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Directory:Weather Control

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Weather Control Technologies

Evidence for both technological know-how and real-life implementation as well as ramifications, good and bad.


Image:Winter-storm-Ferus 300x300 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Weather Control > BUSTED: - Indeed, the climate on the planet has been going haywire. And it is man-caused -- but not by us driving our cars and powering our gadgets, but by weather engineers who think they are god but are not smart enough to do as good a job as nature. They love the "climate change" alarmist who blame the wrong things. (PESN December 22, 2015)
Image:Climate-Change NY-fountain sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Earth Changes > Directory:Weather Control > Extreme Crazy Weather and Earth Changes - As you view these, rather than just blame it on “global warming“, which has been the propaganda cry to bring in carbon taxes and other globalist totalitarian measures, bear in mind the following: 1) Man-made weather manipulations, such as by HAARP, Chemtrails, etc…, are surely partially to blame 2) The earth is a living entity, and is responding to the havoc man is reaping on its surface... (News:Pure Energy Blog March 6, 2013)
Image:Chemtrails HAARP collage 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Google and Energy / Directory:Weather Control > Directory:Geoengineering > Directory:Geoengineering / Directory:HAARP -- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program > Geo-engineering documentation video that resulted in YouTube account deletion - This video presents a wide range of evidence of the geoengineering that has been taking place, especially via chemtrails, showing satellite views that show the patchwork web of trails, as well as HAARP interference patterns and holes. The video description contains numerous links for additional documentation. ( January 17, 2011)
Image:Jet stream shift 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Earth Changes / Directory:Geoengineering / Directory:Weather Control > Crazy Weather: stalled ocean currents, jet stream diversions - The weather is tripping, with unusually hot and cold regions, persisting longer than normal. Are the planet and mankind reaching a tipping point? Ruminations about the rare coincidence of the lunar eclipse and winter solstice. (PESN December 22, 2010)
Image:Orgone Energy Accumulator 95x95.jpg

Directory:Orgone / Directory:Bio-Energetics > Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy (video) - Dr. James DeMeo provides a brief overview of Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work and findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, which have been subjected to careful scientific scrutiny and evaluation, being verified and confirmed in their major aspects, even while his malicious critics continue to ignore or distort this record of accomplishment and discovery. (YouTube May 11, 2009)

Mind-Over-Matter Methods

On July 02, 2012, Jualt wrote:

Subject: weather modification article by Mary Sue Haliburton

I only recently saw an article on weather modification by Mary-Sue Haliburton.

She mentioned that shamans traditionally influence weather.

In the neither here nor there,just thought I'd mention to you that in 1982 I was tested by the psychic discreditor James Randi on my ability to influence weather. Randi said that if I got 3 out of 5 requests correct, that he thought that would show 'influence' with weather. I got 31 out of Randi's 33 requests...

- - - - 95x.jpg
Latest: Directory:Spirituality / Directory:Weather Control > News:140727:Prayed Rain to Douse Levan Forest Fire - Billowing forest fire behind parent's house put out by rain. Possible contributing factors: smoke particles in the atmosphere, electrical properties of storm, and a prayer for rain to put out fire. (PESWiki July 27, 2014)

Unusual Weather Concepts

Image:Russian heat Brazil cold collage 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Global Warming / Directory:Earth Changes > Extreme Weather a Function of Cosmic Dielectrics? - Paul Noel asserts that severe storms "are an electromagnetic effects of the plasma fields surrounding the solar system. These are what make sun spots as well. The driver is electrical. The mechanism is primarily capacitant and is based on dielectric." This is why opposite extremes appear at the same time on the planet. (PESN Aug. 19, 2010)

On Aug. 19, 2010, dgw writes: That's a great explanation to the science behind weather management through high amplitude aeronautical resonance programming, which this link documents over the last 6 years or so. Coincidence? No way! Visit to follow the work of Trevor james Constable or check out to watch a scalar interference powerpoint presentation concerning the control of Earth's magnetosphere. Great job Paul and Sterling!

