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Free Energy Blog:2013:09:28

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20130928_22:50: Response from Hendrik Gehlen about his RotoVerter
Image:323Niklas RotoVerter sq 300.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2013:09:28'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter > Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter

Yesterday, I posted a page about the Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter claiming an input of 1.6 kW producing an output of 4.9 kW involving a smaller motor powering a larger generator.

Today I received a Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter from Hendrik Gehlen, who posted that video.

He said that while it illustrated some interesting things, he stopped the project for lack of adequate ability in electronics. He wasn't able to get it to self-loop, nor does he think he achieved overunity. But he does hope it will inspire others who are more capable, to take it further than he was able to.

He was hoping to be able to power his house, so he considers that project a dud.

-- SilverThunder 22:48, 28 September 2013 (UTC)

20130928_21:55: Latest from KeelyNet

'Free Energy Blog:2013:09:28'

Relevance: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]

Jerry Decker over at always has a great collection of material that includes exotic free energy technologies.

Here's a sampling of recent postings that appear on his home page. This represents roughly 5-10% of his listings/links, which have some relevance to exotic free energy:

9/25 Spiders Use Ionocraft type Electrostatics To Generate Lift - The conventional thinking is that the threads catch thermal air currents which then carry them away but this does not explain how spiders perform their trick even when there is little or no wind. Now one physicist says the explanation is the atmosphere's natural electric field which has an average downward-pointing magnitude of 120 Volts per metre. (Slashdot 9/23/13)

09/25 - AC as the cause of Inertia? - Let us look at the mechanism by which an object resists motion. Imagine a ball of matter at rest on a smooth surface. The ball or cube is pushed and moves foward. Let us assume that no rotational motion occurs and the ball moves like a hockey puck. (KeeylyNet 09/25/13)

09/25 - Hydraulic Vehicle Drive System (Keelynet 09/25/13)

09/21 - Is something pulling/pushing on Earth and our Artificial Moon? - MOON ALERT - Is this Normal Or Something pulling the Moon 2013 - What is going on? Or is this normal? I have always been advised the moon wobbles but stays the same earth facing and on a north south pole face ? Yet here we have the moon rotating? (YouTube Apr 22, 2013)

09/21 - What Will Ubiquitous 3D Printing Do To IP Laws? - "With scanners able turn objects into printable files and peer-to-peer file sharing sites able to distribute product schematics, 3D printing could make intellectual property laws impossible or impractical to enforce. (Slashdot September 20, 2013)

09/21 - DIY Ultrasonic acoustic levitation

09/18 - Touch to send secret audio message - The microphone converts the voice message into an inaudible signal which is transmitted to the body of the person holding the microphone as an inaudible signal. It can then be transmitted from that person's body to another person's body through touch. The recorded sound only becomes audible when touching someone else's ear. (Wired September 13, 2013)

09/16 - Zero Point Energy harnessed for creating - Priza Technologies Inc, a small Silicon Valley company has been able to create method and technology to harness zero point energy. (ZPEnergy September 15, 2013)

09/14 - Who built the Moon? (PDF) - Brilliant interviewer Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations asks the questions and David rolls on as he's so good at doing, explaining his viewpoint, unconventional as it is. Interview early on is left out, this starts in where it gets 'juicy' about the moon.. I like to help people who are so busy, to at least get to hear the main parts of interviews without extra etc. (Contreuducacao September 2013)

09/14 - The $10,000 Magnet Motor Challenge (rescinded) - "This video was first published 3 years ago with the intent of fishing out anyone claiming to have built an overunity device. In that time frame there have been several people leaving comments and sending private messages having claimed to either built such a device or have access to one. Of all those claims not a single one has ever come to fruition. The rules were very simple: 1. It can be made from cheap parts 2. It does not have to be well built 3. it just has to work ) It's unfortunate that the challenge has to come to an end but the money is needed in other places at the moment. After graduation I will post it back up which should be sometime in 2015." (YouTube Feb 24, 2010)

09/14 - If all the Ice Melted

09/11 - Static Field Converter Converts Magnetic Energy to Electric Power - InventorOne-The Andrew Abolafia Co., a business located in Granville, NY, has discovered that there are large amounts of intrinsic energy stored in certain types of permanent magnets. Its innovation makes the extraction of that energy practical and cost effective. The Static Field Converter, the name of the company invention (patent number 7,983,726 B2) - July 19, 2011 - Superconducting Generator, extracts that energy and converts it to electric power. (PRNewsWire September 9, 2013)

