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Directory:Wind Offshore

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Image:InspectOffshoreWindFarm 200.jpg

Offshore Wind Technologies

Directory of technologies and resources pertaining to offshore wind. Due to its general high efficiency, this genre of free energy technology is ranked as one of our Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD.


Image:PrinciplePowerOffshore95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore > Directory:Floating > Directory:Principle Power, Inc. (Interview) - Principle Energy Inc., is presently focused on two areas: 1) Windfloat, which is a floating platform for offshore wind, wave, and current harnessing and 2) an inflatable concentrated solar technology developed by Directory:Cool Earth Solar. The WindFloat is fitted with patented heave plates and active ballasts for stability. (PESWiki Oct. 10, 2008)
Norsk Hydro / Hywind - official site

Wind Power Moves into Deep Waters - A floating wind turbine is planned for 10 kilometers off Norway. (MIT Technology Review June 4, 2008)

Image:Norsk Hydro illustration 95x95.jpg

Technip wins contract to build world's first full-scale bobbing wind turbine - Technip has been awarded by StatoilHydro an engineering, procurement, construction and installation contract for the Hywind project substructure wind turbine which will be located offshore Karmøy, Norway, at a water depth of 200-220 meter, with peak production capacity of 2.3 MW. (Forbes May 22, 2008) (Press Release)

World's first floating wind farm to be built in North Sea - Siemens has teamed up with a Norwegian energy group, Norsk Hydro, to install a wind farm in the middle of the North Sea, beginning with one test unit in under two years, ending with 200 turbines by 2014. The turbines would access the strong off-shore winds, and would not be visible from land. (The Independent UK June 27, 2007)

Floating Wind Turbines - Captures off-shore winds, while sparing expense of footing. Norwegian utility expects production prototype in 2007. (PESN Nov. 3, 2005)

Image:Floating wind turbine concepts NREL 95x95.jpg

Deep-sea oil rigs inspire MIT designs for giant wind turbines - Oil rig floatation technology adapted for off-shore wind turbines, enabling deployment in the higher winds, and out of view of the on-shore horizon. (PESN Sept. 22, 2006)

Stansbury Resources

Floating offshore wind energy and hydrogen fuel generating company tipping to Europe or Asia - Inventor Tom L. Lee, Ph.D. has developed a floating wind turbine platform concept for accessing the higher winds out at sea, and converting wind energy efficiently to hydrogen and electricity. Would prefer to license its manufacture and distribution to a U.S. party. (PESN Oct. 31, 2006)

Slashdot discussion

Image:VersaBuoy test platform 95x95.jpg

VersaBuoy Sea Platforms - New system is 1/2 the cost of existing deepwater oil platforms and is modular, opening many new possibilities, including off-shore wind and wave energy harnessing.

Blue H
Image:Blue H offshore wind 95x95.jpg

Offshore Wind at an Affordable Price - Blue H Submerged Deepwater Platform technology is adapted from floating platforms developed by the oil industry, to support a tower and a wind turbine. Their wind farms would be so far from shore as to be virtually invisible, where the winds are stronger and are more constant. (EcoGeek Dec. 6, 2007)

Image:SWAY deepwater wind turbines 95x95.jpg

Deep-Water Wind: Out of Sight - Sway is developing a deepwater system that will allow turbines to be situated farther out to sea where winds can be steadier and stronger, hidden from all save a few passing ships. It is based on a floating elongated pole extending far below the water surface with ballast at the bottom part. (EcoGeek Feb. 25, 2008)

Energy Islands

See Directory:Energy Islands

Image:Energy island 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Storage / Directory:Wind:Offshore / Directory:Energy Islands >Directory:KEMA's Inverse Offshore Pump Accumulation Stations - A new concept is being explored that would use excess renewable energy to pump water out of a lower reservoir into the surrounding sea as a storage mechanism. This artificial inverse island is being considered for off shore deployment in the North Sea. (PESWIki Jan. 28, 2009)

