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Event:2006:Feb:Emerging Energy Technologies Summit

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Concept to Commerce: Emerging Energy Technologies Summit

Where : Corwin Pavilion, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

When : February 10-11, 2006

Sponsor : UC Santa Barbara's Technology Management Program


This two-day event will bring together the greatest scholars, business leaders, financiers, engineers, and policy makers to discuss the development and creation of profitable and practical energy technology solutions that meet the market's evolving demands, and to understand the interdependency of political, market, and technical influences in bringing these concepts to market.

Summit Website

summit 2006


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Joanne Thornton

phone: +1.805.963.5929.

Jim Prosser

Project Assistant


805.963.5929 office

805.962.4550 facsimile

805.403.5677 mobile

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