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Free Energy Blog:2013:11:20

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David W. Allan on New Evidences Harmonizing Science and Religion

'Free Energy Blog:2013:11:20'

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On Monday evening, my dad gave a lecture at at the Fountain Green, UT, USA Theater.

I videotaped it.

Be apprised that it is of a strong spiritual nature, along with science.

I'm proud of him stepping up like this and giving voice to some very unpopular concepts, not worry about how it might effect his reputation as a world-renouned atomic clock physicist. His most important agenda is to serve God and help humanity and bless families. He's an amazing person.

This video has poor audio. He gave a very similar presentation a couple of months ago, about a week before the Global BEM conference. That one has good audio and better video quality.

As a tangent, I should mention that I went on a mountain bike ride with him today, around 6+ miles, 540 feet elevation change, half of it through sage brush. Had a hard time keeping up with him. He was able to make long chugs up steep climbs that I had to get off and walk the bike for part of the distance on. Amazing man.


(YouTube November 18, 2013)


(YouTube October 4, 2013)

: Recording of lecture given October 3, 2013 at Rob Meldrum's 12th Semi-Annual International Book of Mormon Evidence Conferece: "Restoring the Remnant", held at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah

: See

: If you found this presentation of interest, you can find a bunch of stuff along these lines that I published at, most of it before I launched into the free energy arena 11 years ago, especially: Will the Gentiles Also Look Beyond the Mark[?

-- SilverThunder 22:46, 20 November 2013 (UTC)

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