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Image:Top Free-Energy stories 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Zeitgeist > Directory:Trends > Top free energy stories of 2010 and beyond - My prediction that 2010 would be known as "the year of crowning", to use a childbirth analogy, has proven true. Several free energy technologies began popping out, getting ready for market. Join us as we take a look at some of the most exciting developments. (PESN January 6, 2011)
Image:John Bedini with Ferris wheel 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Current events > Events:Archive:2010 > Events: 2010: November: Renaissance CDA Workshop (Bedini) Conference > Bedini Renaissance Conference marks turning point in overunity electromagnetic research - The enthusiastic chatter about the Bedini Conference describes a monumental event with amazing demonstrations of technologies and networking of people who previously have only known each other by usernames. What came to be called the "Bedini Ferris Wheel" was unveiled, drawing milliamps while producing tremendous torque and electricity. (PESN November 23, 2010)
Image:Renaissance-chgr-Conference 95x95.jpg
Current events > Directory:Electromagnetic > PowerPedia:John Bedini / Directory:Peter Lindemann > Bedini will be at Nov. 13-14 technical conference - Congress:Advisor:Jeane Manning writes: "Peter Lindemann will reveal motor secrets, Jeff Wilson is said to have a machine that runs itself as well as charges itself and there will be other speakers too.... There will also be a Big Surprise event. I’ll try to blog right away afterward. During the event, no cellphones or cameras are allowed, we're told." (ChangingPower October 23, 2010 )
Image:Bedini EV Conversion 95x95.jpg
Current events: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Radiant Energy > Renaissance Conference November 13-14, 2010 - A Workshop giving people a chance to spend time at the shop with John Bedini and others of like-mind in actual assembly of his cutting edge energy technology, including the Directory:Renaissance Charge Device by Energenx battery chargers, Bedini/Cole magnetic window motor energizers, and electric vehicle conversions. "This may be more significant than the '84 Tesla Symposium." -- Rick Friedrich (R-Charge Sept. 2010)
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan20 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Solid State Orbo Demonstration this Weekend - On Nov. 13, 2010 at Steorn's office in Dublin, Ireland, CEO Sean McCarthy will give a short presentation on Orbo, followed by a demonstration of the Solid State configuration, showing how more energy is measured coming out of their device than is required to run it, implying that free environmental energy has been harvested somehow. (Innovation Dublin)
Image:Abundant Clean Energy 2010 95x95.jpg
Current events : Review:Breakthrough Power by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Event:2010:Abundant Clean Energy Conference - On 11/11 in Forest Grove, OR, Congress:Member:Joel Garbon, Congress:Advisor:Jeane Manning, and Template: 4 of the New Energy Congress will be speaking at Pacific University at a free lecture to inspire and inform the public about the coming breakthrough energy revolution. If you have family/friends in that area, send them along.
Image:Howard Bloom Next-Gen Oct2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Current events > Events:Archive:2010 > Next Gen Expo -- turning a lemon to lemonade - Though a great idea (new media for rising generation), the execution of this event was juvenile, though not a complete waste of time. Highlights included Howard Bloom, Space Solar, domestic-spy-cam-disabling lasers, and a screening of a film about Wall Street criminality. (PESN Oct. 22, 2010)
Image:Joby Energy high-altitude-generator 95x95.jpg
Current events / Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > High-Flying Turbines Could Tap 870 Terawatts of Wind Power - The upper layers of the atmosphere contain as much as 870 terawatts of power! Researchers, startups and even some established players who are serious about capturing that energy, will be gathering for the Airborne 2010 conference at Stanford at the end of this month. (Inhabitat Sept. 9, 2010)
Image:Brian O-Leary Montesuenos 95x95.jpg
Current events: Crisis and Opportunity 2010: Announcing an Innovators’ Symposium on Truly Sustainable Solutions for Ecuador and the World - New Energy Movement founder, Dr. Brian O'Leary, is hosting a conference at his place in Montesueños-Vilcabamba, August 14-18, 2010. "We must end the exploitation of nonrenewable resources and we must create economic sovereignty through sustainable innovation." (Montesenos July 5, 2010)
Image:Scott-Chubb LENR-colloquium2010 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:JET Thermal Products > Report on 2010 Colloquium on Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions at MIT - Now in its 19th year, this annual cold fusion colloquium focused on work and effects that are related to new materials and devices, including nanomaterials. The math apparently says that the energy in 3/4 of a gallon of heavy water could power Boston for a day. (PESN Aug. 28, 2010)
Image:Sign lit by Tesla coil 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Report: Tesla Days and Tesla Science Foundation Conference - Michael Riversong reports on the conference that took place in Philadelphia July 9-11, 2010. Topics included Tesla coils, Zero Point Energy, Atmospheric Energy, Quantum Physics, Gyroscopics, Ball Lightning, Electrogravitics. (PESN Aug. 18, 2010)
