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Directory:Water Wall Turbine

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Renewable Energy Technology from Ocean, Tidal & Freshwater Currents

WWTurbine has developed a new and commercially viable system for extracting energy from ocean and freshwater currents and converting it to electricity.

Tidal Energy provides an exciting new source of clean Renewable Energy which will become essential to many countries in the future. WWT’s uncomplicated, but highly effective Technology provides the key to the most Productive and Lucrative, Economic Exploitation of this abundant Renewable Energy resource.

This Renewable Energy Resource is independent of weather or climate change, and follows the predictable Tidal effects in specific locations.



Public posting of information on this technology without prior written permission is strictly forbidden. The contents of this page have been approved by the company.

Official Website - The website contains all relevant information.


Lodewyk M Botha

B. Sc. Eng. (Elect.) Univ. of Pretoria

MBA Univ. of Pretoria

Government Certificate of Competency: (Factories)

Allen Action Management Program


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NEC Comments

''On Feb. 24, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Kenneth M. Rauen, said regarding the Water Wall Turbine:"

"It is a good, traditional alternative energy concept."

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