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Free Energy Blog:2014:02:11

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Free Energy Blog posts from Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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MidTech poised to meet with Seimens about turbine
Image:Midtech wind-turbine-display.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:02:11'

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: February 12 19:25 GMT update: Thomas Buyea points out that this turbine is identical to one being sold on eBay.

: Free Energy Blog:2014:02:12.

Here are some recent posts/comments from

MidTech Energy

: 6 hours ago

: Very excited get to meet the big boss of Siemens next week. He said he liked our turbines and would like to see them. Awesome!! I look forward to it.

: Steve Ponnath: That is excellent!

: MidTech Energy: He seems like a very nice guy I look forward to it.

: David Zweig: When Siemens asked to see your wind turbines, did they also express interest in your exotic energy (Black Box Self Sustaining) technology?

: MidTech Energy: I don't know if they know about it.

: Brian Silvestro: Tread lightly with those folks..

MidTech Energy

: Yesterday

: What a great day thanks Dustin Law for being the greatest employee ever.

: Dustin B. Law: Ur welcome brotha couldnt of done it with out ya

: Christopher A Jordan: Thank you both for all you do! Here's to a great future!

: MidTech Energy: Dustin Law is killing me. This week he has a lot more patience than I do.

: MidTech Energy: This is going to be a very big big week for MidTech Energy.

- - - -

PKaye Mills Thompson

: Yesterday

: MidTech Energy... Leading the way in Off Grid Living.

: MidTech Energy likes this.

: Christopher A Jordan: We are here to help families save money on energy first and foremost. We're helping mother nature out, Along with giving you and your family the security of never going without power. Thanks everyone for your support and interest in renewable energy.

: Thetall Dave: I'm thinking the 5kw package is my best bet to start with?

: MidTech Energy: Just let Chris know when you are ready. He will take good care of ya.

: David Zweig: The solar and turbines, especially for the $25,000 10 kW system, can't be just for charging backup batteries. How about having the solar and turbines go towards powering the house, either alone or along with the grid when the grid is up? All three would end up as fungible AC charging the house, and "charging the batteries" would be like any other "appliance" in the house. Whenever the AC dips due to the grid being cut off and solar/ turbine not supplying enough, the batteries would automatically kick in making up the difference.

: Yesterday at 12:04pm · Like

: MidTech Energy: David Zweig on a system that size you could power a house with a transfer switch

: David Zweig: Doesn't a 10 kW natural gas backup generator cost about $5,000 installed? What are your selling points for the 2 kW Dominator which costs $6,500 and powers only a few things in the house? Is the transfer switch not economical for this small of a unit, meaning the solar/ turbine can't be used at all for powering the house during the 99% of time that the grid is up? Does the $6,500 include costs for installing and wiring the solar and turbine?

: MidTech Energy: Yes but then you have a natural gas bill as well. The turbine and solar come as plug and play so yes you would just plug them in to the box and that's it no further pay out for natural gas or anything.

: MidTech Energy: The 10kw system would come with a transfer switch to wire it into the house.

: David Zweig: Costs such as roof installation for solar and cement installation for turbine out in the yard, along with wiring costs leading thereto.

: MidTech Energy: There may be a few added costs each setup is different we have to evaluate it on a sale by sale basis. Please check around on a 10kw wind and solar system you will see we are the cheapest by far in the nation. I don't have a reputation for screwing my customers and I don't care to start now. If I said yes it covers everything and then you want the turbine 1000 feet from your house then I would have to eat the cost of trenching and wiring etc. I'm not gonna do that we have to make some kind of profit. Our price reflects that. My closest competitor where I live charges 40,000 dollars for a 4 kw system installed. We are very generous on our pricing.

: Christopher A Jordan: Amen! I also conquer.

: William Paul Truefitt Sounds great. But I am really waiting for the other other black box. . The power station.

: Christopher A Jordan It's upgradable once black box is complete, William Paul Truefitt. We have this technology and system that can lower the price of energy over the life (20 years with proper maintenance) span. Why not offer the system to our customers for beta testing while black box technology is pushed to 100%. More information available at

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