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Image:Breakthrough-technologies 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HHO Games > Events:2009:November:HHO Games and Breakthrough Technologies Conference - Three cutting-edge events will be taking place on the weekend of Nov. 21-22 2009. One is the HHO Games & Exhibition in Florida, another is the Breakthrough Technologies conference in Calgary, and there is the EarthMysteries Conference in Arizona. (PESWiki)
Image:JeaneManning 95x95.jpg

Current events > EarthMysteries Conference - A conference to be held Nov. 20-23, 2009 in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Speakers, including Steven Greer, Tom Valone, and Jeane Manning will be covering topics such as government coverups, clean energy technologies, UFO secrets, crop circles, 2012, sound energy & healing, ancient and modern mysteries, and harmonics secrets. (Chet Snow)

Image:Cofe banner 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events > Events:2009:Conference On Future Energy (COFE) - To be held Oct. 9-10, 2009 in Washington, DC by Directory:Thomas Valone's Integrity Research Institute. Topics will include Focus Fusion, zero point energy, electrostatic confinement fusion, algae biofuel. (PESWiki August 24, 2009)

Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:REMGen by REM Source, LLC > REMGen (story removed) - On Sept. 16, 2009, REM Source requested that we remove the contents that appeared on this page. In the future, we anticipate providing updates when they are ready for coverage. (PESN July 23, 2009)

Image:Tesla tech logo 95x95.gif
Latest: Current events > Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology ConferenceEvents:2009:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - Preregistration is ongoing for the conference to be held July 30–Aug 2, 2009 in Albuquerque, NM, USA. In order to receive the 30% discount, members must sign up before Feb 28, 2009. To save and preregister, call 520-463-1994 or go to: (PESWiki) - August 1-2, Summer 2009, OBRL Greensprings Center. Conference on New Research in Orgonomy, Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Science

Image:NickLonchar device 95x95.jpg
Latest: Current events / Directory:Nikola Tesla > REPORT: Nikola Tesla Energy Independence Celebration in Philadelphia - On July 10-12, Tesla enthusiasts, inventors, scientists, and free energy advocates gathered in solidarity, reflection, and exploration at Philadelphia's historic Independence Hall. Lectures, exhibits and demonstrations were given in the spirit of exploring and pioneering free energy systems in honor of the Serbian inventor. (PESN July 28, 2009)
Image:Nikola Tesla neon 95x95.jpg
Current events > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Nikola Tesla Inventor's Club sponsors Energy Independence Celebrations - Tesla enthusiasts, inventors, scientists, and free energy advocates will gather together in solidarity, reflection, and exploration July 10-12, 2009 at Philadelphia's historic Independence Hall. Exhibitions and demonstrations will be on display from individuals and organizations across the nation who are dedicated to exploring and pioneering free energy systems. (RSVP at MeetUp) - July 13-16 in Orgonon, Maine, which was the home, laboratory and research center of Reich.

Image:Breakthrough power cover 95x95.jpg

Current events > Review:Breakthrough Power by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon > Silicon Valley New Energy Group - Join them July 5 as they launch a local New Energy Movement chapter, considering clean innovations as well as new energy devices you can assemble and use yourself. (

Image:Energy ocean logo 95x95.jpg

Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Energy Ocean 2009 - World's leading event to be held June 16-18, 2009 in Maine, USA, will focus on renewable and sustainable energy from the oceans and is the primary education platform and networking event for key players in the industry.

Image:International wave energy summit 95x95.gif

International Wave Energy Summit 2009 - June 30 - July 1, 2009, London, UK. The main objective is to push the Wave technology industry forward by addressing key challenges that hinder rapid development – access to funding, global opportunities, grid connection, environmental permits, maintenance strategies and more.

Image:LENR-colloquium MIT collage 95x95.jpg

Current events: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > 2009 Colloquium on LANR (Cold Fusion) - The 2009 Colloquium on Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) will be held June 20, 2009 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, focusing on the science and technology of deuterated metals, engineering and devices, with theme: successful mathematical formulae and engineering concepts in LANR. (

Image:Jarboes Mill 2008 95x95.jpg
Latest: Current events > Events:2009:Jarboe's Mill -- Alternative Energy Partnership Conference - Come and see who and what shows up in Maryland May 30-31 this year. It's the second annual Woodstock of free and renewable energy. Covering both conventional and exotic clean energy technologies -- mainly the latter. Bring your own tin foil hat. (PESWiki May 19, 2009)
Image:Intersolar 2009 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar Thermal >4th European Solar Thermal Energy Conference and Intersolar 2009, Munich - The 4th European Solar Thermal Energy Conference, one of the largest global conferences dedicated to solar thermal energy, will be held on 25 and 26 May 2009 and Intersolar 2009, the world´s largest solar technology trade fair and the annual meeting place for everyone in the international solar Industry, from 27 to 29 May 2009 in Munich, Germany.

Image:Biofuels international conference logo 95x95.gif

The 2nd Biofuels International Expo & Conference - May 27-28, 2009 at the Beurs van Berlage, in central Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bringing together medium to large biofuels producers, investors, regulators, project owners and equipment/service providers to discuss how to fight the critics and drive the European market forward.

Image:Clean-tech conf logo 95x95.jpg

Clean Technology Conference & Expo 2009 - May 3-7, 2009 Houston, TX. Identifying latest clean technologies and commercial sustainable solutions, driving advanced research insight and best practices, matching buyers and sellers, enabling strategic partnerships, and providing IP licensing, venture capital, corporate financing and customer acquisition opportunities.

