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Directory: Zydro Energy Device (Z.E.D.) by Hydro Energy Revolution LLC

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: Sept. 18, 2015 update: under FBI investigation.

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

June 5, 2012

Wayne Travis, an inventor in Oklahoma, USA, has come up with a serious prototype that appears to harness the power of buoyancy and gravity -- something that conventional science would say is impossible. At the heart of the phenomenon is something they call the "Travis effect", which basically states that in two inverted containers of the same size with air under them, the buoyancy of both is made the same by displacing most of the air with a solid mass in one and this effect can be utilized mechanically to give a leverage advantage.

: "We use a special method to activate and deactivate Buoyancy in such a system to allow that 'Buoyancy' to be used in conjunction with gravity to be able to provide excess energy."

Regarding the company he founded, Hydro Energy Revolution LLC, Wayne told me today: "We are in the process of final validation, followed by Beta testing and then into production for commercial energy generation."

Their website states:

: "Our system is a closed-looped mechanical system that uses an anomaly that separates the forces found in buoyancy and gravity. We have successfully designed a system and method to capture that effect and use it to provide free power.

: We are able to massively exceed Unity.

: We are now forming partnerships to be able to supply user end power.

: Our system is affordable

: True clean energy

: Sustainable

: Scalable..."

Skeptic, Congress:Former Member:Mark Anthony Dansie, has been preliminarily impressed by their results, and has provided assistance in vetting and inviting the new team members. If it checks out in being able to self-run for at least two days straight, Mark predicts: "It could replace solar and wind as the primary renewable energy source for the planet. The next challenge will be to increase the output to make the device commercially viable."

A statement by Wayne on their website says:

: In 2008, I discovered how to turn Buoyancy "off and on" very quickly, very cheaply, regardless of the force required.

: In 2009 I invented a way to utilize that discovery in the form of a self contained and fuel-less system to supply net excess energy to consumers.

: We developed 7 prototypes, developing and improving the system, we have just finished our Data collection model, and have our Beta modeled.

Chip Paul, our associate in the New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) visited the company on May 30, 2012 to see their prototype. The company claims that the prototype begins self-sustained, continuous operation after just 1/2 a cycle. Their engineers, who seem competent, are working on effectively converting the mechanical movement into electrical energy.

The company is pushing ahead with plans to build 25, 50 and 100 kilowatt models.

A flash animation on their site illustrates the advantages of renewable power provided by their system compared to Solar, which is dependent on the sun shining, and Wind, which is dependent on the wind's transient behavior and in contrast to polluting nuclear power. Their system provides full output continuously and cleanly without stopping.

Based on what information we have at present about this technology, I've added it to the runners up in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, in position #8.


Official Websites

Demonstration Model - photos


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Debut for SmartScarecrow


This video was first shown on Gary Hendershot's SmartScarecrow show on May 17, 2012, starting at time stamp 50:20.

Travis Effect






The following is a collage I pulled together from the photos posted at

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US Patent Application 20120117957


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Inventors: Wayne S. Travis (Chickasha, OK, US)

Class name: Power plants pressure fluid source and motor

Publication date: 05/17/2012

Patent application number: 20120117957

Abstract: An apparatus has a tank with an open top, a tank wall, and a closed bottom. A first ringwall extends from the bottom such that a first annular space is defined by the first ringwall and the tank wall, and a second annular space is defined by the first ringwall. A second ringwall extends in the second annular space, and defines a third annular space between the first ringwall and the second ringwall, and a cylindrical space. An air conduit extends through the cylindrical space. A pod disposed into the cylindrical space has a closed chamber and a displacement chamber. An inner riser disposed in the third annular space has an open bottom, and rests onto the inner ringwall. An outer riser rests onto the outer ringwall and is disposed in the first annular space and has a closed top, a wall, and an open bottom.

Profile: Wayne Travis, Inventor

Bio here.

Profile: Hydro Energy Revolution LLC

Not publicly traded will entertain private investment inquiries.


In the News

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Image:ZED looking up side sq 95x95.jpg
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YouTube, starting mark 50:20.

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Hydro Differential pressure exchange over unity system ( April 10, 2011)


Not to be confused with - a padded, see-through bouncy ball in which a person can enter, with water in it for lubrication, to ride down a hill for thrill-seeking.

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Wayne Travis

President of HydroEnergy Revolution, LLC

Inventor of the system

Phone: 405-574-2157

E-mail []