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Free Energy Blog:2013:09:30

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Free Energy Blog posts from September 30, 2013

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20130930_23:55: Nova Neal Compression Engine

Just posted:

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-- SilverThunder 00:04, 1 October 2013 (UTC)

20130930_19:45: Global BEM Conference Venue Changing, Still in Boulder
Image:Conference-2013-full-page SQ 400.jpg

Free Energy Blog:2013:09:30

Relevance: Current events > Directory:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) > Event:2013:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

This just in from Global BEM to participants:

: From: Breakthrough Energy Movement

: Date: September 30, 2013, 2:54:37 PM EDT

: Hello GlobalBEM participants,

: If you are receiving this E-mail is because you have purchased a ticket to the GlobalBEM 2013 Conference in Boulder, CO. The purpose of this E-mail is to inform you that we have changed the venue where the conference is being held. This new venue is better suitable for the conference and more accessible. We will be making an announcement soon, so stay tuned! The conference dates will stay the same 10-12 OCT and Boulder will be the place.

: You will receive a full refund of your purchase from the University of Colorado no later than October 4, 2013. Due to this change we are now handling the ticketing process. You can rebook your ticket(s) by clicking on this link: .

: Unfortunately we will no longer be offering catering packages, however we are working on having catering at the venue for purchase, more catering information to follow. You have the option of booking standard admission tickets and admission plus hotel packages. We encourage you to rebook your ticket(s) as soon as possible to make this an easy transition, and we will send you a confirmation soon thereafter. If you are booking hotel reservations you will receive a separate confirmation email.

: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [].

: We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and looking forward to seeing you at this year’s conference.

: Warm Regards,

: The GlobalBEM, Breakthrough Energy Movement

: Please like us on Facebook to stay updated and spread the word







Here is the email that people received who registered through the University of Colorado website:

: From: Sean Montoya

: Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 12:50 PM [Eastern]

: Cc: ''

: Subject: IMPORTANT: Breakthrough Energy Movement Registration Changes

: Dear Participant,

: Thank you for your registration for the Breakthrough Energy Conference at the University of Colorado Boulder campus. We regret to inform you that the conference will now be held at a different location. Since the registration was handled by our office, we will be processing a full refund for the amount paid when you registered online.

: Refunds will be issued electronically to credit cards initially used in the online registration for all fees paid. Confirmation emails will be sent once the refunds have been processed by the end of the week.

: Please check and rebook your ticket at

: Any participants who made reservations through our registration system for the Days Inn or Marriott, your reservation information has been provided to GlobalBEM organizers. Please contact them at to confirm the status of your reservation with the respective hotel.

: We apologize for the inconvenience and the organizers with Breakthrough Energy wish to thank you for bearing with them. You will receive more information from GlobalBEM in the next couple of days. Please contact them at with any questions.

: Thank you,

: CU Conference Services

-- SilverThunder 19:40, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

20130930_17:00: Martin Jetpack deliveries expected to start in 2014
Image:Martin-jetpack-delivered-2014-new-prototype 400.jpg

Free Energy Blog:2013:09:30

Relevance: Directory:Flight > Directory:Jetpacks

Gizmag has a story about the latest Jetpack development by Martin Aircraft Company. It's very loud. Here's an excerpt:

: The Martin Jetpack being developed by Martin Aircraft Company in New Zealand has undergone a major design overhaul. Reemerging as the P12 prototype, the ducted-fan personal VTOL is fully certified for manned test flights as a Class 1 microlight. The first commercial sales, now expected in mid-2014, will be for first responder applications, such as rescue, fire, and police missions. According to the company, sales to individuals will follow shortly after the initial models are vetted in field use.

: The P12 prototype is described by Martin Aircraft Company’s CEO, Peter Coker, as a “huge step up” from the previous prototype. “Changing the position of the jetpack’s ducts has resulted in a quantum leap in performance over the previous prototype, especially in terms of the aircraft’s maneuverability,” says Coker.

: Current performance numbers include a maximum airspeed of 74 km/h (46 mph) with normal cruise speed a more sedate 56 km/h (35 mph). A full tank of premium gas (with added oil) will keep the lucky pilot aloft for 30 minutes, during which time the Jetpack can travel about 30 km (20 mi). At its rated takeoff weight of 330 kg (725 lb), the ducted fans can supply an excess 50 kg of thrust, resulting in snappy changes in altitude.

: The Jetpack's ceiling is 3000 ft (900 m), and it is recommended for operation above 500 ft (150 m) to give the safety systems (including a rocket-deployed ballistic parachute) plenty of time to function. The 95 dB noise level is significant (think loud vacuum cleaner) as you will experience in the video below, calling for hearing protection for the pilot in addition to helmet, neck restraint, boots, and fireproof suit.

