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Event:2010:International Free Energy Conference and Exhibition by European Consumers Association

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Free Energy Conference in Rome

The following page was translated from Italian to English by Google from and cleaned up by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, then featured here at PESWiki beginning Feb. 1, 2010.


Free Energy: International Exhibition, from Theory to Practice, for the Environmental Sustainability of the Lazio Region

Image:Milkovic water pump demo 300.jpg
) pumping water with little effort to keep the primary oscillator (pendulum) going by hand.]]

Rome, February 13, 2010 09.00 - 20.30 of the City of Alternate Economy Via di Monte Testaccio, 21 (Largo Dino Frisullo), free admission.

Organized by the European Consumers Association and supported by the City of Rome.

: "Now this is a conference I would love to attend – visionary topics in a historic city."

: "The line-up of free energy There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] addressed in one power-packed day is astonishing. There are several I've never heard of before, which have my curiosity piqued. The slate of There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] also looks fascinating. The number of implemented renewable energy technologies being included in the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] on the second day is likewise ambitious and amazing. And it looks like they'll be having some great musical entertainment mixed in.

: "I could hardly imagine a better way to spend two days. What is even more remarkable is that apparently the local government is involved in sponsoring this event so that it is free to attend.

: "Thanks to the Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center for bringing this to our attention.

: "Too bad it's all the way over in Rome. Does anyone want to spring for a ticket for me and my wife? That would be an awesome Valentines gift for her.

: "Wouldn't it be great if conferences like this were held in every region of the world every year!" -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, Feb. 1, 2010

Event Website


During the conference there will be a room used for exhibition of various projects and information material.

Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 img02.jpg

Resonator of Oudin

Leedskalnin Magnet Motor

Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems water welding machine (mod. Vulcan2)

Catalytic Magnets to lower combustion emissions

Directory:Joe Cell

Proietti Directory:Magnet Motors

Ecological water injection system for fuel

Two-stage mechanical oscillator (Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator)

Applications with high power LEDs

Directory:Tesla coil for wireless transmission of electricity

Electrolytic plasma fusion cell

Model of thermodynamic hypercritical solar installation

"Vetiver" Plants

Innovative wristwatch-type mobile phone


Hour 09:00 - Opening Session

Lawyer Victor A. Marinelli (president of European Consumers) On.Claudio Bucci (Chairman Environment Committee Lazio) We also invited Rep. Antonio di Pietro and Emma Bonino Andrea Rosetti (President ONNE) Moderators: Raffaella Rosa, journalist and Victor A. Marinelli.

Hour 09:30 - Musical Entertainment "Don't touch the Earth"

Francesco Bolognesi (Singer).

Hour 09:40 - Vetiver: an inextinguishable plant - source of energy, beneficial for the ecosystem

Benito Castorina (Professor of Agricultural Economics dell'Agroindustriale University of Cassino).

Hour 10:00 - The need for a new energy policy

Mariano Giustino (Director Law and Freedom)

Hour 10:10 - Dynamic solar installation. Hypercritical combustion of used oil combustion without emission of CO2

Dott.Libero Borra, researcher

Hour 10:30 - Leedskalnin magnet machines and experiments with Tesla

Emir Medda (Research and experimentation).

Hour 10:50 - Considerations and new evidence on Directory:Brown's Gas and its possible applications

Mauro Seria (Researcher Directory:Zero Point Energy)

Hour 11:10 - Distributed and centralized energy, from France to Italy

Mosi Christian (Pres. Ass "Culturambiente Tuscany") - Antonio Frabotta (Pres. Humanist Movement Pistoia)

Hour 11:40 - Review of the second law of thermodynamics and its new application

Maurizio Vignati (Researcher)

Hour 12:20 - Production costs of electricity: A comparison between the various sources

Prof. Ezio Santini (Electrical Engineering professor, Sapienza University of Rome).

Hour 12:50 - Magnetic fields applied to large engines for the elimination of non-combusted fuel residues

Paolo Sassetti (Entrepreneur) Gandaf Technologies Ltd

Hour 13:30 - Musical entertainment "Dinosaur juice"

Alfredo Rocca (Musician)

Hour 13:30 - Lunch Break

Hour 14:30 - Musical entertainment "The locomotive of progress"

Alfredo Rocca (Musician).

Hour 14:35 - Socio-economic implications of the "Green Economy"

Alessandro Nasi (Journalist).

Hour 14:50 - Pulsating Directory:Joe Cell

Luigi Spreafico (Mechanical Engineer and researcher)

Hour 15:10 - Proietti Directory:Magnet Motors

Franco Proietti (Researcher).

Hour 15:25 - Physical considerations on Directory:Brown's Gas

Fabrizio Ferrante (Physical researcher).

Hour 15:40 - Ecological system for fuel

Antonio De Marco (Mechanical Engineer).

