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WhisperGen, a home power generation unit manufactured by Whisper Tech, is Currently in advanced market trial stage in Europe. Unit is probably the most advanced development of the PowerPedia:Stirling Engine "external combustion" technology that generates movement from even small temperature gradients.

Stirling Engine Ready for Production for Home Use - Whisper Tech has received a $300 million contract to supply tens of thousands of its WhisperGen units to homes in the UK. Powered by natural gas, it provides electricity and heat at a cost savings and cut in CO2 emissions. (National Business Review Aug. 13, 2004)

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"Similar in size and shape to a domestic dishwasher, the WhisperGen is quiet and requires minimal maintenance. Designed for the home or small business environment, the WhisperGen provides water heating, space heating and electricity." (source)

Official Websites

WhisperTech, New Zeland

The Wobble Yoke

"The patented Wobble Yoke system, developed by Whisper Tech, converts the linear motion of the engine's four pistons into the rotary motion necessary to drive a generator. Seals and guide life have traditionally been a limiting factor in Stirling engines. The Wobbe Yoke development, which transfers the power from the pistons in a manner that puts very little side load on the piston seals and guides, eliminates this problem in the WhisperGen engine."

WhisperGen in the News

For latest news see: Google News > WhisperGen

WhisperGen - something to shout about, New Zealand - Aug 24, 2004

... This month Whisper Tech revealed it had agreed to supply British electricity and gas giant Powergen with 80,000 of its revolutionary WhisperGen units. ...

Stirling engine power plant earns big win for Whisper Tech

National Business Review, New Zealand - Aug 12, 2004

Getting paid to use electricity need not be a fantasy -- provided you have a 'WhisperGen' at the heart of your house. Christchurch ...

Whisper Tech wins $300m order for home power unit

New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - Aug 11, 2004

Christchurch company Whisper Tech has won an order worth up $300 million for its WhisperGen domestic hot water heater and "personal power station". ...

Powergen enters installation and repair business

Independent, UK - Aug 15, 2004

... Its "WhisperGen" boiler, which generates its own electricity as well as providing heating and hot water, will be available across the UK from next year, after ...

Powergen is at a premium

The Scotsman, UK - Aug 16, 2004

... The group also plans to sell "WhisperGen" boilers, which will cut bills by £150 a year by generating electricity as well as providing heating and hot water.

Power pioneer celebrates $300m order, New Zealand - Aug 15, 2004

... University. The result is the WhisperGen "personal power station" which can be used to heat homes and generate electricity. British ...

UK Business Briefs: London waste guide, Powergen expansion, EA ...

Environmental Data Interactive, UK - Aug 20, 2004

... The micro-CHP units, called WhisperGen, is an alternative to traditional boilers and generates its own electricity as well as providing heat and hot water. ...


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