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Free Energy Blog:2013:10:30

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Crosswalk Explains the

Just posted:

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-- SilverThunder 21:59, 30 October 2013 (UTC)

Raphial Agrees to do Crowdfunder

'Free Energy Blog:2013:10:30'

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Thanks to the showing of support in the poll "How much would you contribute?", nearly $25,000 already pledged, Raphial has agreed to do a crowdfunder. And after a two hour conference call, we came up with some 20 perks. Can't wait to publish it!! You'll wet your pants! He feels much more comfortable with it, now that people are getting something back for what they contribute.

-- SilverThunder 20:42, 30 October 2013 (UTC)

Fundraiser: Puchta's Algae Oil from Salt Water

'Free Energy Blog:2013:10:30'

Relevance: Directory: David A. Puchta of Proton Spin Technologies, Inc. / Directory:Fundraisers

David Puchta has posted a fundraiser at

He calls it: "Warm My Hart - Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a successful entrepreneur. I have developed a process that grows Algae Oil from Salt Water, without sunlight."

Here's his main video:


(YouTube December 27, 2012)

Here's his pitch:


: My Name is David A. Puchta, and I am a successful entrepreneur in San Diego California. I have developed a process to grow an Algae Oil from saltwater without sunlight that is extremely efficient. Allowing a clear answer to heating oil and cooking gas.

: My request is simple. I would like to build a world class system open source, and you will be helping me give the system away to a shelter, church, housing unit, ect... you will be the judge who gets the system.

: This system will be highly publicized and rival any energy system currently on the planet. My goal is a community effort that will start warming harts all over the world one home at a time. You may contact me directly at 1-858-381-7923 to be involved. Once you have the chance to join in my vision, I am hoping your hart will open to this direct approach to put this technology in the hands of people who need it and regenerate the humanitarian spirit.

: What We Need & What You Get

: I want you involved, and to be part of this changing-in-paradigm of centralized energy systems that cripple our lives with unnecessary fees. YOU will be able to say my voice mattered and we did this once and for all. Decentralized energy is no longer a dream.

: Let me stop you for one moment. My experience in manufacturing and engineering that has fed my family for 33 years with strong ethics brings me to you, the people for the people. I am seriously telling you that I search the world for validations of my technology and have received the the highest prize in this research and development, and I want to rock the world. YOU CAN BE THAT ONE VOICE. All your support will go public in this effort.

: The Impact

: Our governing body has failed to bring home a clean alternative, only because men like me have not had a self propelled media outlet such as this, to get your entrust, and excitement to do something. My request for money will go into manufacturing HYDROME TrueFuelCell that will produce BLEWME Fuel Organically. Since I already own the manufacturing facility and all the intellectual property, it's my show. You will be my cheering section, and togeather we will wag the dog from his tail, showing that once again the power of the people.

: Other Ways You Can Help

: Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn't mean they can’t help in some way. You may be a CNC machinist that wants to donate time on my machines, you may own a metal shop or distribution plant to donate necessary metals. You might be that electrical engineer or hobbyist that wants to see the HYDROGEN ECONOMY Thrive.

: What ever money I get will go into building something and maybe the smallest HydroMe available might just help your local farmer with his well water pumping.

: As you contact me, you will be eligible to own your own HydroMe and have the profits go into the big project, so those well healed investors can get a win-win with a tangible product in your hands, giving you the opportunity to own your FUELTURE.

: David A. Puchta

Here are some of his perks:

: $25USD

: A name in history mentioned.

: Your name and business will be highlighted with all advertising.

: $100USD

: Golf shirt HydroMe logo

: Along with your name you will get a high class golf shirt, the same shirts that will be on Pro golfers touring.

: $500USD

: Something for the ladies

: Spa, or something special. This will take some time to figure out on a case by case bases.

: $1,500USD

: Loomis composite golf shafts

: Along with your Name,Shirt, You will get a full set of the Famous Loomis brand shafts reintroduced back into the market by there original designer. And you choice of collage logoing. High Class Stuff

: $15,500USD

: HydroMe TrueFuelCell

: Along with the Name,Shirt, You will receive a HydroMe TrueFuelCell for your automotive or commercial trucker.

: $35,000USD

: HydroMe home

: An integration of this technology someplace in your home, to showoff to your friends. once again on a case by case bases, you will not be disappointed..

Though his fundraising goal appears too high, I encourage you to support him.

-- SilverThunder 13:09, 30 October 2013 (UTC)

National Geographic: Survive the Blackout (Downplayed)

I posted this a few hours ago.

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-- SilverThunder 05:43, 30 October 2013 (UTC)

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