Hour 16:00 - What is the origin of everything that exists?

Dott.Massimo Corbucci

Hour 16:30 - Theory and practice of new energy production: From PowerPedia:John Keely vibrational physics

Alessio Di Benedetto (Professor of Musicology)

Hour 17:10 - Free Energy of Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator

Alen Panjkovic - Snezana Petrovic (Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center) - Novi Sad (Serbia).


Hour 18:40 – Efficient Directory:Lighting with high power Directory:Light Emitting Diodes light technology

Ing Giuseppe Brocchi - Ing Caramel Serraino

Hour 19:10 - Lost science of Directory:Nikola Tesla

Marco Pizzuti (Researcher).

Hour 19:50 – Electrolytic Directory:Plasma fusion

Renzo Mondaini (Perito Electronic, Researcher)

Hour 20:15 - Musical entertainment "Dreams"

Alfredo Rocca (Musician).

Hour 20:20 - Musical "The Mechanism"

Francis Bolognesi (Singer).

Hour 20:30 - Closing remarks

Energy Tour Bus

Image:Tour bus cartoon.jpg

Sunday, February 14 - THE FREE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY Couriers of European Consumers

Just as in Steinbeck's "The Wayward Bus", which traveled among the green valleys of California, blew a wind of freedom and rebellion the wind of free and renewable energies will blow on the passengers of the bus of European Consumers on 14 February.

The idea of this tour stems from the need to see how the use of clean and renewable energy is possible at both domestic and large industrial production. During the different stages of the Tour, technicians and researchers will explain the benefits on energy consumption and emissions of pollutants of the use of Brown's Gas. Interact directly with installers and owners and consider the benefits of a photovoltaic solar installation with an "energy account." You will understand the difference between the small scale wind power with low environmental and visual impact with respect to the large-blade installations that are the subject of much discussion. The economic and environmental benefits of energy produced from trees and herbaceous plants will be analyzed, with "feet in the mud", in the presence of farmers and agronomists. We will visit the largest photovoltaic power station in Italy that will eventually produce enough energy to over 10,000 apartments.

The appointment is at 09.00 am at Piazzale Ostiense and the return is scheduled for about 18:30. For lunch we will briefly stop at an organic farm.

Tour Itinerary

{| border=1

| NAME || PLACE || ENERGY || arrive || end


| 1 Mauro grave / Emir Edda || Pyramid (Rm) || Brown's Gas / Tesla || 09.00 || 09.45


| 2 Power || Casal Palocco (Rm) || Photovoltaic home || 10:30 || 11:15


| 3 Castorina || Aprilia (LT) via Savuto, 38 || Biomass (Vetiver) || 12:00 || 13:30


| 4 Libero Borra || Nettuno (Rm) || Solar Thermodynamic || 14:30 || 15:45


| 5 Solar Wind || Bracciano (Rm) || Micro wind || 16:00 || 16:45


| 6 Sunray Italy || Montalto di Castro (Vt) || Industrial Photovoltaic || 17:30 || 18:15


| -- || Arriving in Rome || -- || -- || 19:15


(We have asked an official contribution to cover the cost which, if given, will make the tour free. Otherwise, there will be a charge of €10 per person.)


Eugene Martucci, Valeria Volpe Info: 349.35.74.141 –

Press Office: Guido Petrangeli - Raffaella Rosa []

European Consumers

Viale G. Sirtori, 56 • 00149 Rome

E-mail: []


Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 01 onne.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 asse.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 cir.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 colorcity.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 eventiambiente.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 goldline.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 mondobio.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 nexus.jpg
Image:Rome FE-conf-2010 sponsor 02 worldmarch.jpg


Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator.

Image:Rome FE Conf Feb2010 Tesla-coil display.jpg

(There was an error working with the wiki: Code[4] for high-resolution version of this photo.)

Label reads: "Zero Point Energy A.S.S.E."


- - - -

Image:Rome FE Conf Feb2010 Electromagnetic-OU display.jpg

An electromagnetic system (claim = ?).

- - - -

Image:Rome FE Conf Feb2010 Milkovic display onlookers.jpg
Image:Rome FE Conf Feb2010 Milkovic display.jpg

Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator demonstration at the conference.

- - - -

Image:Rome FE Conf Feb2010 welcome-poster.jpg
Image:Rome FE Conf Feb2010 audience.jpg

In the News

Image:Milkovic water pump demo 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Annual Free Energy Conferences > Event:2010:International Free Energy Conference and Exhibition by European Consumers Association - A day packed with visionary energy topics and exhibits on Tesla, Brown's Gas, Leedskalnin magnet machines, Keely vibrational physics, Milkovic's two-stage mechanical oscillator, and others is being held with support of the historic city of Rome accompanied by musical entertainment. The next day features a tour of implemented renewable energy technologies nearby. (PESWiki Feb. 1, 2010)

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