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Alternative Energy Events Over > 2008

(Current events)

Events:Archive:2009 - going forward in time


Image:AFVilogo 95x95.jpg

Last Chance for Webinar Workshops: Natural Gas Infrastructure and Incentives - December 9, 10:30 AM Pacific - From the convenience of your desk, you are invited to participate in the last two 90-minute web workshops on natural gas. The web workshops, one on natural gas fueling and one on tax credits and incentives, are presented by Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi). Registration (Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute Dec. 8, 2008)

Image:Power-gen-energy-diversity-is-key-to-success 95x95.jpg

Power-Gen: Energy Diversity Is Key to Success- At the Power-Gen International conference -- an event with over 1,200 exhibitors in the coal, oil and natural gas industries -- you might not expect renewables to play an important role in the conversation around energy, but Renewables are here to stay. (Has video links.) (Renewable Energy World Dec. 8, 2008)

Image:NECatHallofFame95x95 byKevn.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Current events > Directory:Environmental Hall of Fame > NEC to Feature Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies at 2nd Environmental Hall of Fame - Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and his wife will be receiving two of the 36+ awards being given, along with two of the clean energy technology companies in the Top 100 listing by the New Energy Congress. The NEC will have three displays featuring a dozen or so of the Top 100. (PESN Nov. 19, 2008)
Image:Tidal energy summit logo 95x95.jpg

Tidal Energy Summit '08 - November 11-12, 2008, Regents Park Marriot, London, England. The 2nd Annual Tidal Energy Summit is the only event dedicated to the future of Tidal Energy. And with over 30+ Tidal developers already signed up to attend, will be the highest concentration of dedicated Tidal pioneers.

Image:Joe shea 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection >Alt-fuel inventors to gather for HHO expo - Joe Shea of Bradenton, FL, organizer of the HHO Games to be held Nov. 11-14 at the Manatee Fairgrounds, Palmetto, FL, said the exposition will bring designers of many different systems together to share their knowledge and allow the public to learn how HHO works. (Bradenton Herald Oct 29, 2008)

Image:Paris Motor Show 2008 95x95.gif

Directory:Green auto shows >Mondial de l'Automobile - Paris Expo in Porte de Versailles, October 4-19, 2008. The Mondial de l'Automobile (Paris Motor Show in English) is a bi-annual auto show in Paris. Held in October this year, it is one of the most important auto shows, showing many new production automobile and concept car debuts.


Directory:Solar Solar Power International 08 - Solar Power International, Oct. 13-16, San Diego, CA, has established itself as the only "must attend" solar event in the US. It is the largest solar conference and expo in the US, currently by a factor of more than 5, and attracts the widest range of professional attendees. The event also educates consumers through a one-night public opening of the expo hall.

Image:AustinEnergy AltCar Expo logo 95x95.jpg

Austin Energy AltCar Expo & Conference - Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX October 17 to 18, 2008. Free admission. A gathering of experts and exhibits promoting eco-friendly automotive technology, where Seminars will address topics ranging from exploring cleaner fuel technologies to reducing air pollution.

Image:Ecovan logo 95x byKevn.jpg

Ecovan - Update: Cancelled. Laurel White has teamed up with PES Network to take her 'Green Education' on the road, across mainland America, city to city, for a year. The purpose of the road show will be to educate people about easy-to-implement clean energy solutions available now, many of which can actually save money and to give hope about the future by reviewing some of the most promising clean emerging technologies.

Image:Walla Walla Sustainable Living Fair logo 95x95.jpg

Sustainable Living Fair - Walla Walla, WA Community College Water & Environmental Center. Sept. 19-20, 2008. Free admission. Topics covered include alternative energy and fuels, a bike-in, building green, energy audits, gardening tips, home weatherization, water conservation, solar options, etc. Pure Energy Systems Network will had a booth there.

Image:Whpsc2008head 95x95.jpg

World's Fastest Human propelled by their own power - Cyclists from around the world gather on SR305 outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada for the 9th consecutive year to race on one of the straightest, flattest, and smoothest surfaces in the world. Sept. 15-20, 2008.

Image:Alternative Energy Sustainable Living Show 95x95.jpg

Alternative Energy & Sustainable Living Show - Hillsboro, OR, Sept. 5-7, 2008. Free admission. Topics covered include Electric and Hybrid Cars, BioDiesel, Solar, Wind, Hydroponics, Water Conservation, Green Seal Windows, Gardening, Organic Grocers, Environmentally Responsible Housing. The Ecovan will be there representing PES Network, Inc.

