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Events:2008:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference:Contacts

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Business Card Capture and Contacts

These are some of the business folks and vendors with whom Robert Pritchett met and talked with at Events:2008:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference July 31 through August 3, 2008.

Image:Intalek 150.jpg

William S. Alek, Intalek

Image:GreenStarProductions 200.jpg

Brooks Agnew, Ph.D., Project Manager

Image:QuantumBalancing 200.jpg

James Golik, Research Scientist, Quantum Balancing

Image:Ed Grimley 200.jpg

Ed Grimsley, UFO Researcher

Image:HydrogenJunkie 200.jpg

Jerome Law, Hydrogen Junkie

Image:Serendip 200.jpg

Lindsay Harding, Suzanne Price, Serendip: In pursuit of the undiscovered.

Image:WellnessInventory 200.jpg

Sadhu Singh Hkhlsa, Wellness Coach Wellness Inventory

Image:VortexNetworkNews 200.jpg

Aurora Light, Vortex Network News

Image:EnergyHealthSystems 200.jpg

Mike McInturff, Energy Health Systems

Image:John MilewskiPhD 200.jpg

John V. Mileski, Ph.D., Subtle Energies

Image:PrecisionCorrectiiveNutrition 200.jpg

Thad Mauney, Ph.D., Precision Corrective Nutrition

Image:Institute for Global Futures 200.jpg

Charles Ostman, Senior Fellow, Global Futurist

Image:IntergalacticHydrogen 200.jpg

Tai Robinson, Intergalactic Hydrogen

Image:FutureTechToday 200.jpg

Joshua Parker, Water Vortex

Image:Forrest Pittman 200.jpg

Forrest Pittman, Welder, Construction.

Image:Lifewave 200.jpg

David Schmidt, Lifewave

Image:RouletteSmithPh.D 200.jpg

Roulette William Smith, Ph.D., Institute for Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Studies

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Events:2008:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

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