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Directory:XPS Electricity Management Products

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XPS Electricity Management Systems by XEDIA Technologies Inc.

XPS Electricity Management Systems supply reactive power locally at the load by the use of specially designed capacitors. Increasing Power Factor closer to Unity results in better electrical efficiency and cooler motors.

The residential and commercial units are distributed via direct marketing, along with other products.

"The Xpower device is a capacitor which does not materially affect or reduce power usage or the cost of electricity when used." (Statement posted on a couple of places on their site, probably mandated to them by some regulatory agency, which contradicts other statements made which allege that the unit reduces the amount of energy required.)

Third party testing by the University of Utah did not turn out well. [



Xedia Technologies, Inc. was investigated by the Texas Attorney General, "Read The Report"

"Read The Injunction"

Company Website Links - Xedia Corporate Site (Distributors receive a replicated website like this.)

Xedia owes distributors commissions and is not honoring numerous warranty issues.

Be extremely cautious of this company. There are other similar products on the market that provide as much savings that are supported by more stable companies.

Overview of XPS Electricity Management Systems

Line conditioning is essential for a number of reasons and the benefits may apply to homes and businesses.


Power Factor Correction – Reduces demand penalties in businesses if applicable

Inrush Current Reduction - Less KWH used in homes or businesses

Levels spikes reducing peak demand charges in businesses or homes with KVA or Smart meters

Reduces Electrical Impedance – Results in less amps demanded from utility company

Improved harmonics

Reduces line noise (noise on phone lines or data loss over phone lines)

Improves noise factor

Transient surge suppression – Protects sensitive electronics from damage

All parts are UL approved

3 month money back guarantee and 5 year limited warranty

Predicted lifespan of up to 20 years

International applications as deemed appropriate by Xedia Technologies

How It Works

Quoting from XPS Electricity Management Systems

XPS Electricity Management Systems improve the Power Factor by reducing the amount of reactive power that the load draws from the utility company. This is accomplished by supplying the reactive power locally at the load by the use of specifically designed capacitors. These capacitors store the reactive power needed for stabilizing electric current within an inductive load. Therefore, the amount of reactive power purchased from the power company results in "lower utility costs if the power factor clause is enforced or the utility charges for the kVA demand."

Analyzed at the University of Utah: FAILED

KUTV News in Utah had the Electrical Engineering Department at the Univesity of Utah evaulate this device. It was done as part of my Feedback Systems class to facilitate a real world device and testing proceedure. Three students and an instructor took it apart and evaluated it. They found it to be unable to meet the resutls discussed by the manufacturer and presented that the theory would only possibly work for a large business with an extensively changing load and it would still not be capable of being done by the current device. Here is the link to the guy who came to the U, I couldn't find it in his list of "let bill buy it" but it was done during the spring session 2006. [See Google search record.] Arn Stolt at the U of U (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering) is the Professor who was involved.


XEDIA Technologies Inc.

The XPower Saver is marketed through Direct Selling by XEDIA Technologies Inc. XEDIA Technologies Inc. is a global leader in providing unique and innovative wireless antenna technologies for state-of-the-art electronic solutions.

These include:

Technology-enhanced wireless telephones

Two-way radio and messaging products and systems

Wireless networking

Wireless mobile products

Consumer electronic products

Embedded technology solutions for all markets

The company has the capability of producing over 100,000 XPower Energy Saver units per week, and can ship 80,000 orders per day with current staffing levels.

Greg Dockery: inventor, CEO
Image:Greg Dockery XediaTechnologiesInc 100.jpg

Adapted from

While in his teens (~1987), Greg Dockery invented a technology commonly known today as CALLER ID. A year later he invented picture-in-picture technology and sold it to some large television manufacturing companies. Around 1998, he came in right behind Michael Dell (Dell Computer) for Inc. Magazine's prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year.

His company, XEDIA Technologies Inc., has over a 20 year track record of success in developing and marketing high-tech products (listed above), with many in the area of wireless applications.

Greg currently has a 120,000 sq. ft. warehouse and fulfillment center in Round Rock, TX. He also has a staff of over 40 trained engineers in Taiwan that he works with to bring innovative consumer electronics to the home market.

Important information to read that involves "Greg Dockery"





Company Headquarters:

XEDIA Technologies Inc.

Round Rock, TX

Phone (512) 218-4100

They have shut down there home office and warehouse. Numbers have changed, most staff is gone and it is hard to get straight answers.

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