Accidental Man-Induced Climate Change

Image:Loop current stalled July28 2010 95x95.jpg
CRISIS / Directory:Weather Control: Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Gulf Loop Current Stalls from BP Oil Disaster - Oceanographic satellite data now shows that as of July 28, the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy. (PESN Aug 1, 2010)

Unintentional Human-Induced Weather Modification

Image:Humans control weather sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Bio-Energetics > Is - Now that we are seeing a major drought materialize as we enter a new Depression, recalling the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression, we can't help wonder if our collective outlook could affect the weather. If so, what could a good dose of free energy technology hope to do to reverse this? (PESN April 16, 2012)

Accidental Weather Modification

Image:SterlingAllan BobBoyce sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] / Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State Generators > OS:Johan's Solid State Free Energy Charger > Johan's Free Energy Charger Trips up the Weather? - Bob Boyce, who helped Johan get his free energy charger (from surroundings) going a couple of years ago, is concerned about the "dangers" of the technology if not done properly -- not just melting wiring in a home but disturbing local weather, creating killer storms. (PESN March 18, 2012)

Weather Engineering Projects

Image:Hail-Cannon sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:Peter Crunk > Free Energy Blog:2015:05:16 - "This individual bought a Cannon from someone else and now he's making cannons and selling them. It shoots up a powerful vortex that mixes the turbulence of up and down drafting that creates the hail [and thereby preventing it]." (Free Energy Blog May 16, 2015)

Free Energy Blog:2014:09:01 - Peter Steven's machine works by reflecting sun rays during the day, heating lights at night. With the aid of magnets this forms a vortex of negatively charged ions in the atmosphere. (Free Energy Blog September 1, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:08:16 - Alex Jones gives a brief fire-hydrant overview of the evidence, with stacks of papers, articles, patents, reviews from mainstream sources SO YOU CAN LOOK THEM UP FOR YOURSELVES AND SEE THAT THIS IS FOR REAL. (Free Energy Blog August 16, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:02:26 - Forbes posted a story: As Water Supply Reaches Record Low, California Combats Drought With Black-Ops Weather Control Technology From Vietnam War. Following up from this, the Alex Jones Show posted this interview they did with the Father of Weaponized Weather, Ben Livingston. (Free Energy Blog February 26, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2013:11:17 - says they have demonstrated the effect in a laboratory, causing both precipitation due to the ionization actings as cloud seeding and causing lighting -- sometimes down the beam path. (Free Energy Blog November 17, 2013)

Image:David Wells weather machine 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Weather Control > Directory:David Wells Weather Control System > Hurricane control methodology offered to World Meteorological Organization - After four years of what they consider to be great success in staving off most hurricanes from the U.S. mainland Albert Feliciano, David Wells' weather modification associate says it's about time that the WMO pays attention and begins implementing these methods more effectively. (PESN October 6, 2013)

Can We Control the Weather? - St. Louis Arch affects the weather - The stainless steel structure, while able to produce an ionic pulse, is impervious to any lingering affects. Each leg of the arch is able to push positive and negative ions into the air so as to create a positive or negatively charged field that can ‘push’ storms out of the way. During the day this national monument stands as the gateway to the west, but after hours this man-made marvel turns into one of the most powerful weather controlling devices ever conceived. (FailedSuccess 12/27/04)

