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Directory:Wave Motion of Clouds

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Page first featured April 3, 2010

Image:Clouds-like-waves compose anim 300.gif
by nambroque taken from the tops of the 2400 meters high mountains around Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma, Canary Island, Spain.]]

By Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

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While watching the video montage by Birdland11 featuring Directory:Eugene Mallove in his 2004 interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, I was intrigued by a 30x timelapse video of clouds that resembled ocean waves on a shore line. Though I've seen plenty of timelapse images of clouds, this was the first I've seen a segment like this.

It is yet another example of the macrocosm mirroring the microcosm, except in this case the scale is on the range of 30x larger (total guess on my part), made apparent by a 30x time lapse speed up.

I draw attention to this phenomenon in the context of free energy research in hopes of maybe helping the creative, intuitive juices flow possibly helping to give rise to practical embodiments.


Timelapse 30x: Waves at sea of clouds


(YouTube September 20, 2007)

Timelapse video taken from the tops of the 2400 meters high mountains around Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma, Canary Island, Spain.

The speed of images in the movie is 30 times faster than real.

The typical Canarian sea of clouds is seen with an amazing presence of waves on its surface moving towards the walls of Caldera, where they break.

This movie was published at the Spanish digital magazine Revista del Aficionado a la Meteorología

More time lapse movies of clouds taken by the author are available at his channel in you tube (

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Timelapse: The sea & the falls of clouds


(YouTube April 14, 2008)

Be sure to watch beginning at time stamp 3:42, for two other segments like the above one in which the timelapse clouds near a mountain range behave like ocean waves pounding the shore.


Image:Boucing water drop 95x95.jpg
Directory:Water > Water Drop at 2000 Frames per Second - Watching water drop into water shows a much different view than seeing it in regular speed. Watch as part of the water droplet bounces back up due to the surface tension of the water. Not sure what this has to do with alt energy research, but perhaps it might resonante with some of you Directory:Water as Fuel researchers. (Flixxy)