: While the Martin Jetpack will qualify as a microlight aircraft in much of the world, this is not the case in the US, as it is too heavy. It will be a light sport plane, and as such a Sport Pilot's license will be needed to fly the Jetpack. Although not required by law, Martin also offers a training course that would be a very good idea to include in one's preparations for the first Jetpack flight.

: While Martin hopes eventually to sell its Jetpack for $100,000 (plus shipping, duties, and taxes) in the US, the initial price is expected to be more in the $150-200K range. The company is currently accepting inquiries from commercial customers and prospective early adopters can secure an secure an "early production position" with a $5000 deposit. While the practicality of the Martin Jetpack for a private pilot may be questionable, the bragging rights will be enormous!


(YouTube August 11, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 16:57, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

20130930_14:30: Bin Laden Raid:
Image:Bin-Laden compound 300.jpg

Free Energy Blog:2013:09:30

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Conspiracy

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Seymour Hersh, 76, said that ‘not one word’ of the Obama administration’s narrative on what happened is true.

See Not ONE word of official account of raid that killed Bin Laden is true, claims award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh (Mail Online Septemeber 28, 2013)

See also:


(YouTube September 27, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 14:26, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

20130930_01:55: One Wrong Move at Fukushima Could Unleash a Nuclear Disaster Equivalent to 85 Chernobyls
Image:Fukushima building4 300.jpg

Free Energy Blog:2013:09:30

Relevance: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Nuclear Meltdown > Directory:Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Fiasco

A September 26 article from RYOT seems quite extreme, but does raise some points that should be considered, including:

Dangers associated with moving spent fuel rods in Building 4.

Building 4 was severely damaged, and the rods are in jeopardy if nothing is done.

Improper handling of the rods could result in a nuclear event and the unleashing of huge amounts of radiation.

See also

Fukushima Primed For Worldwide Disaster - The radioactive Fukushima Genie is out of the bottle and is primed to accomplish a worldwide disaster. If the roof of Reactor building #4 collapses, a building that is now seismically rated at zero, a pool of 1563 spent fuel rods perched 100 feet above the ground would also collapse ~ resulting in a gusher of global radiation that would put most of the world’s human and biological populations at severe risk (VeteransToday May 1, 2012)

-- SilverThunder 01:52, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

20130930_00:05: SVI-Infrastructure's Super-Efficient Motor
Image:SVI-design rd.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2013:09:30'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic

Our There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] posted a video describing a super-efficient motor technology he and his team have come up with.


"The value of basic infrastructure components versus fad investments. A bigger market is selling can openers to Wal-Mart than gold hood ornaments to Rolls Royce. A crucial component to a better electric motor has immense long term value to all ranges of markets. Fads come and go quickly, infrastructure runs for years." (YouTube April 10, 2013)

Starting at 1:50 minutes, the video says:

: Our first product design tackles efficiency of the electricity used. We now have an electric motor design that exceeds the performance of any electric motor made to date [that they are aware of]. This claim is defined by "most torque per watt."

I asked Ken just now how it's coming. He answered, in part:

: Still self funded. That video and 2 others were made for an Indiegogo project last Spring.

Maybe there's an accredited investor in our audience who will consider looking into this promising project.

Here is what Matt Watts said about it, via Skype:

: Sterling, have you heard of these guys:

: Interesting little gadget he shows at about 1:50. They don't outright claim OU, but a motor that is an order of magnitude more efficient could drive a generator and self-loop pretty easily.

: Sterling D. Allan: they don't claim an order of magnitude more efficient. just "more efficient than any other"

: Matt Watts: Somewhere in one of their other videos or on their website I saw: "41 ft-lbs of torque for only 6 watts of power". I haven't worked those numbers yet, but it seems pretty impressive. I figure my big diesel truck having 800 ft-lbs of torque uses way more than 800/41 6 (117) watts of fuel power. Granted that's petroleum vs electric, but still, an order of magnitude... Yeah, I'd say so.

: Sterling D. Allan: petrolium is much less efficient than electric. Petrolium is like 30% efficient, whereas electric are often 95% efficient.

: Matt Watts: True, but they are both the same order of magnitude. If petrolium was only 3% efficient, that would be one order of magnitude. If it were only 0.3% efficient, that would be two orders. That's what I mean by having not worked the numbers yet. I need the specs for a common electric motor, foot pounds of torque and wattage usage to provide that torque. I'll bet it is nowhere close to the numbers Ken's device delivers.

: I'll bet stepper motors specifiy those values. I'll do some digging and put together a comparison.

: Here's a big one: 1150 oz-in at 16 amps, 40 volts. Wattage is 640, torque is 6 ft-lbs. That's a huge difference.

-- SilverThunder 23:58, 29 September 2013 (UTC)

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