I invite President Obama to come and see the Knowledge Seekers at work in Italy to see how knowledge can be used for peace. We will put people to shame for fighting each other.

:: We publish who is attacking us not to cause problems but to show we know what they are up to. In the world Secret Services there are people who are sent to bring down the Keshe Foundation but as they study our documents and presentations they realize how correct our knowledge is and they inform us to protect us. This is how we know what is coming against us. As they see how the technology is helping they become our supporters. They serve two masters, those who pay them and the master of their own soul. They still need the money but they know where the truth is.

:: I come from a culture where every guest is a God. We welcome the guest into our home and we give them the best seat and the best food and if they stay we give them our bed and we sleep on the floor. We are a very rich culture, we are a very mature culture. Now the culture we gave to the Romans and the Greeks is back to the same level of before the revolution. When I went to Iran in 2008 to teach their scientist the technology I took a day off and went back to my high school that is attended by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Ashawis and Armenians all together. In our culture religion has no meaning, humility has all the meaning all the time. We are one of the few nations of the world, if you are a Jew a Russian an Armenian a Turk still you say I am Iranian but we are still loyal and proud to be what we are. We look after each other, the situation Iran has been thru in the last thirty years(I think he is talking about the US using Iraq to invade Iran) still when an American comes here we give him the best seat in the house, we give them the best food we have, we look at them as brothers, we look at them as people we have to respect because they are guest in our house. Some people see this as a weakness but then in fact we monitor you as you stay in our house we see how you eat, how you behave, then we see if we invite you back or not. This comes from the maturity of the culture. As I said to a British guy many years ago that a few hundred years ago the British did not know what a spade or an arrow was the only thing they knew was how to paint themselves blue and they would jump out of the jungle in front of the enemy and the enemy would run because they had never seen a blue man. This was like us seeing a Martian that is why they are called the blue blooded English. So I said to him when you use to paint yourself blue we had an empire. So our culture is very rich, they misunderstand our culture with the way we work thru our culture.

:: Question: Since you talk about ancient times do you think there was in ancient times the use of advance technology?

:: Let me explain to you this is the third time we open the advance technology to man. This is the third time and the last time. This is not the first time but before man did not have the knowledge to understand the totality. Now man has reached the level to understand part of the totality and this is one of the reasons we see so much resistance to the Keshe Foundation because they see it as a threat but they should see it as a gift. If you look around the planet people have been painting things on the walls of caves for centuries. So this is the third and the last time then the file will be closed. There is so much time you put into a company to save it and then you close the book. The book will be closed when the transformation is complete. They said in the books the maturity of man will come when we understand the transmutation of elements. So now we understand the transmutation of elements fully thru the development of the reactor which creates gravity and magnetic field, you call it the reactor of the Proton the reactor of the Neutron the Planet the Solar System the Universe, it is all the same. Then what would you like the system to make for you Gold, Water, Aluminum or Hydrogen? It produces every thing at the same time together. So now we know the knowledge the knowledge of the creation. The ones who oppose us are afraid of what they might lose. They think they might lose their palaces and their titles. My message for you people is very simple you will gain more than you can ever imagine. Leave it to them let the short sighted man stay shortsighted. Let the man who is wise see the wisdom of the work.

See also this video:


-- SilverThunder 02:29, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

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