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Alternative Energy Events Over > 2005

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Dec. 8 > Fuel Cells Durability

Nov. 27 - Dec. 2 Japan > The 12th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Nov. 14 > Fuel Cell Summit

Nov. 14 > Fuel Cell Seminar

Oct. 31- Nov. 4, 2005 > Congress of Nanotechnology 2005 (San Francisco) - One of the largest gatherings of world-class nanotechnologists and corporate executives involved in the emerging field of nanotechnology, with more than 150 speakers from 38 countries, covering a broad spectrum of Nanotechnology.

Oct. 5-9 > Solar Power 2005 - Washington, D.C. Conference and Expo. Largest US Solar industry business-to-business event.

Oct. 13 > Clean Energy Forum - Introduction of Clean Energy in Road Transport

Sept. 18-21 > Air Quality V Conference - Arlington, Virginia, USA. Panel of Top Energy Experts to Discuss Power Systems of the Future. Will address power systems of the future and associated environmental challenges.

Sept. 18-21 > Portable Power 2005 - San Francisco, California. Annual event will convene industry experts to discuss battery and fuel cell technology, the evolution of the global supply chain, and the future of VoIP. (BusinessWire Aug. 4)

Sept. 6 > Renewable Energy Online Courses - Solar Energy International (SEI), a solar energy training and education provider since 1991, is now offering PV Design Online and Solar Home Design courses online. [See SEI website for additional course offerings.]

Aug. 31 > Certification and Listing Issues for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Systems

Aug. 31 > H2Expo - International trade fair & conference for hydrogen & fuel cell technologies

August 21-26 Bruxelles, Belgium > 12th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems

Aug. 9 > 1st Symposium on Manufacturing of MEAs for Hydrogen Applications

July 28-31, Utah, USA > Events:2005:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - Salt Lake City. A highlight 'free energy' event of the year, hosted by the Institute for New Science and TeslaTech.

Discount Deadline April 30

Program - Listing of speakers and topics, focusing on working hardware.

OSEN will be on hand to cover the conference.

Image:NA Solar Challenge crop 140.jpg

July 17-27 > North American Solar Challenge - Universities engaged in a race from Austin to Calgary.

June 24-26, Chicago > Wired Nextfest 2005 - Mini World's Fair features 100 exhibits. Experience robots, flying cars, private space planes, homes of the future, fuel-cell concept cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, hypersonic sound beams, invisibility coats.

June 24, NH, USA > Inventor's Weekend -- Call for Papers - Bruce Perreault announces tentative line-up of speakers for this next year's event to be held in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

June 9, New York City > Global Warming Solutions 2005 - Will be addressing emerging solutions, including new energy technologies and policies. Targeted to businesses and investors.

June 1 and 2 San Francisco > World Environment Day to Feature Largest Collection of Fuel Cell Vehicles

May 21, Mass., USA > 2005 Cold Fusion Colloquium - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Cold Fusion Goes Back to School at MIT - Colloquium to be held on Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus May 21, 2005.

May 13-14 100 mpg Challenge: National Monte Carlo-Style Rally - Contest, with $10,000 in awards, will be held in conjunction with the annual Tour deSol, which features alternative energy vehicles. (PESN)

(listen) Tour de Sol Radio Disney public service announcement - Sat, May 14, Saratoga Spgs sustainable energy and transportation expo features hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, 100 mpg challenge.

May 13-14, Penticton, B.C., Canada > Brown's Gas Conference

May 13-15, Netherlands > Nexus Conference - Energy related topics: "The Mysterious Origins of Oil" "The Electrical Nature of our Cosmos" "Earth Energy Grids".

May 13-16, Siena, Italy 6th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals

May 5-6 London > Clean Energy Expo 2005 - Will address renewable energy, automotive and transport, alternative fuel.

April 27 > Japan CF-Research Society JCF6 Meeting

April 5-7 > Cutting Edge Physics for Us All - Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Sponsors include NASA, the US Army, the American Physical Society, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

NASA’s Marshall Center to Host Physics Conference April 5-7 for Noted Researchers, Future Scientists

March 29 – April 1 > NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2005-Call for Papers - National Hydrogen Association. To be held in Washington, DC.

March 24, CA, USA > Solid State (Cold) Fusion Papers to be highlighted at APS March meeting - The America Physical Society will feature a full session presenting solid state (cold) fusion papers on Thursday March 24th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Mar. 5, 2005 > Better Motors - Better Batteries Conference - Mashantucket, Connecticut USA (home of G.E.). Sponsored by Electrifying Times. How to keep Fuel Cell technology from fleeing U.S.

February 23-24 > Conference on Renewable Energy in the Upper Midwest - North Dakota, USA will focus on wind and biomass.

Jan. 27, 7 p.m., CO, USA > Nikola Tesla: The Forgotten Father of Technology - Free lecture by John Hines, Glenwood Springs (Colorado) Library, Winter Lecture Series.

Jan. 25-27, Germany > Clean Energy Power 2005 - Exhibition/show focused on energy production, clean and renewable energy. (Conference website)


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