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Directory:Xtreme Science Foundation and the XS-NRG Prize

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Image:Xsfxsnrgprize300x300 byKevn.jpg

Vlad, who is the director of, and a founding member of the New Energy Congress proposes a new foundation which would both evaluate extreme technology claims and offer an anual no-strings-attached prize to the best extreme energy technology.

In order to become a reality, the project needs a director (Vlad is too busy) to spearhead it, and funding for the prize and administration.

The following is an overview of his proposal.

Official Website (password-protected)

List of Available Content - ZPEnergy

XSF and the XS-NRG Prize (Executive Summary Oct. 5, 2008)

Current State of New Energy R&D (Vlad's responses to a New Energy Movement Study questionnaire)

Current State of New Energy R&D (2) (T. Bearden's response to the NEM questionnaire)

Xtreme Science Foundation Proposal (letter to Sterling Allan and the NEC/ Aug 5, 2007)


Quoting from Executive Summary:

The Xtreme Science Foundation will [proposed]:

Help remove the uncertainty -- in the public’s mind and among scientists -- surrounding these devices and, consequently, clean up and speed up the identification and recognition of real, valuable and so much needed breakthrough research in the energy field,

Protect the public against false claims (fraudulent or not) by XSF becoming a prerequisite test to pass for any such technology before soliciting investment,

Contribute to leveling the playing field for every inventor (today, maverick inventors struggle outside the mainstream of funding and acknowledgment) by providing everybody with the right to an honest, objective scientific validation of their claims,

Encourage out of the box thinking to resolve the great problems we’re facing in our struggle to safeguard a decent future for humankind and all life on Earth by rewarding positive accomplishments with a substantial monetary prize, without any other strings attached to the inventor’s IP or the future development of the invention.

Xtreme Science Foundation

Image:Xsf 200.jpg

Quoting from Executive Summary:

"XSF is envisioned as a not-for-profit organization [501(c) tax exempt status in the US, for example]. Its only mission is to carry out independent, objective, unbiased and widely accepted scientific validation of "private research" in the field of new energy technologies (for now) -- research that the present scientific community and media would otherwise consider an unacceptable departure from the conventional thinking. It will also award the Xcess-Energy Prize (XS-NRG) according to well defined winning criteria." (Vlad)

XS-NRG Prize

Image:Xs-nrg prize 200.jpg

Quoting from Executive Summary:

"Inventors who have a working prototype device of a fuel-less energy generator are invited to apply. Fuel-less means: the generator does not need any conventional fuel for continuous operation beyond what is required for start-up (batteries, super-capacitors or other type of energy storage devices that are alternatively charged and discharged by the device itself during operation, are allowed). The test procedures and passing criteria will be clearly defined and agreed upon with the inventor and the testing entities.

"Classes of technologies targeted for the first XS-NRG Prize cycle are primarily electro-magnetic, electro-static or plasma-based "open systems" capable of tapping the vacuum/zero-point/cosmic/ambient energy fields for useful power, with a coefficient of performance (COP) greater than one. These are considered Over-Unity devices (O/U) because, apparently, they put more power out than the operator puts in, by tapping into a yet to be recognized (by the main-stream science) ubiquitous and very dense source of potential energy (such as the quantum vacuum or the so called Zero-Point energy fields, etc.). There are many other types of alleged O/U devices that should be worth investigating, and the XSF will deal with them as well, but, I believe the greatest chance for success and the most societal and scientific benefit will come from examining first those mentioned above.

"Candidates must agree to the wide publication of the test results, but nothing else. The fund will cover all their validation-phase expenses. The winner(s) will receive the financial prize (between $1 million to $10 million is the goal, depending on accumulated funds) with no strings attached, i.e. no requirement for release of IP secrets or commitments to go with certain investors to bring the technology to market, etc. The discovery will get widespread media exposure (and the inventor(s), if (s)he/they want it) which, I hope, should also help protect against potential suppression. What the winners do with their newly acquired status and wealth is up to them (the XSF could certainly help, if solicited).

"This approach was chosen after the historical failure of other attempts to bring “free-energy” to the people, either through offering substantial prizes to inventors, but with strings attached, or, through the altruistic (but unrealistic) open-source route. Both these strategies were (still are) not able to attract those inventions that the XSF is targeting for validation. I invite them to join forces with the XSF so we can accomplish sooner than later our common goal of breaking the ice for the revolution in the theory and application of breakthrough new energy research." (Vlad)


Quoting from Executive Summary:

"XSF, like any other "non-profit" organization, can be operated by either volunteers and/or paid positions. In time, some members could eventually become employed full time once the operating funds reach the required level for proper compensation. It is not envisioned the need for significant non financial assets to be accumulated by the foundation since most of the work can be done by volunteers (in the beginning) and/or contracted out, once operating funds become available." (Vlad)


See Talk:Directory:Xtreme Science Foundation and the XS-NRG Prize

Executive Summary input

On Oct. 6, 2008, New Energy Congress founder, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote :

Overall, my general impression of the XSF initiative is as follows. I see two objectives you are tackling: 1) validate, 2) award. It seems to me that the New Energy Congress is already established and doing a pretty good job of validating, within our limited budget. I don't know of any other public (open) body that is doing what we are doing in that regard. Rather than reinvent that portion of the initiative, you ought to use the NEC to perform that function, and focus on the second thing: collecting prize money and granting the prize. And even there, it seems to me that that second portion is something that the New Energy Congress could also administer.

It's within our mission scope and talent base, if it is plausible.

In today's economically tight climate, I don't think you're going to have much success pulling in donations for a prize like this. If people are going to contribute something, they'll probably contribute to Directory:Greer:The Orion Project which has more of a reputation for this kind of work and body of well-known support.

Rather than shoot for a million or more dollars for this prize, we could make it a prize for whatever has been accumulated, awarde once a year.

The NEC is already in the business of vetting and ranking technologies. It would be a natural fit for us to recognize each year one technology that in our best estimation is the best "XS-NRG" modality.

We could even give the award without monetary backing if none is available, just for the sake of giving recognition to those who deserve it.

This would help us stay abreast of those cutting-edge technologies which aren't far enough along to warrant inclusion in the Top 100, but which are nevertheless revolutionary and potentially promising. And it would help them get the attention they deserve, to hopefully attract the funding, business expertise, and other things needed to help move them forward.

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See Talk:Directory:Xtreme Science Foundation and the XS-NRG Prize Oct. 9, 2008



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