Off-Shore, Near Shore

Image:Thanet Wind Farm largest 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore / Directory:Wind:Largest > World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Is Activated - On Friday, the UK opened the Thanet Wind Farm, the largest offshore wind farm in the world with 100 turbines spread over 35 kilometres in the North Sea capable of generating up to 300 megawatts of electricity – enough to power over 200,000 homes or a small city. (Inhabitat Sept. 24, 2010)
Image:AerogeneratorX 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines / Directory:Wind:Largest / Directory:Wind:Offshore > Massive Aerogenerator Turbine is 3X More Powerful - A new design called the Aerogenerator X would have a massive span of 275 meters and would produce a whopping ten megawatts of electricity — that’s three times the production capacity of typical modern commercial horizontal axis turbines, making it more viable for off-shore applications. (Inhabitat July 26, 2010)
Image:GE off-shore-wind-turbine cut-away 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Wind:Offshore > GE’s Gigantic Offshore Wind Turbine is 25% More Efficient - Rather than increasing the size to generate more power, GE is designing longer blades and a more efficient drive train. Investing $453 million in order to mass produce these next gen 4 MW turbines which will be 300 feet tall and have a rotor diameter of 360 feet, GE hopes to release them in 2012 for offshore use in Europe. (Inhabitat March 30, 2010)
Image:Danish off-shore wind turbine assembly 95x95.jpg

Denmark Brings World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Online - Denmark is launching the world's biggest offshore wind farm this week. Using 91 turbines scattered across 35 square kilometers, the Horns Rev 2 farm, built by Danish utility company Dong Energy, will be able to produce 209 megawatts of power – enough for a staggering 200,000 homes. (Inhabitat Sept. 16, 2009)

Image:Blake offshore 95x95.jpg

Wind, Waves, and Watts - A new wrinkle in an offshore wind proposal by Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company of Washington state, is that the supports anchoring each wind turbine platform to the ocean floor would be designed in a way to turn wave action into electricity as well. (TruthOut Jan. 4, 2009)

Image:Off shore wind farm 95x95.jpg

Offshore Wind - Winds are stronger and more stable economy of scale.

Image:REpower 5M wind turbine 95x95.jpg

Off-shore 5M Wind Turbine Premier - REpower Systems' five-megawatt turbine, the largest ever off-shore, is piled to the seabed at a record depth of 44 meters. (PESN Aug. 30, 2006)

Image:Wind Energy Systems 95x95.jpg

Gulf Coast oil equipment repurposed to build first US offshore wind farm - Wind Energy Systems Technology (WEST) is building the first offshore wind farm in the US off the coast of Galveston, Texas, using wind turbines mounted on oil drilling platforms. A test turbine is scheduled to be in operation this summer the other 50 will produce 150 megawatts by late 2008. (Wired February 2007)

WindHunter - Hydrogen can be produced by wind turbines and electrolysers on the proposed WindHunter vessels. These ocean going ships will operate out of sight of land either anchored or free floating while facing into the wind and the oncoming waves.

ecoPowerUSA - Develops, sells, installs, operates, and services Floating-Windfarms-at-Sea™, using floating vertical axis wind turbines (“Floating-VAWTs™?) – to generate ‘green’ electricity at low costs from strong wind at sea!

Offshore Wind Turbine Farms: Ambitious and Beautiful - Blog entry with several good pictures of an offshore wind farm under construction, as well as some failed turbine structures. ( January 4, 2007)

Cancelled Projects

Image:Cirrus shellarray 95x95.jpg

Shell to quit wind projects - Royal Dutch Shell has become the second big energy company to abandon the UK wind-energy sector in the last month, cancelling the £800m Cirrus Array project after five years and millions of pounds in investment. Radar interference and wildlife impact are cited reasons, but the real reason is there is still money to be made in the Americas. (Times Online Dec. 7, 2008)


PowerPedia:Offshore Wind Power Drawbacks - including wildlife impact of offshore wind farms

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