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Events:2008:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference:FollowUp

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ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Reports

Michael Riversong Report

byCongress:Member:Michael Riversong

Each year this conference is a new adventure. This time, part of the adventure was that we moved to a new location, the University of New Mexico Student Union Building (SUB). This meant that many new people were able to experience ExtraOrdinary Technology for the first time, but in the process we had to battle a number of technical problems.

Our conference started off with what has to be one of the most fascinating technologies yet -- the Moe-Joe Cell developed by Naturopathic Doctor Moshe Daniel. He specializes in the practice of Homeopathy, which helped provide the unique insights making this possible. Instead of cylinders, stainless steel spheres are used. Then, charged water is poured in. Once the unit is installed in a car, observations have shown that varying amounts of mileage and efficiency improvements occur. On Thursday afternoon, he gave a workshop showing how the cells are assembled, charged, and installed in a car.

The wild variability of Moe-Joe Cells is one characteristic of this technology. Therefore, it may never be a consumer market item. Apparently, an operator's level of consciousness partly determines how the cell will work once installed. Moshe has written extensively on the nature of consciousness, and gave a lot of information on that in his Saturday presentation.

Brooks Agnew gave an exciting talk Thursday evening. He covered many aspects of Arctic exploration and detailed some of the preparations he's making for an expedition to the Arctic. This has implications throughout many areas of science. He believes it is possible that there are spaces within this planet containing oceans and land masses. Some specific possible entrance points in the Arctic were shown.

Chiropractor James Bare has quietly been recovering and developing technology originated by Royal Rife. While Rife's work is legendary, the stories are not always accurate. Dr. Bare diligently deflated some myths while building up information on how frequency medicine works. He explained how we have now made enough progress to the point where curricula can be developed, and called for this to start happening.

Dr. Omar Amin gave us details on many parasites in our environment, which may reside in unexpected places. He said that few people anywhere have much awareness about the types, ranges, and prevalence of parasites. We all should take precautions, including avoiding walking barefoot, lying directly on beach sand, and kissing pets. Several widely available herbs can help.

Len Horowitz presented a rapid, wide ranging exposition of many topics, including specific information on frequency medicine protocols available through the ancient Solfeggio system. Proper conditioning of DNA is vital to improved health, and technologies such as the use of Solfeggio tones can work to make this happen. He makes it clear that disciplines including astronomy, crystallography, cymatics, and spirituality are essential to the development of effective healing practices. Much of his work is now oriented toward a worldwide concert in several locations scheduled for July 21, 2009. His hour was one of the most popular and talked-about parts of the conference.

Lightning is both a problem and a blessing. Ron Nott, a retired power engineer, gave both sides. He shattered many misconceptions about this natural phenomenon. Every lightning strike is preceded by a slow buildup of charge at ground level around the strike point. Some of the preventive measures he has developed are unique and unexpected. One looks like a silver pom-pom, and tends to disperse dangerous energies at ground level. This can easily be made by anyone.

Harvey Fiala has been experimenting with gravity phenomena for many years. His latest work has produced a rotating device that demonstrates precession. Unfortunately, his demo unit had gotten damaged in transit. He still gave a good in-depth explanation of how it works. Harvey is one of many researchers who is coming to the conclusion that the working of gravity is instantaneous.

Alternative fuels are a hot topic all over the world right now. In Tai Robinson's presentation, several important developments were updated. This includes biodiesel, hydrogen, and what he regards as the most important transition technology, natural gas. Once vehicles are converted to natural gas, running on hydrogen from cracked, produced, or on-board sources is a logical next step.

Thorsten Ludwig presented the work of several inventors in rapid succession. First, he explained the Casimir effect to provide a good background. Among the inventors he mentioned was Konstantin Meyl, a speaker from 2007 who demonstrated Tesla's remote control work with improvements. Some recent gravity research from Germany was noted. We were also updated on the EBM motor from Hungary.