Image:Cleantechsummit logo 95x95.gif

Events: Cleantech Capital Summit: 2009 - The Cleantech Capital Summit, April 22-24, 2009, San Diego, CA, is an ambitious, major event that will be the first to bring together decision-makers from across the cleantech and energy technology industry and leading capital providers to delve into the full range of financing the energy and clean technologies industry. (PESWiki March 8, 2009)

Image:Afvi fuels and vehicles expo 2009 95x95.jpg

Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference and Expo - Orlando, Florida, April 19-22, 2009, AF&V 2009 showcases non-petroleum options including natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, propane, electricity, and hydrogen, and their companion vehicles. The conference embraces advanced technologies that result in fuel efficiency, petroleum displacement and emissions improvements.

Image:International congress expo energy efficiency logo 95x95.gif

5th International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources - With Europe now a world leader in sustainable energy projects and improvements, the Congress, to be held in Bulgaria, April 6-8, 2009, will emphasize the opportunities and common sense practices offered through these developments as well as their application in such a way that the potential for intelligent use of energy is fully exploited.

Image:Breakthrough Power 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest: Current events >Events:Breakthrough Power March 30 - April 2, 2009 - On March 30 through April 2, 2009 there will be several presentations, including to the Harvard Club of San Francisco by Review:Breakthrough Power by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon co-authors, Joel Garbon and Jeane Manning as well as Sterling Allan, Founder of the NEC which generates the Top 100 energy listing. (PESWiki)
Image:Global new energy summit logo 95x95.gif

Global New Energy Summit - March 22-24, 2009, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance is hosting the inaugural Global New Energy Summit which will bring together world renowned panelists and showcase the latest innovation and applications in nuclear, solar, wind, water and bio-fuels along with energy storage and security.

Image:Algaebiofuelsworldsummit95x95 byKevn.jpg

Event:Algae Biofuels World Summit 2009 - San Francisco, California on March 18-20, 2009. The Algae Biofuels World Summit will be a major event where the nascent algae biofuels community will come together to discuss how to build a new international industry.

Image:Renewable energy world conference logo 95x95.gif

Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America - March 10 – 12, 2009, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada. A worldwide audience who will hear papers, panel discussions and presentations during technical sessions related to technology, markets, business strategies and policy covering the wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal, ocean/tidal/wave, bio-power, bio-fuels hydrogen and energy sectors.

Image:International conference on climate change 95x95.gif

International Conference on Climate Change - More than 70 of the world’s elite scientists specializing in climate issues will confront the subject of global warming at the second annual International Conference on Climate Change in New York City March 8-10, 2009.

Image:Cleante3ch forum logo 95x95.jpg

Cleantech Forum XXI - From February 23-25, 2009, more than 800 of the world’s clean technology sector leaders—representing over $3 trillion in capital—together with entrepreneurs, scientists and policy-makers, will convene in San Francisco for Cleantech Forum XXI.

Image:Green it logo 95x95.jpg

Green IT Virtual Event: Corporate Responsibility and the Bottom Line - This virtual event on Feb. 26, 2009 will feature experts in green IT, from the data center, the network, business strategy and the vendor community discussing best practices for continuing a path toward a more environmentally equitable computing environment that improves the bottom line.

Image:Greenergadgets-logo 95x95.gif

Greener Gadgets - On February 27, 2009 innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and eco-designers will return to New York City at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center to discuss the future of sustainability for the consumer electronics industry. Vote for your favorite.

Image:Gogreen logo 95x95.jpg

Go Green Expo - Los Angeles, CA, Convention Center, Jan. 23-25, 2009. A truly unique event from the ground up, Go Green Expo will change not only the public's perception of environmentalism but also how events like this are produced and managed. (Go Green Jan. 20, 2009)

Image:Detroit autoshow 95x95.jpg

Directory:North American International Auto Show >Green Peeks Through The Clouds Over Detroit - By general agreement, this is not the year for the usual hoopla at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, to be held Jan. 17-25. With auto sales down, and the ink barely dry on bailout checks to General Motors and Chrysler, much of the attention will be on green automobiles. (New York Times Jan. 10, 2009)

Image:World future energy summit logo 95x95.jpg

World Future Energy Summit - Abu Dabai, United Arab Emerates (UAE), January 19-21 2009. The World Future Energy Summit will be the largest meeting of influential figures within the renewable energy industry. As the first major hydrocarbon-producing nation to take such a step, the UAE has established its leadership position by launching the Masdar Initiative, a global cooperative platform for open engagement in the search for solutions to some of mankind's most pressing issues: energy security, climate change and truly sustainable human development.

Technology in Community-based Development Online Course January 9 - February 13, 2009. Registration deadline is January 6, 2009. All registration is online:

This course covers not only the principles and theories behind appropriate or intermediate technology, but also the soft technology (such as organizational infrastructure) needed to maintain communal technologies. This course is great for anyone who wants to incorporate small-scale, low-cost technologies into social change and community development processes. This course is hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development at Colorado State University.

Image:Tesla tech logo 95x95.gif
Latest: Current events > Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference >Events:2009:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - TeslaTech's conference covers Tesla Technology, Magnetic Motors, ZPE, Conservation, Cosmic/Radiant Energy, Brown’s Gas, Plasma, GEET, ElectroGravitation, ElectroMedicine, Magnetic Healing, Antigravity, etc. Abstracts due December 31, 2008. (PESWiki Dec. 3, 2008)


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