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Alternative Energy Events Over > 2003

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RD&D Conference & Expo - "The Event For New Design and Discovery. BY Engineers...FOR Engineers... Working together to network, communicate, understand..." Nov. 17-20, 2003 Washington, D.C. USA

Frontier Symposium 2003 (German) November 9, 2003, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

Tesla Energy Conference & Expo - November 8-9, 2003 Beltsville, Maryland, USA Sponsored by Integrity Research Institute. In recognition of the Wardenclyffe Tower Centennial (1903-2003) featuring experts on Nikola Tesla's wireless transmission of energy and other Tesla inventions. (Exhibitors welcome.)

Expo > 3rd Annual Empire Energy & Environmental Exposition (E4) - Oct. 14-15, 2003 Albany, New York will showcase businesses that manufacture, sell, install, service and also consult on, alternative energy generation, energy efficiency and conservation, etc.

Symposium > Third Annual Inventor's Weekend - Sept 19 - 21, 2003, Seattle, WA USA - "Amazing Emerging Energy Technologies!" Plus one day of Geet & inventors.

Symposium (Not FE) > Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT - Sept. 24-25, 2003

Dennis Lee - Tuesday June 17, NJ, USA - Demonstrations of technology: engines that run on water, permanent magnets doing work, thermal insulating paint, and many other products. (If one of you goes, please report back.)

Decentralized Energy Systems - Sponsored by Jupiter Publishers and German Association for Space Energy. May 16-18, 2003 Hotel am Muenster, D 79206 Breisach/Freiburg, Germany

Dennis Lee demonstration open house - May 13 - pretty brave to show his head after Dec. 28 fell through.

European Energy Conference - Renewable energy conference Feb. 14-16 2003 in Böblingen, Germany 8,000 visitors expected 250 exhibitors.

Implementing Renewable Energy Projects Workshop - January 28-29, 2003 Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, Florida sponsored by FEMP: Federal Energy Management Program.


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