Moray King ran through a number of projects by many inventors that are making use of the mathematical foundations he has written up in his books. This is an especially significant presentation because it ties together a number of important threads including fusion and water as a fuel.

David Yurth gave one of the most complex presentations of the conference. He went through highly technical material ultimately concerning various products under development. Part of his work is an excellent refutation of misconceptions introduced to science by Descartes, especially the idea that matter and spirit are separate environments. Other parts of his presentation showed possible improvements to our standard model of physics. Consciousness and materiality are reconciled in this theory, and the Zero Point from which all energy ultimately emanates is precisely defined. All this comes together to help develop new materials from common elements, for generating and using electricity more efficiently and in an environmentally safe manner.

Alternative methods of air conditioning have long been desired. Few people have successfully ventured into this area. Valeiry Maisotesenko did, and has come up with a selling product called "Coolerado" which uses zero-point phenomena connected with air flow.

Sir Charles Shults is connected with a vibrant community of workers on many levels who are all doing important research and building of alternative energy technologies in community contexts. He emphasized solar work in this presentation, including fresnel panels which are getting very good results.

Superlight is a concept being assembled and promoted by John Milewski. It explains many phenomena. There are many types and gradations of magnetism and light energies. He is definitely getting closer to sorting out and quantifying several types of energies that were previously dumped into a general classification called "Subtle". His explanations, while being personally distinctive, go a long way toward giving us exact concepts for previously vague terms. Superlight itself is a complement to normal light, being magneto-electric instead of electro-magnetic. It emanates from black holes and travels a lot faster than light. He is refining these concepts into single fiber crystals that potentially have a wide range of applications.

Bay Area researcher Charles Ostman has long been involved in many aspects of materials development. This is all coming together now as Nano materials make possible more ephemeralization in many areas of technology. In other words, we are learning how to do more work with less material. His work serves to make practical many of the other inventions presented at the conference.

It has too often been said that common sense is not common enough, Roulette Wm. Smith has made an intense study of cross-cultural attitudes, language, and customs in this area. From this we may be able to develop common sense more widely, especially as applied to science and invention.

The conference ended with a well attended seminar on GEET technology as presented by Forrest Pittman. Even though inventor Paul Pantone remained incarcerated in Utah, a problem which was addressed during a special evening meeting during the conference, his technology is out of the bag and finding applications worldwide now. Forrest is among many engineers rolling this technology out to an ever wider audience.

Robert Pritchett Report

by Congress:Member:Robert L. Pritchett

I was permitted to be Sterling Allan's proxy, representing Pure Energy Systems Network at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference held at the University of New Mexico for 4 days from July 31 through August 3, 2008.

I was so impressed by what I saw and heard, I became a premium member of the Tesla Society before the conference sessions ended.

I added a photo gallery and posted a few business card contacts on the PESWiki website with other pictures, links and information discussed by each of the presenters at the conference. (Some pictures sadly did not turn out as well as I had hoped, but I was using an iPhone 3G camera and I didn't hold it steady sometimes. My apologies to those who posed for me anyway.)

I had a PES Network booth that got moved around 3 times in the University of New Mexico Student Union Building, until I ran out of brochures and business cards. I didn't expect so many folks to be there at the conference. I may have counted around 400.

Personal Contacts

Steve Elswick asked for me to help with the Telsa Tech website.

Robin Lamb asked me to be on X-Squared Radio, which was done with Brooks Agnew August 10, 2008 for 2 hours. That was incredibly exhilarating!

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has asked that I help him with his video for his Tesla Conference. He saw what I was doing on PESWiki during the Conference and liked the near-real-time work I was doing until we were told that our computers and wireless access were interfering with the communication systems. We shut everything down for the rest of the conference sessions, but it didn't make any difference as far as we could tell. Cellphones also had difficulty working inside the main conference room.

