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Free Energy Blog:2013:10:26

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Discount: Master of Influence

'Free Energy Blog:2013:10:26'

Relevance: Directory:3 Key Elements

I'm presently attending the 5th course by Directory:3 Key Elements: The Art of Mentoring, from which I am emerging with tools to be able to launch a mentoring service within the breakthrough energy industry to help people be able to step into their roles more effectively to facilitate the emergence of these much-needed technologies.

This is now the fourth time I'm bringing this series to your attention. Hopefully it won't take the average "seven exposures" before you jump.

Each and every one of you would greatly benefit by attending at least one of the Directory:3 Key Elements courses, though I realized the distance will make this challenging for most of you.

They are located in the Salt Lake Valley. But with the mentoring tools, I will be able to start traveling abroad to help spread this knowledge to you amazing people, wherever you are.

Anyway, each time they do a course, the offer huge discounts to their classes, if you sign up by the end of the seminar, which in this case will be Saturday, 6 pm Mountain. But if you sign up before 3 pm, then my referral could push me into lead position, to win a 2-hour mentoring spot with Kirk Duncan, the founder of 3 Key Elements. I really want to win that this time.

Here is what I wrote to a friend of mine from years long ago when I was a political activist.

: From: Sterling Allan

: To: Gayle Ruzicka [President of Utah Eagle Forum]

: Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 10:12 PM

: Subject: Hi Gayle: 3KeyElements is so amazing!

: Hi Gayle,

: Great touching bases after all these years.

: Please check out

: I'm certain you and Don (and all your fans) would love Kirk and Kim Duncan. To put it concisely, in my vernacular, they are helping to build God's army for the stuff coming down (and going up). He teaches people how to become the Creator Beings that is their destiny.

: A lot of their students are constitution activists among other great causes.

: Going to one of their seminars is like going to the best hour of Education Week, each hour, for three days.

: At least go to their free Body Language course that they put on 1/month.

: I realize you are super busy, but if you can pull it off, if you sign up for one of these two classes by 6 pm tomorrow, you'll get them at the significantly reduced price, which they only offer during their courses.

: If you order by 3 pm and mention my name, I could win a 2-hour mentoring session with Kirk, as well as dinner with Kirk and Kim, if I pull in the most number of referrals.

: Master of Influence: normally $750 special: $100

: Royalty and Romance: normally $949/couple special: $150

: There is more info about these on their site.

: Call them up at 801-987-3996

: I've been to 5 of their courses. Can't stay away. Great stuff.

: Keep up the great work you're doing.

: | Sterling D. Allan,

-- SilverThunder 04:53, 26 October 2013 (UTC)

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