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Free Energy Blog:2014:03:16

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Free Energy Blog posts from Sunday, March 16, 2014


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Wireless electricity? It's here

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:16'

Relevance: Directory:Wireless Transmission of Electricity

Here's an excerpt:

WATERTOWN, Mass. (CNN) — "We're going to transfer power without any kind of wires," said Dr Hall, now Chief Technology Officer at WiTricity — a start-up developing wireless "resonance" technology.

"But, we're not actually putting electricity in the air. What we're doing is putting a magnetic field in the air."

It works like this: WiTricity build a "Source Resonator" — a coil of electrical wire that generates a magnetic field when power is attached.

If another coil is brought close, an electrical charge can be generated in it. No wires required.

"When you bring a device into that magnetic field, it induces a current in the device, and by that you're able to transfer power," explains Dr Hall.

And like that, the bulb lights up.


-- SilverThunder 22:26, 16 March 2014 (UTC)

HHO Games founder, Joe Shea running for U.S. Congress


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-- SilverThunder 22:26, 16 March 2014 (UTC)

Wall Street Going Crazy for a Revolutionary Energy Tech

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:16'

Relevance: Directory:Fuel Cells / Directory:Free Energy and Economy

Joseph Shea of Directory:HHO Games brought this to my attention:

Image:140311-at-9.54.18-am screen-shot 650.gif

Imagine what they'll do when an proven exotic FE makes it to market!

Here's an excerpt:

: Stocks of companies that develop and sell fuel cells are going crazy — their shares are up about 50% in the past five days.

: The gainers include:

:: Plug Power: 67%

:: Ballard: 48%

:: Fuel Cell: 49%

: Among the catalysts for the surge was the announcement of a huge new Wal-Mart order for Plug Power's fuel cells — which use Ballard materials — as well as a strong revenue report from Fuel Cell.

: The market caps of these companies are tiny, but still, the surge cannot be ignored. Are we really on the verge of fuel cells going mainstream?


-- SilverThunder 13:03, 16 March 2014 (UTC)

Navrattan enters joint venture in green cement

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:16'

Relevance: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]

Here's an update on Navrattan, which is one of the two companies that first turned my attention to the possibility of QMoGens 1.5 years ago.

Blue World Crete forms Indian joint-venture - The cement is an alternative to Portland cement, utilising pozzolan materials rather than flyash. So far three regions in India have been licensed and there are plans to establish 1 million tpa capacity cement plants in the country. (WorldCement March 13, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 04:14, 16 March 2014 (UTC)

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