Principles and Practices

Working at Pure Energy Systems Network jives with the doctrines and principles of the Gospel that I grew up with. One of which is following the admission of Paul the Apostle, wherein he said "We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

I also believe in the principle of doing good to all men. These are Judeo-Christian beliefs I hold dear.

We offer hope and positive experiences with alternative energy solutions in a world of doom, gloom and fear by forces intent on taking away free agency. I love being with people who are of like-minded goodness and with goodwill towards all mankind. There are more of us than there are those who are against us.

Spiritual Manifestations, Positive Influences and Common Ground

Many at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference apparently held those same beliefs and felt the overall experience to be rather spiritually uplifting. How could it possibly have happened at a technology conference?

[[Congress:Member:Michael Riversong|Michael Riversong], another New Energy Congress member, set the tone by acting as Master of Ceremonies during the conference and he played both the flute and harp as a "Biblical Bard" with his music.

Many of the presenters at the Tesla Tech conference understood that their spiritual side correlates to the physical side and they did this by looking at magnetism as a spiritual force and electricity as a physical force. That was a new concept and the "a-hah" light kicked on inside me. None of the presenters were apologetic for their beliefs. So refreshing!

I also found many there who shared my beliefs and we got along great as Christians, Jews and Muslims. We found common ground.

Even Fadia Jamal-Eddine, a new Tesla Tech Team member with a Muslim background, enjoyed our conversation as we expressed our common beliefs and concerns for humanity.

From my perspective, I saw what was being discussed as a homogenized gospel. Where I saw the "love and light of Christ", we talked of magnetism as a force. Instead of "wickedness", we talked of dark energy. Instead of "salvation and eternal justice", we talked to the welfare of Paul Pantone and heard about many other "Paul Pantones" in a crooked, corrupt judicial system. We also "gave alms" (legal defense fund donations) to help his legal process move forward. What is happening to him and to many others is indeed criminal. It could happen to anyone who is legally labeled as "incompetent". How do you "disprove" incompetence?

Image:Moe Joe Cell 200.jpg

Being "in tune with the Spirit" was discussed while holding the faith-based Moe Joe Cell. Moshe Daniel called it having a positive attitude in order for the Moe Joe Cell to work right. We know of a similar device that only worked well when those who were holding it didn't have a spirit of contention with them. It was known as the Liahona in the Book of Mormon and made of brass. So the Moe Joe Cell appeared to be feasible to me. Moshe spent time talking about the spiritual aspects and concepts behind his development of this 3-dimensional Joe Cell. It is composed mainly of nickel. If nothing else, it makes a pretty good bell.

Alma in the Book of Mormon said that indeed, angels do visit men and women and children on earth. After hours, we spoke about off-world messengers as we looked into the night sky with night scopes provided by Ed Grimsley. Yes, these heavenly messenger do exist. We may have possibly discovered how they travel from a presentation Moray King, Thursten Ludwig, John Milewski and Harvey Fiala touched upon, by harnessing magnetic force.

Brooks Agnew discussed Magnetic Plasma bullets, Tibetan Stuca, the Aurora Borialis and 4th-dimensional stargates and elaborated a little on those in our X-Squared Radio discussion, August 10th. The Stuca information was enlightening. Tesla took the information known to man for centuries and did something with it.

James Bare spoke of pulsed electromagnetic healing and Rife-Bare devices and John Milewski expanded on the subject by talking about Ormus atoms and healing the spirit before healing the body. I discovered why Chicken soup (whole chicken) is good for the soul. It's the Ormus in the bone marrow that heals the spirit.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz spoke of the perfect circle of sound, the ninth core creator frequencies, Vortex-based mathematics, Solfeggio tones and the effects of prayer on water. He also invited us to the "Concert for the living waters" during the summer solstice. This was all new to me, but made perfect sense in my mind. I just found that to be so cool and Leonard Horowitz brought things together that resonated with me.

