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Free Energy Blog:2013:12:29

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Free Energy Blog posts from Sunday, December 29, 2013


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Top FE Inventor Updates
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'Free Energy Blog:2013:12:29'

Relevance: 2013 Free Energy Highlights

In getting ready for tonight's interview on Coast to Coast AM, I send out an email last night to the inventors whose technology I hope to at least mention, as listed at 2013 Free Energy Highlights, asking them if they have any updates they can provide.

I've received quite a few responses so far.

Here they are, with a sample bullet to orient you to the subject matter of each. I imagine more updates will be coming as well.

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: On December 29, 2013 8:07 AM [Eastern], Andrea Rossi wrote:

: Dear Sterling:

: I have no news [that I have not] already published on the Journal Obviously you can get from there all you deem useful.

: Happy 2014!

: Andrea

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: On December 29, 2013 11:48 PM [Pacific], Robert George wrote:

: Sterling,

: We have some new developments give me a call.

: Sincerely,

: Robert W. George II ? CEO ? [email]

: Brillouin Energy Corp.

: Earth Friendly Energy Solutions


: Berkeley, California

(I gave him a call, and he gave me some great, breaking info, which I'll be writing up in a story.)

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: On December 29, 2013 10:57 AM [Mountain], Mark L. LeClair wrote:

: Sterling:

: There have been two replication experiments by others this year that we are aware of, one a researcher affiliated with a University in Austria and the other an experiment by a technician in the US. Both prefer to remain anonomous for now. The group in Austria have been interacting with me to make sure they get the protocol right. On July 23 this year, they reported the following, running a facsimile of the experiments we did with a rolled up aluminum plate with a drilled hole grid, exposed to cavitation from a pump. They saw radiation levels that were well above background during the experiments and similar to our results of 250 cpm (10X above background of 25 cpm) during our most intense experiment:

:: "it started of with 50 cpms fluctuated and hovered between this value and background level, suddenly rose to 100, 150, 200 (briefly even 250) before falling back to 50 and eventually fading out to background .... as said, this entire event took maybe 10 to 15 secs, enough to take a picture, afterwards we had difficulties to repeat that, although we regularly tracked the 50-100 cpm mark (still well above background)."

: They reported the following results to me from another experiment on August 28th:

:: "as you can see we moved the item into our bunker, but still have not yet installed the remotely adjustable valves .... we are working on that as well.

:: the result with this prototype was decent but quit fluctuating (radiation bursts lasted a round 5 secs) as it kept drifting like a hysteresis loop between lower and upper values - but nothing that spectacular, just slightly better than what we obtained with prototype-I.

:: we also found out that the pump we are using is made of a kind of carbonate-synthetic with a huge gap between the housing and the rotating cylinder probably the reason why cavitation event occur in irregular manner and as such are quite scarce.

:: So we opt now for prototype-III, where we will use a tune-able pump that allows us to control its revolution from 0 to 130%. In addition, we will have a pumping unit that is made of metal rather than plastics. I'll keep you posted on that"

: The other experiment by a technician in the US produced 170 cpm that required several hours to cool off to background during an experiment he conducted this past fall. It scared him enough that he has decided not to attempt any more experiments, which has been my advice all along that amateurs should not attempt replication.

: I'll also send you an e-mail concerning our attempting to perform a replication experiment at Penn State in 2012 and how that ended up.

: Some have unjustly accused NanoSpire of avoiding doing replication experiments. Aside from the invited experiment we did at NRL and attempted to do with McMaster University, we approached Penn State to do replication as well.

: We had a verbal commitment in May, 2012 from Brenden Heidrich, a Research Associate of the Penn State Radiation Science and Engineering Center, to rent NanoSpire a well-equiped hot cell for a replication experiment of the cavitation based LeClair Effect. We were told that the facilities were available on several dates, I selected June 6, 2012 and they sent the Master Service Agreement contract to me to sign. Then they reneged on the agreement without explanation at the last minute.

: Best Regards,

: Mark L. LeClair


: NanoSpire, Inc.

: URL:

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: ''On Sunday, December 29, 2013 8:37 AM [Eastern], Thane C. Heins wrote:

: Hello Sterling,

: Best wishes on your interview!

: For us at Potential Difference Inc. our most recent and important advancement in 2013 was the ReGen-X Motor Development which employs ReGen-X motor action and ReGenX Generator action in one cycle, such that we are able to return the DC motor coil's collapsing magnetic field back to the battery and recharge an EV battery during motor operation.

: This development will now allow us to recharge an EVs batteries during 100% of operation, while in Motor, Regenerative Acceleration and Regenerative Braking Modes.

