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Directory:Whatford Multi Lever Phenomenon

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Trevor Lyn Whatford, Discovers the Multi Lever Phenomenon


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Official Website


On December 16, 2007, inventor Trevor Lyn Whatford wrote:

I dicovered the multilever phenomenon (MLP)when working on an out of balance wheel experiment. I found that lever wheels balance, but there is large amounts of leverage generated by gravity when they are rotated.

The Multi Lever Phenomenon is this, when over 20 levers pivoting on a wheel in an even manner, and the lever have sufficient leverage ratios, then when the balanced pivot pionts are rotated the levers fall harveisting more kinetic energy than the energy required to rotate there balanced pivot points. Rotation terns the fallen levers up side down and they fall again in half cycle's.

Unlike a Waterwheel the MLP produces Kinetic energy on both side's of the Wheel.

On December 20, 2007, inventor Trevor Lyn Whatford wrote:

The Multi Lever Phenomenon is backed up with experiment evidence. If there is a design flaw then perhaps [you] can tell us all where they are. If you would like to see how small amount of energy is required to lift 300 tons to the height of 24 meters (rotate a balanced load), then look up the Falkirk Wheel on the Internet.




No Net Work

On Dec. 18, 2007, New Energy Congress member Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauenwrites:

"There will be no net work available!"

Design flawed

On December 17, 2007, Anon. writes:

"While I believe that this IDEA can work, I don't think Mr. Whatford's DESIGNS will work."


Trevor Lyn Whatford


phone: 0447703176182

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