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Free Energy Blog:2013:10:11

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Video: Exotic Free Energy in Encoded Prophecy

'Free Energy Blog:2013:10:11'

Relevance: Event:2013:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

We're having yet another amazing day at the Global BEM conference. I've been taking photos and some videos that I'll probably get up after I get back home.

Boulder had one of its famous wind storms last night, with gusts up to 75 mph and sustained wind. Jeroen and Maddy and several others, including the tent people, were up from 1:30 to 4 am working to keep the tents from blowing away or collapsing.

According to Lisa Clapier, who I met this morning, who is working with David Icke's new People's Voice broadcast initiative launching next month, the stream from this conference is going to 250,000 people. This is largely through the various contacts she has made from the Occupy Wallstreet movement. I just spoke with her, and she said there are around 250 channels rebroadcasting the program right now.

Daniel and Erica Nunez' presentation about their toroid coil technology was amazing! They gave the presentation together, taking turns talking about their stuff. The Q&A session afterward was even better, with the scope of questions and input from the audience. It was open sourcing at its best -- live, in person.

Here's a recording of my presentation yesterday:


PowerPoint available for download from

-- SilverThunder 22:09, 11 October 2013 (UTC)

David Puchta looking for some cash to get to GlobalBEM to give demo

'Free Energy Blog:2013:10:11'

Relevance: Directory: David A. Puchta of Proton Spin Technologies, Inc.

David Puchta would like to drive from the LA area to Boulder to give a demo presentation for the interview room here to be included with the conference proceedings videos that will be published. The conference presenter slots are all full, so that was not an option, but Jeroen did offer the interview room option.

Thing is, David will need help with gas money to get here. It will be around $600 for the round trip. If you can help out, that would be greatly appreciated. You can send him donations through his PayPal account via []

His contact coordinates:

David A. Puchta

: phone: +1 858-381-7923

: email: []

: Skype: dpuchta

-- SilverThunder 20:13, 11 October 2013 (UTC)

Russian former nukes now power US nuclear power plants

'Free Energy Blog:2013:10:11'

Relevance: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Nuclear Remediation

T Lee Buyea brought this story from NuclearPowerDaily to my attention.

Here's an excerpt:

: Russian warhead fallout keeps America warm

: by Staff Writers

: United Nations, United States (AFP) Oct 09, 2013

: Uranium fuel from 20,000 disarmed Russian warheads is generating about half of US nuclear power in a spinoff from a landmark disarmament accord, a top US official said Wednesday.

: But the deal under which 500 tonnes of Russian weapons-grade uranium has been used to light and heat American homes will end next month because Russia believes its former Cold War rival has been getting energy on the cheap.

: Rose Gottemoeller, US under secretary of state for arms control, told a UN committee the 1993 accord was a disarmament success.

: Arms control experts call it the "megatons-to-megawatts" deal and hail the accord as a little known but important example of the United States and Russia pressing disarmament.

: Gottemoeller called the Highly Enriched Uranium Purchase Accord a "significant non-proliferation accomplishment".

: Signed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the deal was concluded as the two countries sought ways to get rid of warheads under their 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

: The weapons level uranium is downgraded in Russia and the low enriched product "is delivered to the United States, fabricated into nuclear fuel and used by nearly all US nuclear power plants to generate half of the nuclear energy in the United States," Gottemoeller said.

: "Approximately 20,000 nuclear warheads have been eliminated under this unique government-industry partnership," Gottemoeller told the UN committee.

: Over the past 15 years, the Russian uranium fuel has accounted for about 10% of all electricity produced in United States, she added.

: The 500 tonnes of uranium traded is the equivalent of about 10 billion barrels of oil, according to experts. A smaller amount of uranium from disarmed American weapons is also used to generate power.

Sounds like a "swords to plow-shares" type of application.


-- SilverThunder 06:02, 11 October 2013 (UTC)

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