Image:Byron Drogan 95x95.jpg

Dorgan Sponsors Hydrogen Action Summit II at EERC - Advancing the Hydrogen Economy - Action Summit II National Center for Hydrogen Technology Facility September 4 & 5, 2008. Grand Forks, ND. "Hydrogen is ready for deployment and is one of the answers to achieving energy security in the United States," said EERC Director Gerald Groenewold. "This summit will set a course for hydrogen production and distribution technologies for North Dakota and the overall nation." (EERC Aug. 11, 2008)

Image:Solfest logo 95x95.jpg

SolFest XIII - SolFest is the world’s premier two-day celebration of renewable energy and sustainable living. Since SolFest was born in 1996 over 100,000 people have learned how to change the world while having fun. Each summer SolFest transforms the rural hamlet of Hopland, California, into the global epicenter of green living. August 16-17, 2008 (SolarLiving July 2, 2008)

Image:HydrogenRoadTourLogo 95x95.jpg

Hydrogen Road Tour 2008 - The Hydrogen Road Tour is a two-week trip across the U.S. with more than 30 planned stops beginning on August 11, 2008 to showcase clean, efficient, hydrogen powered cars. The tour seeks to highlight progress made with the development of hydrogen vehicle and fueling technologies. Hydrogen can make the greatest long-term impact on reducing pollution and fuel imports from vehicles. (National Hydrogen Association August 8, 2008)

Hydrogen Road Tour comes to an end in LA - "What we have learned in these past two weeks is that there is intense enthusiasm, among the public and among our nation's legislators, in hydrogen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. The next step is to extend the nation's hydrogen refueling infrastructure from coast to coast." (AutoBbogGreen Aug, 23, 2008)

Image:Teslatech08TechConference95x95 byKevn.gif

Events:2008:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - See our 2008 Tesla Technology Conference reports, photo gallery and followups. Our New Energy Congress members who attended have posted their thoughts and feelings on this year's Conference activities. (PESWiki August 12, 2008)

Image:Solwest logo 95x95.jpg

Events:SolWest - This three-day event offers engaging activities for all ages and knowledge levels. Participants from around the western region and beyond come to join the SolWest community and learn about energy efficiency, solar and wind energy, alternatively fueled vehicles and more. SolWest Fair is July 25th, 26th & 27th, 2008 at the Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day, OR. PSA Video (SolWest July 2, 2008)

Image:Iafu logo–95x95.jpg

Learn to make your own bio-diesel - from waste oil at a day-long workshop set for Saturday, July 26 at Green World Biofuels in Tiffin (near Iowa City). Cost is $25 and includes lunch. RSVP to Green World by calling 319-545-7022. Class size is limited, so register early. (Iowa Farmers Union July 1, 2008)

Image:Hydrogen Implementation Conference 2008 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hydrogen > 2008 Hydrogen Implementation Conference - Michael Riverson reports on the conference held July 22 - 24 in Laramie, Wyoming, covered a wide range of hydrogen generation sources, storage mechanisms, transport infrastructure, and application considerations. (PESN July 25, 2008)

Image:NationalAlgaeAssoc logo 95x95.jpg

National Algae Association Business Plan and Networking Forum - Business plans will be reviewed by the executive committee for potential commercialization production of Algae. Only 10 business plans will be picked to present to the National Algae Association next quarterly meeting. July 17, 2008 5000 Research Forest Drive The Woodlands, Texas. (National Algae Association July 2, 2008)

Image:TurtleVision 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection > Alternative Energy Partnership Conference Report - Outside-the-box energy technology enthusiasts converged in Maryland to share and inspect various inventions from hydrogen booster systems to a lawn mower converted to run on GEET reactor. (PESN July 2, 2008)

Image:VirtualEnergyForumLogo 95x95.jpg

Virtual Energy Forum - The Virtual Energy Forum, a first of its kind, online only event connecting thousands of corporate executives with sustainability experts in energy efficiency and conservation, as well as providers of alternative energy products and services -- through a live, interactive environment. Access the event from your computer June 10th and 11th - online - from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM, Eastern US. Registration is FREE.

Image:Greencarguidelogo 95x95.jpg

Green Car Live! 2008 Green Motor Show - Pre-registration required, but the event is free. June 12, 2008, ACC Liverpool, Liverpool, England.

Image:Wave Energy Summit logo 95x95.jpg

Energy Summit 2008 - The world's first wave-exclusive event - June 17-18, 2008, Royal London Garden, London UK. From the lab to the sea - secure investment and scale up your wave energy device ready for deployment.

This is the Current events Archives page. The events below include is any past energy gatherings, meetings, and other happening at a given place and time concerning free energy.

Image:SolarSpashLogo 95x95.jpg

Solar Splash 2008 - The World Championship of Intercollegiate Solar Boating - Hosted by the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas College of Engineering June 18-22, 2008.

Image:FirsianSolarlogo 95x95.jpg

The Frisian Solar Challenge - A sunny variation of the legendary Eleven Cities Skating Race (Elfstedentocht), 48 Dutch and international teams will navigate the Frisian waterways over a distance of almost 200 kilometres, past eleven Frisian cities, in custom-designed and built solar-powered boats from June 22 - June 28, 2008.

Image:EnergyOceanlogo 95x95.jpg

EnergyOcean 2008 - The 5th Annual EnergyOcean conference co-located with SubSea Survey 2008, June 24-28, 2008, will be focusing on renewable and sustainable energy from the oceans. Galveston Island Convention Center at the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas.

AEPC 2008 - The 2008 Alternative Energy/Healing Partnership Conference, a first of its kind, online and live event connecting thousands of people with sustainability experts in alternative energy and healing technologies, as well as providers of alternative energy and healing products and services -- through a live, interactive environment. Access the event live online from your computer June 28th and 29th, or show up in person - attendance is FREE. Call-in number during the event is 301-357-0431. For more information contact Larry Jarboe at 240-577-1240.

January 26–27, 2008 >

: Electric Dragin EVent, San Diego, CA, USA.

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