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Zero Point Unlimited is developing on an electrolysis system to produce Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection of the vehicle for improved mileage and performance, as well as reduced emissions.

ZeroPoint Unlimited's main objective is research and development of alternative energy systems both new and preexisting, with particular emphasis on open source technologies including Nikola Tesla, Stanley Meyer, and John Bedini. ZeroPoint Unlimited has also developed and is currently selling Hydrogen Boosters fueled by water and the car's 12v battery. Two models are currently available, a single tube cell and a triple tube cell. Both are available in a kit, or sold individually.

They presently produce a Stenley Meyer style tube type hydrogen booster for $250.00.


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Official Websites


Dynamic Duo - On March 9, 2008, James Robey interviewed Zero Point Unlimited partners Joseph Riso and Josh, as part of his Water Fuel Museum radio series.

How it Works


Electric current is passed through conductive water to produce elemental Hydrogen and Oxygen. These atomized gases are then fed into your engine where it mixes with your fuel to produce a more energetic and clean burning combustion then petroleum alone.


The Hydrogen Booster Z-1

This is our base model having one pair of concentric tube electrodes. The Z-1 is designed for smaller engines using 3-4 cylinders.

The Z-1


Hydrogen Booster Z-3

The Z-3 (Designed for 6-8 cylinders) and includes three 4" electrodes concentrically mounted in a 3"x11" cylindrical case. All Boosters are easy to maintain.

The Z-3


Every Booster unit is housed in a clear acrylic case so you can see what's happening. They are designed to maintain the vacuum created by your engine, and higher pressures are not a problem for operation.

Kits include:

Flashback Arrester

We provide a tested and approved Flashback Arrester That will hold through any Engine spark or flashback. This is an essential part of Hydroxy Boosters safety features.


(Pulsed Width Modulator) is a small electronic switch which turns the power on/off in quick succession. This greatly reduces the load on your battery at a minimal loss in Hydroxy gas production. It also has the effect of prolonging the life of your negative electrodes, this is because the electrons do not have sufficient time to carry of as much metal in the electrolysis process.

8oz bottle of Oil MT-10 Metal Treatment

It greatly reduces friction in your engine providing better performance and longer lasting engine and better fuel economy. This oil can be added to any engine and transmission.


There are many possible electrolytes available to use baking soda, salt, vinegar, lemon juice, lye, etc…etc. We do not require you to use any one electrolyte however, our warranty is only good for 30 days if Lye(KOH) is used. As we have not tested many others for any length of time. Our Kit includes a small amount of KOH only a VERY small amount is needed.

Optional / recommended add-ons (not included in the Kit)

E.F.I.E.(Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer

We now sell completely assembled EFIE devices from George Weisman's Eagle-Research [1] ( No matter what fuel saver device or method you use on your fuel injected vehicle, you'll need the EFIE to unleash the full potential of the fuel booster. All you have to do is hook it up and drive! The EFIE connects directly to your oxygen sensor and is compatible with ALL oxygen sensors. The EFIE alone can save 5% on your fuel bill, simply by 'leaning' your fuel mixture, however it is mainly designed as an ASSIST for fuel savers due to the introduction of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Note: Your actual mileage gains will depend on the capability of the fuel saver(s) you apply to your vehicle.




5.10 Minutes Hydrogen Booster Testomony 40% more MPG

This is a Testimonial from some one who bought a Z-1 Hydrogen Booster from Zero Point Unlimited, She is getting a 40% increase on Miles Per Gallon. (YouTube June 18, 2008)


(1:50 minutes) Hydroxy Booster Set Up Z-M02

This is an animation of our current Hydroxy Booster for manufacturing. It has Three 4" 304L stainless steel electrode's welded for good mounting on high quality 3" diameter Acrylic Tube that is 9" long. The cap has check valves over flow valve, a bubbler and all the needed components for assembly. (YouTube March 23, 2008)


Out of stock


Our Booster Kits are designed to improve mileage performance and reduce emissions.


The Booster Kit can be used for acquiring Hydroxy Gas (hydrogen and oxygen), for either welding purposes or boosting mileage performance and lowering emissions in vehicles. Our Boosters are designed to be modular and they can be bundled together for huge gas production.

Independent Testing

Pre-install Testing Results

Bench tests show that the Z-1 produces [L/Min RESULTS] without a vacuum the Z-3 produces [3tube RESULTS]. Both tube sets were powered with a regular 12v car battery.

Bench Test show over 1L per min and are able to run over 12 hours strait DC without over heating and failure. over a period of about 6 hours of strait brute force, our test booster dubbled in gas production.

Reported Post-install Testing Results

40% in 2007 Hyundai Sonata with EFIE.]

20+% in 1984 Acura Integra with O2 extender. Documented 300ppm decrease in emissions.

20% increase on a 1985 VW Westfalia. No optional components

15% increase on a 2005 Nisson Sentra. No optional components


We are working with Open source expired US patent # 4,936,961 research and development of The Stanley Meyer water Fuel cell. When our prototype is complete, we are planning a full detailed disclosure of how it works and how to build one.


Company: Zero Point Unlimited LLC

Nikola Tesla and Stanley Meyer


In the News

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Oregon, USA

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