Image:NewYork vacant Irene dud sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Weather Control > Directory:David Wells Weather Control System > Hurricane control > Hurricane Irene Mitigation Efforts by Alberto and Dave - Alberto was up visiting David recently on the mainland, and didn't get back down to an area where he could effect the Irene, so it got away from him. David think Alberto's belated efforts diminished the force of the storm, but Alberto said his battery was not yet property conditioned, but is hopeful to hold off remaining hurricanes this season. (PESN and -->'BeforeItsNews' August 29, 2011)
Image:Irene2011 projected-path 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Weather Control > Directory:David Wells Weather Control System > Have the Weather Rangers been keeping hurricanes away? - David Wells' weather modification researchers apparently have been quietly using their inexpensive, homemade devices to steer and diminish hurricanes. Alberto Feliciano in Puerto Rico appears to have the best position for facilitating these effects. What will come of Irene? (PESN and BeforeItsNews August 26, 2011)
Image:LeeWalstad magnet machine 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Grand Unified Theories / Directory:Magnet Motors / Directory:Weather Control > Site:1/0:The Theory of Everything > Site:1/0:The Theory of Everything - Here's an interview I did with Lee Walstad yesterday here at the TeslaTech conference, getting an update from him on a recent drought his 1/0 device apparently disbursed, restoring the normal monsoon rains in Ribera, New Mexico. (PESWiki July 30, 2011)
Image:Cloudbusting seat 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Orgone / Powerpedia:Aetherometry / Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Bio-Energetics > Report on Reich Research from Group in Greece - An introductory paper giving a Reichian perspective on zero point energy, global weather phenomena, free energy, modern science and non-science, misconceptions and associated dangers as a contribution to discussions involving climate changes, disasters, and the quest for new energies. (PESN and BeforeItsNews May 15, 2011)

Real Rain Making by Trevor Constable - Constable says: "I have been successfully making rain and breaking droughts for decades. Now you can see, with your own eyes, how it is done!". eBook promoted by Directory:Peter Lindemann.

Image:Laser clouds UofGenva 95x95.jpg
Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Lasers and Energy > Swiss breakthrough could mean rain on demand - Researchers from the University of Geneva have reported laser-powered cloud seeding success, both inside and outside the laboratory. The team fired short 220-millijoule pulses of infrared light from a laser into an illuminated chamber of water-saturated air at minus 24°C and noted the formation of clouds in the laser's wake. (GizMag May 4, 2010)
Image:Gravity-waves discovery AK June4 09 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Weather Control > Directory:David Wells Weather Control System > Weather Rangers to the rescue - Who you gonna call when you have a nasty, persistent drought? David Wells' weather modification researchers have been fine tuning their skills. Alberto Feliciano in Puerto Rico appears to have dissolved this season's tropical and hurricane storms, including Ana, Erika and Bill. Their recent focus: restoring rain in Texas, perhaps a bit too much. (PESN Sept. 14, 2009) (Comments)
Image:David Wells weather machine 95x95.jpg

Directory:David Wells Weather Control System - A dozen years ago, while pursuing a possible overunity machine, Mr. Wells discovered that the machine was effecting local weather. Several machines and years later, the effect is much better understood and refined.

Image:DeMeo with raimaker 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Directory:Orgone / Directory:Weather Control > Interview with James DeMeo about Orgone technology - Former professor DeMeo, a foremost world expert on the subject of Orgone Energy, discusses the well-documented yet still shunned work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, which has application in health, mechanical energy, and weather work. Upcoming conference. (PESN June 3, 2009) (Comment at
Image:China weather olympic modification 95x95.jpg

Weather Engineering in China - How the Chinese plan to modify the weather in Beijing during the Olympics, using supercomputers, airplanes, and artillery to prevent rain over the roofless 91,000-seat Olympic stadium that Beijing natives have nicknamed the Bird's Nest. (MIT Technology Review March 25, 2008)

Image:David Keith volcanic explosion 95x95.jpg

Directory:Geoengineering - Scientists are considering various massive interventions whereby the planetary weather systems could be manipulated in an attempt to cool the earth and survive global warming.

Image:Malcolm Turnbull Australia 95x95.jpg

Australian Govt. Gives $10 Million to Cloud Buster Tech Research - A $10 million grant approved by Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull to investigate Russian rainfall technology has been questioned and criticized by water experts. (ABC Australia Nov. 19, 2007) (Video)

See comment: Talk:Directory:Weather Control, by James DeMeo, Nov. 20, 2007.

Image:DeMeo with raimaker 95x95.jpg

Drought Abatement Project Support Sought - American scientist James DeMeo, Ph.D., has proven rainmaking methods based on Wilhelm Reich's "cloudbuster" technology that could alleviate the epic drought baking Australia. (PESN April 29, 2007)

Weather Modification, Inc. (Cloud Seeding, atmospheric research ... - "Weather Modification, Inc. is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of weather modification."