Image:Jamie Buturff Rodin-coil addresses TeslaTech2010 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > ExtraOrdinary Technology conference 2010 report by Riversong - A review of the four-day free energy conference held in Albuquerque, NM, USA from July 28 - Aug. 1, featuring John Searl and his antigravity technology, Marko Rodin and his toroid coils, health technologies, hydrogen/hydroxy, vortex, and more. (PESN Aug. 15, 2010)
Image:Searl-Effect demo TeslaTech2010 95x95.jpg
Current events > Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > Call for Media from Tesla Tech 2010 Conference - AlienScientist provides a brief synopsis of the recently completed ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference and calls for videos/photos so he can expand his coverage, which he is extremely talented at doing, as demonstrated by his compilations of last years' conference. (YouTube Aug. 7, 2010)
Image:John Searl facebook skeleton-sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference next week, an annual F.E. highlight - This year's TeslaTech line-up in Albuquerque, NM from July 29 - Aug. 1, includes John Searl, Marko Rodin, and Paul Pantone. The conference will include 'lots of hardware to examine and operate.' (PESN July 21, 2010) (Comment)
Image:John Searl teslatech2001 95x95.jpg
Current events > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > PowerPedia:John Searl > Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - John Searl claims he has the solution to our global energy crisis. What's more, he says he's had it for over 60 years. Regarded by many as The Godfather of free energy science, John Searl believes his magnetic generator, the Searl Effect Generator, can save our planet from environmental disaster. (PESWiki Apr. 30, 2010)
Image:Tesla Celebration July9-10 2010 95x95.jpg
Current events > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Nikola Tesla Energy Independence Celebrations 2010 - On July 9-11 in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be bringing together scientists, inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm. (Facebook May 15, 2010)
Image:EarthFest2010 large 95w.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HHO Games > Event: The HHO Games at EarthFest 2010 - The HHO Games at EarthFest 2010 being held April 22 at State College of Florida is a low-cost opportunity for HHO developers to show and sell their kits to a large audience amid the publicity associated with a Guinness World Record attempt to collect plastic bottles. (PESWiki Feb. 22, 2010)
Image:Tesla solar switch by Bedini 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Radiant Energy > Directory:Electromagnetic > PowerPedia:John Bedini > Tesla Switch Solar Charger to debut at Bedini conference - The April 10 event in northern Idaho will feature a new Tesla switch that enables the batteries in a solar array to last much longer, while also enabling more energy to be drawn from the solar panel system. The Directory:Renaissance Charge Device by Energenx and 10-coil Energizer kits will also be demonstrated. (PESN Feb. 11, 2010) (''Comments)
Image:Vienna Tesla Technology Symposium 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Nikola Tesla > Events:2010:Tesla Technologies Symposium in Vienna - Look at this line-up of topics and speakers coming March 12-14, including The Secret of Water and Vortex Phenomena • Interaction of solar and cosmic Neutrinos • Demo of Tesla Experiments • Energy from Vacuum • GEET demo • Mechanodynamics • Magnetic Motor Technologies • Nuclear Resonance Coupling. (PESWiki Mar. 7, 2010)
Image:Free Energy Conference 2010 Russia 95x95.jpg
Current events > Directory:Annual Free Energy Conferences > Free Energy Conference - International congress to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, March 16 and 17, 2010. "We invite ... investors and inventors. Our conference is [the] last step to start operations of new financial tool: Free Energy Foundation, ... to support venture scientific projects in free energy area." Suggestions are still being taken for speakers. ( Jan. 27, 2010)
Image:Milkovic water pump demo 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Annual Free Energy Conferences > Event:2010:International Free Energy Conference and Exhibition by European Consumers Association - A day packed with visionary energy topics and exhibits on Tesla, Brown's Gas, Leedskalnin magnet machines, Keely vibrational physics, Milkovic's two-stage mechanical oscillator, and others is being held with support of the historic city of Rome accompanied by musical entertainment. The next day features a tour of implemented renewable energy technologies nearby. (PESWiki Feb. 1, 2010)

Photon's Photovoltaic Technology Show 2010 - Feb. 2-4 San Francisco, CA USA.

Image:Serasota Herald Tribune bldg 95x95.jpg
Current events: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HHO Games > First annual all-day Hydrogen Builders Conference - Running from 9 AM to 5 PM on Jan. 30, 2010 in Sarasota, Fla., the objective of this event is to join funders with developers of hydroxy technologies for its myriad of applications including mileage improvement, toxic waste disposal, welding, home cooking, steam boilers, home heating.
Image:Earth Transformation Conference 2010 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest / Current events: Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Event:2010:Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference - I've been asked to give a presentation at Michael Salla's 4th annual conference in Hawaii Jan. 7-10, 2010. Maybe you have some suggestions for what I should/shouldn't include. What are the most promising outside-the-mainstream-box technologies? (PESWiki Dec. 21, 2009) (Comments)


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