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Directory:Xogen Technologies Inc

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Image:Xogen waste-water treatment concept jp60.jpg

Xogen Technologies Inc. is developing a technology for the treatment of wastewater, producing energy in the process.

This technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry’s approach to wastewater treatment by vastly reducing the footprint of treatment plants, eliminating most of the conventional unit processes, eliminating the production of biosolids and simultaneously producing a byproduct, oxyhydrogen gas, for reuse as an energy source.

Xogen's patented technology uniquely splits the water molecule into a 2 to 1 mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas with 9 times less electrical current than is predicted by standard laws of electrolysis.

Electrolysis process resembles Brown's gas (common-ducted Hydrogen and Oxygen with unusual burning properties).


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Official Website




Latest Developments

Presently working on developing a bench scale continuous flow prototype module designed specifically to address the unique characteristics of municipal wastewater.

There are engineering hurdles which must be overcome to move the Xogen technology from where it is today (bench scale) to a full scale commercial process. Xogen’s technical staff is working with faculty and graduate students at the University of Toronto, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Materials Engineering, to address these.

April 7, 2007

New website launched:


Although originally designed with energy production as the focus, subsequent testing of the Xogen technology on wastewater samples from a conventional sewage treatment plant identified potential application as a wastewater treatment process. Under specific operating conditions in a bench scale reactor, the technology has achieved high levels of organic degradation and pathogen destruction at very low retention times and temperatures.



Xogen (8:25) - Promotional video produced by Xogen. (YouTube Dec. 26, 2006)

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Stanley Meyer - Xogen 10min35sec - System explained by Peter Lindemann. (YouTube March 07, 2007)


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Complete elimination of most of the infrastructure components of a conventional plant including the primary clarifier, aeration basin and air blowers, disinfection processes, sludge stabilization processes such as anaerobic digestion and final disposal or utilization of the stabilized sludge.

Huge reduction in the footprint of the plant

Complete elimination or significant reduction in sludge (biosolids) processing costs

More stable process allowing for rapid start-up and insensitive to toxic shocks. Biological plants typically have a long start-up time because the microbes must be acclimatized to the feed (sewage) and increase in concentration to the point where acceptable treatment is achieved. In addition, since a biological system relies on microbes, any components in the incoming sewage can result in either killing the entire biomass or shocking it to the point where it takes a significant period of time, sometimes days, to recover its efficiency.

The production of a significant energy source in the form of hydrogen which can be used to generate electrical energy for internal use or export. Xogen has powered various combustion devices with the hydrogen-oxygen gas liberated by the technology such as a 1-kw Honda generator, under 90% load conditions.


Image:Xogen electrolysis off on jp70.jpg

Xogen electrolysis, before and during.

Image:Xogen plant concept 350.gif

Company Profile


Xogen’s initial strategy is to focus its attention on the commercialization of the technology to treat municipal wastewater and, in parallel, develop applications to make use of the oxyhydrogen off-gas liberated during the treatment of wastewater as a source of low-cost energy.

The longer term strategy of Xogen is to expand its commercialization to the treatment of other effluents, including industrial, mining, pulp and paper, etc.

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Head Office:

Xogen Technologies Inc.

450 Richardson Road, Unit 6

Orangeville ON L9W 4W8


Tel: (519) 941-9500 x225

Fax: (519) 941-9502

email: []

Investment Opportunities:

440-10816 Macleod Trail SW,

Suite 362,

Calgary, AB T2J 5N8


Tel: (403) 251-9788

Fax: (403) 225-0962

email: []

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