Practical Matter(s)

Omar Amin spoke of parasites. Right before lunchtime. My take away from his presentation was, I'm never going to lay down on the beach naked, kiss pets or eat uncooked meat.

Harvey Fiala said "The speed of gravity is probably instantaneous", but I learned that magnetic force is 10 billion times faster than the speed of sound from John Milewski in his Superlight presentation.

Ron Nott is selling off his business with his lightning dissipator after a generation of running that business successfully. Want a blue nightlight? Get one of his lightning dissipators. It looks like a stainless steel Fuller brush with bristles flayed out. The military and others have purchased his super-simple systems for nearly 2 decades.

Tai Robinson, another NEC member spoke of turning gas stations into fuel stores with his rapid-fire presentation on multiple fuel systems.

Thorsten Ludwig discussed the on-going Casimer effect and research outside the US.

I loved David Yurth's comments on Maxwell's original Electrodynamic Equations. So why are they not being taught in our US Universities today? And I did capture his talk on the dynamics of self organizing criticality from Zero Point to Infinity. Who said "To Infinity and Beyond"?

John Milewski's report on SuperLight and Magnatite was fantastic. I want to get some magnetite and spread it around our garden areas to see a 6-fold increase in production like he showed. I also think we can take up the challenge and figure out how to better harness magnetic force, especially when the magnetic poles on earth reverse again.

I'm going to have to revisit Moray King's discussion of "Water Clusters" and Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics.

Prior to this event, I had never heard of "Orgone" except as being a State south of" Warshington", but I became familiar with it as it was discussed in more than one presentation. Yes, it can be measured. I also was introduced to Vortex effects. That also was new to me. Get some water twirling between magnets from one soda bottle to another and voila!, you've got energized water. It is not a concept that is all wet after all.

And guess what you can do with a little water and paper? Valeriy Maesotsenko has created a company around the M-Cycle through indirect evaporative cooling. Yes, "Way Cool Tech"! Can the process be reversed to generate heat? I think he is happy just getting Coolerado Coolers going and turning garbage heat into gold.

And Alchemy was also discussed and we heard how black sand can be turned into Rhodium by cooking it in a microwave oven for 45 minutes. Joe Milewski may have overstated it, but he claimed he could turn $20 USD of this sand into $10K USD of Rhodium. I still want to get a source something less than 150 tons from Eastern Canada to add magnatite to our garden.

You have to watch Charles Ostman sip energized water as he motor-mouths through nanotech companies and technologies and does his "oh by the way" in segueing that into high tech transportation with rotorless and wingless craft and the special material used in magnet motor technologies to fly these machines without noise without pollution and zipping quickly from place to place. The UFOs we saw in formation in the night sky the evening before are now IFOs.

Roullette Smith had fun at our expense saying we lacked common sense by staying up so late each night talking to each other. We learned from the guy who was first in identifying AIDs and showing how Epstein Barr Virus can be triggered to cause autistic children. I didn't know about Karposi's sarcoma or that there were a least 39 diseases that can affect memory. I've always said that if we could bottle common sense we could become millionaires because it really is not so common. He asked what is Common Sense and apparently came up with a device to help down to the path of figuring out how to circumvent the triggering of T Cells in misspelling molecules. We will probably hear more about the Preliophic Moleculator.


I could not possibly have gotten around to so many people who have such diverse backgrounds and lives over 4 days, but we did have representation from at least 4 of our own New Energy Congress members – Michael Riversong, Charles Bensinger (whom I did get to finally meet on Day 3), Tai Robinson (whom I did get to sit and talk with during the evening meetup regarding Paul Pantone) and myself.

I know that Michael Riversong will do a writeup/followup as well.

I also enjoyed the conversations I had with those I was able to meet with. And the feedback from the Tesla Tech Team has been positive, as they have read what we have posted so far on PESWiki.

What an exciting mind-expanding experience this has been for me. I can only thank Sterling Allan for letting me go in his place. He said it would be a good experience. That was an understatement.

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