09/11 Can a $1-cost dead battery start a big Lincoln Continental? - Rob Matthies white 1982 GMC pickup truck isnt anything special at first glance. But the words Electric Powered Vehicle printed on its tailgate may tip you off that something is up. (YouTube July 19, 2008)

09/11 Incredible new method of viewing magnetic fields - My Flux resonator lens. I'm holding one magnet in each hand on opposite sides of the lens. Halogen light from above. (YouTube February 6, 2007)

09/11 Magnet Chain Reaction - I want to do a much larger version but I can't think of anything large and round that would work. (YouTube Feb 9, 2007)

09/11 Teen claims his invention could clean up the seas in just five years

-- SilverThunder 21:53, 28 September 2013 (UTC)

20130928_02:30: Press Release: Z Power Creating Energy from Vacuum

'Free Energy Blog:2013:09:28'

Relevance: Directory:Zero Point Energy > Directory:Priza Technologies Inc.'s Z Point Energy

Shalender Singh of Directory:Priza Technologies Inc.'s Z Point Energy posted the following Press Release at which also announces tomorrow's seminar we mentioned Free Energy Blog:2013:09:27.

Silicon Valley Startup Claims to Have Created a New Science for Creating Energy from Vacuum (Zero Point Energy)


Priza Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley startup claims to have created a new science for creating energy from vacuum by harnessing zero point energy. They have published a few introductory papers online at and and will be conducting technical seminars on their research at San Jose, CA, USA.

Milpitas, CA, September 27, 2013 --( Priza Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley startup claims to have created a new science for creating energy from vacuum by harnessing of zero point energy. They have published a few introductory papers online at and They will be conducting introductory technical seminars on the research they have done at San Jose, CA, USA.

Priza Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley startup, claims to have created a completely new science and theory to harness zero point energy. Harnessing zero point energy essentially means creation of energy by harnessing quantum perturbations. This in layman terms means extracting energy from nothing. The concept of zero point energy is very old and was first proposed by Einstein in 1913. Shalender Singh, the CEO and the Chief Scientist of Priza Technologies Inc. has been working on it for the last 18 years. He claims that they have solid theoretical proof and very encouraging experimental results. Priza plans to unveil the technology to the people with a series of free seminars and demos. They plan to conduct an introductory seminar with multiple sessions in San Jose, CA, USA on Sep 28-29, 2013 and are urging people to register for it by sending an email to:

Priza claims that current physics are not complete and there is almost no understanding of physics beyond the speed of light (super-optic range). They claim to have created a more complete space-time theory, which includes the super-optic range and have named it as "neo unification theory" using which they have come up with a method to harness zero point energy.

As per neo unification theory, if a stationary observer is observing a super-optic (speed greater than light) frame of reference, a single event in super-optic frame appears as 2 distinct events to the observer. It is similar to seeing an object simultaneously in two different mirrors. As per a paper published by them at (vixar:1309.0173), current physics and mechanics is incomplete even for the case of 2 billiards balls striking each other.

Using “neo unification theory” Priza has come up with the technology to harness zero point energy, which they have named as “Z Point Energy Technology”. They say that Z Point Energy technology is poised to have a momentous impact on the energy scenario of the world because it will enable a generation of sustainable, infinite electrical energy anywhere in an most environment friendly way. As per them, Z Point Energy technology removes the notion of constrains and finiteness of available energy thus allowing mankind to use as much energy as required for the comfort and betterment of life. This is especially important for people in areas of the world that do not have access to adequate electric energy or cannot pay for it, so are living in sub-standard living conditions. Priza claims that Z Point Energy will enable fuel free automobiles, very low space travel, self-charging mobile phones and many more things limited only by the imagination of people.

Priza says that a by-product of Z Point Energy technology is cooling energy, which can be transported over long distances through electric wires. They claim that a new business vertical of “cooling transmission lines” using power distribution infrastructure will come up in the future.

Priza claims that Z Point Energy generation is achieved by splitting zero point space into negative and positive components. This split is done by accelerating particles from a speed below the speed of light to a speed above the speed of light by a patented process (patent pending). They say that this leads to infinite non-destructive generation of electricity anywhere, anytime at any scale for usage and distribution.

For those who would like to know more, below are the links to papers they have published:

1. Matter-Light Duality and Speed Greater Than Light:

2. Zero Energy Non-Zero Momentum Particles (Zen Particles):

3. Are All Photon Frequencies a Result of Doppler Effect?:

4. Principle of Super Inertia:

5. Fallacy in Einstein’s 2 blackboard derivation of mass energy:

All of them are also available at:

They also have online videos at:



-- SilverThunder 02:27, 28 September 2013 (UTC)

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