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Free Energy Blog:2013:12:06

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Free Energy Blog posts from Friday, December 6, 2013


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Patty Greer Crop Cricles and Free Energy DVDs
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'Free Energy Blog:2013:12:06'

Relevance: Directory:Extraterrestrials

Got this by email:

: Hi Everyone,

: I watched a show on Public Television last night entitled “Crop Circles, A Wake Up Call” It was an incredible documentation of crop circles including interviews with a person who interacted with an orb of light responsible for making a crop circle pattern. It was all about Love and consciousness.

: At the end Patty Greer announced the completion of her latest film “The Shift Has Hit the Fan”. This DVD is all about Free Energy technologies, its existence and its suppression. Featured is the Searle Disk for generating power.

: You can find the DVDs and info on Patty Greer and her projects at


Possibly the first physical manifestation of ET communication from other worlds that humans can physically see, it is believed that the Crop Circles may be encoded with keys of wisdom, tools for a New Paradigm Reality perhaps. They may be delivering this evolutionary information on a subconscious level to humanity through sacred geometry.... (YouTube February 17, 2010)

-- SilverThunder 20:26, 6 December 2013 (UTC)

Open Letter to QMoGen Developers


Template: 1962

-- SilverThunder 20:26, 6 December 2013 (UTC)

Another QMoGen Sales Website in Russia


Template: 1963

-- SilverThunder 16:51, 6 December 2013 (UTC)

The State's War on Sustainable Communities

'Free Energy Blog:2013:12:06'

Relevance: Directory:Communities

This in from WeAreChange:


(YouTube December 5, 2013)

: In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Dallas Texas to visit Quinn Eaker of the Garden of Eden community. Quinn tells us about the mission of the Garden of Eden and how recent pressure from the state has harassed, intimidated, fined, and is threatening the existence of their community.

: Currently Quinn is looking for legal representation to keep the Garden of Eden going if you could help please contact or

-- SilverThunder 13:55, 6 December 2013 (UTC)

December GEET Updates

'Free Energy Blog:2013:12:06'

Relevance: Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone

Here's the latest from GEET.

: From:

: Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2013 6:13 PM

: Subject: December GEET Updates

: Greetings from GEET.

: Due to the workload on Paul Pantone, the time usually dedicated to teaching is now more valuable being spent in the laboratory and writing books for the future generations. With over 180 Scientific Discoveries to validate Paul's time is now better spent in the lab where he can dedicate his attention to these projects. Paul will still offer focused training for those wishing to become licensed dealers. The price of this 4-day, one-on-one training will now be $5,000. For details contact Paul directly by phone 580-251-0651 or email

: There are also classes available in Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Europe, and soon in Pakistan, India, China, and Russia. these classes vary in price depending on complexity and duration.

: Dan Easton will be holding a class in the UK for beginners. It is an informal one-day demonstration of how and why the GEET works. Enough to whet your appetite. Each school will deal direct with you to give you the best education they can for the economy of the country where the class may be held.

: For a current schedule of what is offered in any Geographic location, send your inquiry stating your desired location to:

: Your emails will be forwarded to the proper Dealer for response.

: The 225 and 250kW gensets are being completed as we speak and will begin testing before the end of this year. The updates on this will be found on our website,

-- SilverThunder 02:38, 6 December 2013 (UTC)

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