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Free Energy Blog:2014:01:09

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SIMPLE ACTION ITEM: Two Thunderclap Campaigns: 2 Months of LENR and FE trumps Inferno
Image:140109 Thunderclap banner 2weeksLENR-Inferno 400.gif

'Free Energy Blog:2014:01:09'

Relevance: Directory:Cold Fusion / Directory:Free Energy and Economy / Directory:Spirituality

CANCELED: I guess our audience doesn't much go for things like this, as easy as it is to do. Just 4 supporters in 4 days, including me and my wife. We're not going to be reaching the minimum of 100 supporters. (January 11 0:25 GMT)

Sometimes people ask what they can do to help. Here is a very simple thing that I'd like to invite your participation in -- all you who have any kind of social networking involvement (which is most all of you).

There's a new method called "Thunderclap" which is the idea of amplyfying one voice by many, simply by having people who believe in a cause/message contribute their social network feed, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler to a message and if the minimum number of people sign up by the deadline, then on the set end day of the campaign, that message will go out through all those people's feeds, at the same time. Hence the name "Thunderclap." It has a positive effect because the social networking tracker algorithms weigh it as a trending topic, so not only does it reach all those people's feeds, but it also is picked up as a notworthy message.

All you have to do is just click on the link, and click on which social network feeds you want to have the message go through, and the counter adds you as a supporter, and counts the number of your subscribers as the potential reach of the message -- at a minimum. We're talking one minute of your time, and agreement for the message to be sent to your network.

Simple. We can do this. There are thousands of you who peruse our news on a regular basis, and most of you have social network involvement as well as the computer skills needed (read, agree, click). You can even modify the message to your own taste, if you wish.

So, here are the two Thunderclap campaigns:

#2 Months of Cold Fusion NewsMessage to be broadcast: Check out how much has happened in just two months in the world of LENR -- aka "Cold Fusion"Link: Broadcast Date: Jan 20th @ 12:00pm ESTCampaign Shortcut URL:

#Free Energy trumps InfernoMessage to be broadcast: Free Energy is a far better solution to population issues than Dan Brown's #InfernoLink: Broadcast Date: Jan 18, 11:30 PM EST Campaign Shortcut URL:

If this is successful, we'll do it more often.

-- SilverThunder 19:32, 9 January 2014 (UTC) looking for volunteers

'Free Energy Blog:2014:01:09'

Relevance: Directory:Cold Fusion / Classifieds

David Nygren of writes:

: We need to pull together to achieve success in sustainable energy production. With we try to create an open forum for sharing your ideas and solutions.

: We are looking for volunteers, both web developer (php) and moderators to scan the Internet for news related to LENR.

: Please let me know if you want to participate, we are a small team of 3 people.


: email:

: Skype: butiks_support

-- SilverThunder 13:58, 9 January 2014 (UTC)

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