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Directory:Wattless Generator by Geoffrey S. Miller of EnergyBat Labs

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Image:Wattless-Generator disc-cabinet rd.jpg
inside the coil to be used with the generator. On the right is the cabinet.]]
Image:Wattless-Generator GSM-Tube-Core rd.jpg
inside of the coil that goes between the two, 12-magnet discs.]]

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

July 7, 2015

Here's yet another design by Geoffrey S. Miller of Directory:Geoffrey S. Miller's Energybat Labs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This is one of my favorites.

As shown in the photos at the right and described in the video There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], it is comprised of two discs, each embedded with 12 very strong, flat disc, neodymium magnets, axially magnetized, situated with alternating magnetic orientation around the disc. The second disc is essentially identical (within materials limitations) to the first.

Between these two discs Geoff has situated his Directory: Geoffrey S. Miller's Key: GSM Tube Core coils. Then, on the outside of the discs, even with the inner coils, is a tube core that circles in a horseshoe-like manner from one side to the other, so that the entire flux field is contained between those two sets of tubes and coils.

Remember, as I said yesterday, one of the private demonstrations Geoff did for me while I was there was to show me the difference between passing a magnet by a solid iron shaft versus passing a magnet by a steel tube. With the solid iron rod, you can feel the cogging resistance -- if you can do it without the magnet hooking up to the rod. But with a hollow iron (steel) tube (Geoff's Directory: Geoffrey S. Miller's Key: GSM Tube Core), it passes right by, without hardly even noticing the tube. The faster the magnet passes by the tube, the less resistance there is. But if you bring the magnet up to the tube slowly, its will fasten to the tube, magnetically, as you would expect. As I said in our Directory: Geoffrey S. Miller's Key: GSM Tube Core the other day about his GSM Tube Core, "Think of the ramifications of nearly resistance-less generators."

Geoff hasn't yet completed this prototype, but some early tests suggest that its output will be in the range of 60 HP or 45 kW. I don't know how much energy input will be required to run it at that output, but I'm guessing it will be significantly lower than that (because it harnesses the wheelwork of nature in the process). When he was just tinkering around, he turned the wheel with his hand and it blew out a 400-Watt light bulb.

All of the variables and their exact contribution to overall efficiency/effectiveness need to be studied and characterized: the strength, size, and shape of the magnets the proximity of the magnets around the rotor the concentration of coil sets around the perimeter the number of windings around the GSM Tube core the thickness of the GSM Tube etc. Geoff welcomes input and suggestions, but even more than that, he welcomes open participation.

Geoff is making this available via an open license (patent pending, to enforce and preserve rights). He requests that a 5% royalty be remitted on all commercial sales (plans, translations, kits, components, completed systems, manufacturing, franchises, etc.) to EnergyBat Labs. A license contract does not have to be in place first, in order to launch any venture. Anyone can pursue this, without restrictions. But if you sell something, then you are obliged to remit the 5% royalty. Simple.

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Wattless Generator Design


(YouTube / PESNetwork July 6, 2015)


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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Geoffrey S. Miller's Energybat Labs > Events:Sterling D. Allan Visits EnergyBat Labs, June 18, 2015 > Directory:Wattless Generator by Geoffrey S. Miller of EnergyBat Labs - It is comprised of two discs, each embedded with 12 neodymium magnets, situated with alternating orientation around the discs. Between these two discs are situated Geoff's GSM Tube Core coils. 60 HP / 45 kW anticipated. (PESWiki July 7, 2015)


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