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Bonn, 19-21 November, 2007 > Second International Renewable Energy Storage Conference - In about 40 presentations, IRES II will embrace the current status of energy storage technologies, as well as other new research and industry approaches to electricity and heat storage, alongside such integrated solutions eliminating or minimizing the need for additional storage. The conference aims at demonstrating how a diverse mix of Renewable Energy sources can be handled to ensure the balance between demand and supply and also, how more efficient and autonomous energy supply systems can be established.

San Diego, 26-27 January, 2008 > Electric Dragin EVent - The EVAoSD (Electric Vehicle Assoc. of San Diego) are planning the above family EVent for EV's and a lot of fun. There will be e-motocross racing and Electric Vehicle drag racing. The latest electric drive technology will be available for close inspection.

Image:SterlingDAllan Gnomedex 95x95.jpg

Video:Sterling Allan:Open Sourcing Free Energy Technology - Video of Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan's presentation at the Gnomedex conference in Seattle on Aug. 11, 2007 talking about screening the best technologies, and using the open source model to break the log jam on exotic, disruptive energy technologies.

Image:Gnomedexer 95x95.gif

New Energy to Culminate Gnomedex Conference (Aug. 9-11) - The organizers of an annual Internet media conference have asked a new energy proponent to conclude the conference with a presentation on Top 100 Energy Technologies and open sourcing of exotic energy technologies. (PESN July 17, 2007)

Gnomedex Live - Sterling Allan will be giving his anchor presentation Saturday, Aug. 11 on "Evaluating and Open Sourcing Clean Energy" at 4:14 pm, Pacific time. The conference is being broadcast live.

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Current events / Directory:Konstantin Meyl > Konstantin Meyl to Lecture on Scalar Waves and Neutrino Power - Three-day presentation this coming weekend in Carlsbad, California will discuss and demonstrate exotic Tesla technology. Meyl posits an expanding earth theory based on neutrino interactions with the Earth. (PESN Aug. 1, 2007)

Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - July 26-29, 2007. Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

EnergyOcean 2007 Conference & Expo - August 21–23, 2007. EnergyOcean 2007, the 4th Annual International Conference & Exhibition focusing on technology and regulation of all sectors of the renewable ocean energy market will be held at Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii.

Live Earth 7/7/07 - Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Clean Energy Venture Summit - May 14-16, 2007. The Summit is designed to promote “The Utility of the Future? by connecting thought leaders, clean energy entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and government officials through keynote addresses, discussion panels and insider looks at emerging technologies. Hyatt Regency, Austin, Texas.

Alternative Energy Awareness Fair - May 8, 2007: 9:15 am - 2:30 pm. The students of Bloom Township will be showcasing their projects of building alternative energy vehicles that will run on biodiesel fuel or ethanol and rewiring remote control toy cars to run on hydrogen fuel cells. Bloom Trail High School, Chicago Heights, IL. Contact [ Jill Krysinski]


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