: We are one important step closer to achieving our "Infinite Range EV Performance" goal which I certainly do believe we will reach in 2014 once we incorporate a KERS flywheel and ReGenX generator into an EV along with the ReGenX motor.

: It NEVER ceases to amaze me how quickly fearful people will irrationally run away from us and our innovations - like Elon Musk (who my wife knows personally), to Richard Branson, Google VP Vint Cerf, and all the auto executives at Jaguar-Land-Rover, BMW, CODA, Nissan, GM, Chrysler, HERO electric etc. all the way down to Neil Young who was only interested until I told him PDi wasn't interested in a binding NDA... and all the "so called" scientists and educators at the NRC, DRDC, (NRCAN't), Phillips, MIT, all 600 PhDs at Ottawa U including the Director of Engineering et al who are intellectually impotent at learning anything new or fiercely exciting!

: Sadly I guess it's easier to pretend that we are "crazy" and "dangerous" and to throw the baby out with the bath water than to agree to examine our efforts in an open and fair forum (or accept a FREE IP license) like the disingenuous producers of the movie "Race to Save the World" and the editors at Business Insider did because they feared our message of imminent and certain energy liberation from the "exploiters"...

: 2014 ought to be an interesting year indeed for PDi because we have finally met investors who know why they have been placed on this planet Earth at this critically important time and who are NOT prepared to shirk their responsibilities to their children or humanity or miss out on this opportunity simply because it "showed up wearing overalls and looks like work."

: Cheers & Happy 2014 one and all!

: Thane

: ReGenX Generator & ReGen-X Motor Update Video w/ 100% Continuous Battery Recharging Capabilities:

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: ''On December 29, 2013 10:03 AM [Mountain], Mr. Keshe wrote:

: Dear Sterling Allan

: I do not know if you have seen our entry on Fukushima, now that the energy systems has gone in to preproduction, we have started to work with our systems with cleaning-up of the this mess.


: Read the [later post], too, please

: Wish you all the best for the interview and a happy new year to you.

: Yours faithfully

: M T Keshe

- - - -

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: On December 29, 2013, 6:08 am Mountain, in anticipation of Sterling's radio appearance, Mustafa Sagdic wrote:

: "Regarding the magnetic energy motor, I'm looking for investors / partners." (Google translation with SDA edit.)

: "Manyetik enerji motoruna kredi / sponsor / ortak ar?yorum" (Statement in Turkish)

- - - -

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: ''On December 29, 2013 10:14 am [Mountain], Halil Turkmen, Yildiz' associate, wrote:

: Dear Mr ALLAN,

: Thanks for the message.

: I am not sure what I can say about announcing at the show. Maybe just a few sentences for now. I will explain why.

: As you know, for one year, with the help of your site, Yildiz has attracted so much attention. He is so pleased about that. But at the same time this interest brougt some disadvantages too.

: People who read about the magnet motor, wanted to buy this product immediately. It was not possible yet. And we were looking for the possibilities to start serial production. As you know Yildiz has his prototypes and he needs a professional R&D process before going to the next step. : It takes time and needs total patent coverage.

: Personally he is not able to supply that amount of money for these.

: And for getting financial support for the project, he needs to be 100% sure of those people to be involved in the project.

: Bureaucracy and politics is another crucial point that he must solve. Without official permissions of the governments, a factory cannot exist, production cannot be done and sales cannot be made. Even at the beginning, he needs to import or produce powerful magnets that he needs in his machines. And it can be only possible by government's approval.

: So as a summary, it is not such a short process that most of the people think. There are some complicated facts to be solved with total guarantee.

: In these days, he is so busy for these mentioned points. He is working with the professionals at last, and slowly but surely he is climbing the steps.

: I don't have the right to write you about the details officially, but as I hope, during 2014, he will be available to make the announcements about the process. Some serious announcements.

: As we gave hope to all the people in the world about his inventions, we are aware about this responsability. We don't want to harm the feelings of the people, and we are working hard to make the dreams come true. I feel that we are so close.

: We wish 2014 to be a very important year for the BSMH Project and we can start changing this world in a much better way, all together.

: Best regards from Turkiye to all of you,

: Yours,

: Halil

- - - -

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: ''On December 29, 2013 10:59 AM [Mountain], Geoffrey Miller wrote:

: Hi Sterling,

: Please take a look at the final colors of the website

: I have been working 7 days a week on CEACU project and others to be shown on the website.

: I will be putting one of the projects in a house and or the lab and have cameras showing the unit running 24/7/365.

: More info. later.

-- SilverThunder 21:50, 29 December 2013 (UTC)

2013 Free Energy Highlights

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-- SilverThunder 06:57, 29 December 2013 (UTC)

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