Weather Modification Association - The Weather Modification Association (WMA) was organized in 1950 to cultivate a better understanding of weather modification techniques, impacts, ...

Forums - Discussion group around Peter Stevens work in Australia.


Image:SDC11990 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Antidotes to the Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity / Directory:Pyramid Power / Directory:Weather Control > Purviance Pyramid Still Clearing Chemtrails in LA? - Here's a little follow-up to Ross Purviance's work of keeping Los Angeles clear of chemtrails by having a pyramid strapped to the back of his bike as he rides around town. (PESN April 21, 2013)
Image:Purviance Pyramid blue 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Antidotes to the Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity / Directory:Pyramid Power / Directory:Weather Control > Small Pyramid Claimed to Clear Chemtrails, Stabilize Nature - Tired of seeing chemtrails in the Los Angeles area, inventor, Ross Purviance, set out to come up with a solution, starting with Reich orgone science, and ending up with a very simple pyramid design that he says has kept LA skies clear of chemtrails for 3 months now, along with stopping the bee die-off, and restoring natural weather patterns and even invigorating natural plant aromas. (PESN July 21, 2012)

Weather Warfare

See Directory:Weather Control: Warfare - separate page

Image:Fig425 Earths Magnetic field 911 close-up sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:9/11 Conspiracy / Directory:Weather Control: Warfare > Directory:John Hutchison > Part II: Magnetometer on 9/11 Shows Exotic Weapons Evidence - On the days prior to September 11, 2001, the earth's magnetic field was quite stable, as Hurricane Erin tracked directly up the -15 line of that field toward New York City as a category 3 storm. Then on 9/11, the magnetic field readings went all over the place in 100% correspondence to WTC 1, 2, and later WTC 7 going largely to dust. (PESN September 11, 2013)
Image:Michael-Riversong Atlin 95x95.jpg
Directory:Emergency Preparedness / Congress:Member:Michael Riversong / Directory:Weather Control / Event:2013:Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference > Tesla Academy Jeopardized by Colorado Deluge Called 1000-Year Event - "Conditions are chaotic in many places. You've probably seen some news reports, and none of them can even begin to portray the scope of this disaster. At this point the continued survival of Tesla Academy is in doubt." (News:Pure Energy Blog September 14, 2013)
Image:Sandy-Surge on NYC sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Weather Control > Directory:Weather Control: Warfare > Hurricane Sandy Piling Perfect Storm Surge on New York City - The wind direction, combined with the high tide and full moon, along with the hybrid of three storms colliding, is poised to swamp New York City, crippling its mass transit infrastructure for weeks. Such would not be the case if exotic free energy technologies were already here. Evidence of weather control. (PESN October 29, 2012)



"Any weather modification is illegal" "Any climate modification, large-scale weather modification using any means is illegal" according to UN Enmod (sp?) Treaty signed by U.S. according to 6:25, first hour 7:05

I wonder if that only applies to governments not individuals.

Statement on Terrorism

For example US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, said on 28 April 1997 at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."[3]

Must Notify NOAA

You should know that any attempt at weather modification, regardless of method, requires that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration be notified in writing ten days in advance of any such operations and there is a $10,000 fine for failure to notify them.

In addition, some states have laws requiring a permit and insurance coverage for any weather modification operations, again, regardless of what method may be used, and those states impose significant fines on unlicensed operators. It is doubtful that your apparent good intentions would be considered reason to acquit in a court of law.

In view of such realities, it might be advisable to refrain from public announcements of such illegal activities.

Petros Evdokas,

Additional References

(Special thanks to Mary-Sue Haliburton, who compiled most of these links.)

