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Events:International Green Technology Rally, Exposition and Competition

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Expo and competition will feature alternative energy, over unity, zero point energy, free energy and water-car technologies. International Green Technology Rally, Exposition and Competition.

Image:IGTREC 2006 500.jpg


July 8th and 9th, 2006


Brooklyn, New York, USA.

'''The even will be located outside PS383 very near the intersections of Myrtle and Knickerbocker in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Take the M train to Myrtle Ave. We will be right there outside at (Public School) PS383.'''


All inventors, developers, replicators, companies, schools, universities, individual builders, NGOs and government agencies are invited to come exhibit and compete for prizes in a multitude of categories and classes.

James Allen of The Water Car Museum, has announced that the museum's cross country Water Car Race will start from IGTREC in New York and end at the Pacific Coast.

Couch was a member of the former egasgroup recently during the incident in which Bill Williams built a car that ran on a Joe Cell and was threatened to cease his alternative energy involvements. (Ref.) In response, Couch hopes to see several hundred Joe Cell replications displayed at the event, running vehicles.

Couch hopes that Zero Point Energy and other new energy modalities will finally take their place center stage in American life and worldwide.


To register to exhibit or enter a device in an event contact IGTREC.

All egroups and organizations associated with Green Technologies are encouraged to participate and are welcome to assist with IGTREC.

A $50 registration is required to hold exhibit and/or competition slots. IGTREC is willing to make alternative arrangements with those who can't afford the registration fee but who have something to exhibit or enter in a competition.

Corporate sponsorships are also available for $1500. IGTREC also offers advertising linkages to "companies that embody a commitment to saving the planet from Oil Wars and Global Warming."

May 25 Memo

All registration and other fees have been waved for this years International Green Technology Rally, Exposition and Competition in an effort to make things as easy as possible on exhibitors.

Also, we are asking that everyone in the OU/ZPE/FE/AE and watercar fields spread the news that we are asking and expecting everyone who has technology to display to come to the event and exhibit their technology. I have invited Hillary Clinton to attend and Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) to display their motor, as well as others, specifically.

This event is specifically designed to break the media blackout and create the political will for government to support these technologies rather than suppress them as they have in the past and to bring attention to that suppression. Also, it is a great way to express our appreciation and show our respect for Nikola Tesla on his 150th birthday.

Anyone wishing to exhibit should call and reserve a space for their exhibit.


International Green Technology Rally, Exposition and Competition (IGTREC)

Michael Couch, Program Coordinator

Neighborhood Vision

Founding Sponsor of IGTREC

an affiliated program of B.G.T.T.F. Inc. a 501 C 3 non-profit

Phone: Home 718-443-3673 Office M-F 12am-7pm 718-574-5100


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