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Events:Energy Independence Day

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Global Energy Independence Day is held each year on July 10, the birth date of Nikola Tesla.

Purpose : To promote emerging energy technologies that move us away from oil dependence.

Supporting Materials

To help you promote this day in your city, state, and country.

Brochures pending.

Nikola Tesla

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150th Anniversary: 2006

JULY 10, 2006 MARKS THE 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF TESLA'S BIRTH. This would be a great year to really push for implementation of an annual, international observance.

Progress Report for Implementation


[Croatia to mark Tesla's 150th birthday]- The government will finance the finishing of restoration of Tesla's home in a village in central Croatia and turn it into a museum. Conferences and lectures on Tesla's work are also planned. (Miami Herald Nov. 17, 2005)

General Coverage

'''Today in Free Energy™

(audio) July 10 (6 min) (low) - Tesla's B-day = Global Energy Independence Day discussion & announcement list.

(audio) July 8 (13 min) (low) - Global Energy Independence Day adopted by LA County.


The government of Poland is interested in a Tesla Commemorative 150th anniversary stamp, and maybe supporting a UN Tesla Day.


Trying to interest world nations in a UN Tesla Day/150th anniversary of birth (2006).


Image:Edson Andre Johnson tesla promo 95x95.jpg

Electricity 'war' victor given his due in L.A. - Article in Daily News features Edson Andre Johnson, who has been championing Nikola Tesla, seeking for a global adoption of July 10, Tesla's B-day, as International Energy Independence Day. (Daily News July 31, 2006)

Writer Sees Livermore as Good Place to Honor Tesla - Edson Andred Johnson, key promoter of International Energy Independence Day, to be held annually on July 10, points out that the Livermore, California area has numerous things named after Tesla and should thus lead the way. (The Independent March 16, 2006)

LA Adopts Global Energy Independence Day - The county of Los Angeles California has adopted Global Energy Independence Day, held annually on July 10, the birth date of Nikola Tesla. (PESN July 7, 2005)


Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii has said she approves of such an idea for the state of Hawaii (letter to Andre Johnson Dec. 10, 2004)

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volunteers welcome

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Events:Energy Independence Day - held each year on July 10, the birth date of Nikola Tesla.


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