Fred McKenna, not his real name, has many years of experience with weather modification, working mostly for and with farmers. The official wording of the act to create this weather-control authority. site owner does post any date or search name for this agreement. - Shamanism and the Spirits of Weather, by Nan Moss and David Corbin. - Reich’s work was suppressed, even to the extent of burning his books, a blot on the history of a supposedly free society.  - Click on links for “Clincher" and "Hurricane Control" in the sidebar the URL does not change for these articles. - A believer in esoteric philosophy, this author has an unusual insight into possibly dynamics leading to Katrina’s apparent targeting of oil rigs. Promotes orthodox view, denies all evidence and allegations to the contrary, employing standard memes. "Owning the Weather" for Military Use - The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: "Owning the Weather" for Military Use - Washington's New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change, Third World Resurgence, January 2001,

PACE as consultants to the U.N.:

: "Over the next decades, the instability of the planetary environment will be of greater concern than wars, threats of war and terrorism.

: "The ways of handling these perturbations, however, requires more ingenuity than what has been attempted to date. Our international collaborative network of advanced scientific thinking aims to be part of the remedy."

: -- Dr. A. Michrowski, PhD, in private email 12 August 2004 - Many pages from Bearden’s book Fer de Lance are online, giving overview of cold-war technologies. - Russian Scientists create successful rain technology in Mexico. - The public face of HAARP: innocent data collection - Observational data about HAARP substations and weather manipulation. Sober accumulation of evidence and argument by Dr. Nick Begich. - Bearden’s index of cloud photographs that appear to indicate scalar engineering The meteorologist’s professional eye picks out the grid lines in satellite photos - Several of the weather patents are numbered and described on this site. reports analysis of samples collected. The history of weather engineering. Frequent use of exclamation points indicates that the writer is very concerned about the significance of these collected data. - This site includes content from a network of independent data collectors who have recently found "smoking guns" in the radar images captured from official sources and from televised weather reports that strongly indicate use of advanced scalar technology. Most of these images are rapidly purged from official sources, but have been archived and are (at least up until this moment) visible at the above site.

(a) a radar signature, impossible to explain with Newtonian physics, preceded arrival of Katrina and may have drawn the storm to New Orleans as to a target.

(b) a radar oddity, as if of a "fence" set up between Rita which was tracking toward Houston, apparently deflected the storm northward.

: There is of course no way to determine who was actively manipulating the weather in either incident, but apparently some agency was using advanced, possibly a hyper-dimensional weather-control method. - site has data for tracking current storms - This one has archives of previous storms going back over many years, with the ability to generate an animated storm track from the archived data using Java. E.g. Select 2004, and enter "Hurricane Ivan" in the search bar and watch what that one does. - based on the concept that human beings can actively intervene with our psychic/spiritual innate abilities given by God, this site urges action - corollary Tornado_Generator

Taming Weather
Image:Steer hurricanes 95x95.jpg

Scientist Are Working to 'Steer' Hurricanes - In the wake of Katrina, two teams of climate scientists have been working to steer hurricanes. Both teams are using the technique of removing power and speed from strategic points in the hurricane, effectively refracting its path. (Telegraph UK Oct. 21, 2007)

How To Halt A Hurricane: First Spill Oil, Then Seed Clouds - Long before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, governments and engineers with lively imaginations have come up with some strange ideas for how to combat nature's wrath. (TerraDaily Sept. 27, 2005)

The Rights of Weather

Image:Hurricane-hugo-eye 95x95.jpg
Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Nature > Atmosphere Under Assault The Plot Against Hurricanes - Joel Carlinsky makes a case for the rights of hurricanes in the natural flow of cosmic energy, performing an ecological function. He considers any attempts to mitigate or deflect the paths of hurricanes to be sinister plots against nature and survival on the planet. Though extreme, he does make some interesting points. (Changing Power July 27, 2010)


Image:Nikola Tesla earthquake sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Weather Control > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine - He put his little vibrator in his coat-pocket and went out to hunt a half-erected steel building. Down in the Wall Street district, he found one--ten stories of steel framework without a brick or a stone laid around it. He clamped the vibrator to one of the beams, and fussed with the adjustment until he got it. Tesla said finally the structure began to creak and weave and the steel-workers came to the ground panic-stricken, believing that there had been an earthquake... (BeforeItsNews December 7, 2011)

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