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Free Energy Blog:2014:03:03

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Free Energy Blog posts from Monday, March 3, 2014


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Jovan Marjanovic book pre-dates

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:03'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic

I also posted this at for Generating Electrical Energy

: From: Veljko Milkovic IR Centar

: To: Sterling D. Allan

: Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 2:39 PM [Mountain]

: Subject: for Generating Electricity

: Regarding to the latest PESWiki news:

: for Generating Electrical Energy - Good news from Ukraine! Three inventors there have teamed up to develop and patent a very simple energy generation system modality that consumes less power when the load increases. They say it can be used in stand-alone power supply systems. (PESWiki March 2, 2014)

: Dear Sterling,

: This generator from Ukriane is nothing new. It is the Phi (?) generator. We think it was invented by Mr. Boyce.

: Jovan Marjanovic has explained its work in details in his book and proposed some modifications like using three coils instead of two coils as used in original Phi generator. This picture below (from your site)

Image:Generator-motor multi-phase 200.jpg

: Is small modification of the picture displayed on the front cover of Jovan’s book [published in 2011]:

Image:Jovan Phi-generator.jpg

: Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines, see down:

: Jovan has proposed two magnet to concentrate magnetic flux further in the distance.

: They used single magnets as in original Phi generator.

: We do not know is their patent valid or not. What do you think?

: Best regards.

: PR & Web team

: Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center

-- SilverThunder 22:57, 3 March 2014 (UTC)

Ukranian Scientists made Tesla Generator

'Free Energy Blog:2014:03:03'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic

Someone posted a link to this in the comments at for Generating Electrical Energy, pointing out that there is other great news from the Ukraine, where so much chaos is before us in the news all the time. The commenter said this is "even better news" than the page we posted.


(YouTube November 25, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 22:57, 3 March 2014 (UTC)

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