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Directory:Water Purification

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Directory of Directory:Water purification technologies and resources, especially as they involved renewable energy sources for their power.

Free Energy Ramifications

Image:DanBrown-Inferno sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Spirituality / Directory:Free Energy and Economy / Directory:Water Purification > Free Energy is a far better solution to population issues than Dan Brown's Inferno - The emergence of exotic free energy will have will have direct, positive impact issues of population and sustainability. Associated solutions include: Practical water desalination and filtration Drastic reduction in transportation costs Empowerment and education that will lead to more responsible birthrate decisions... (PESN January 6, 2014)



Free Energy Blog:2014:06:20 - Using a process called vapor compression distillation, a single Slingshot can purify more than 250,000 liters of water per year (Free Energy Blog June 20, 2014)

Image:Biokavitus shower-head installed-SDA sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Water > Directory:Water Purification > Directory:Cavitation > Directory:Biokavitus > Cavitation as a Purification Panacea? - The Italian company, Biokavitus has perfected the process of cavitation to the point of now launching several commercial products into the market. And they are open sourcing the core concept to help speed the cleaning of the planet, including nuclear waste, wastewater, oil contamination, but also home cleaning applications. There are health benefits as well - of all living organisms. (PESN and BeforeItsNews November 5, 2011)
Image:Essential-Element Hydra 95x95.jpg
Directory:Emergency Preparedness / Directory:Water > Directory:Water Purification / Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Applications > Hydra Is a Relief Vehicle, Water Purifier and Power Plant All in One - A company called The Essential Element has designed a vehicle, known as th Hydra, that not only provides renewable power in the aftermath of a natural disaster, but also purifies water, a resource that is often in great demand after an earthquake or similar incident. (Inhabitat Oct. 22, 2010)
Image:Pure UV sterilization water bottle 95x95.jpg
Directory:Water > Directory:Water Filtration / Directory:Water Purification > Sterilizing Water in Only Two Minutes with UV Light - After dirty water fills the outer chamber of the bottle, the inner chamber plunges through the outer chamber filtering the water. After the water is free from sediment, it is further sterilized for 90 seconds using a wind-up ultraviolet bulb. Won the James Dyson Award. (Inhabitat Aug. 4, 2010)
Image:Lifesaver water purification.jpg
Directory:Nanotechnology / Directory:Water > Directory:Water Purification / Directory:Water Filtration > Michael Pritchard's water filter turns filthy water drinkable - With cutting-edge nanotech, Michael Pritchard's Lifesaver water-purification bottle, which can make the most revolting water drinkable in seconds, could revolutionize water-delivery systems in disaster-stricken areas around the globe. (TED Talks July 2009) [Available from]
Image:Solaqua solar-water-purification 95x95.jpg

Multi Solaqua draws on the sun to provide safe drinking water - The Solaqua is a nifty portable device that uses the sun's rays to purify contaminated water. Through innovative use of readily available materials, it carries, disinfects and stores water, providing a safe, environmentally sustainable source of water for rural communities. (GizMag June 3, 2009)

Image:Watreco vortex generator 95x95.jpg

Watreco Vortex Generator - Building on nature’s own principles, Vortex Process Technology (VPT) used in the Vortex generator, builds on water’s own natural movement. The Vortex generator sets the water in a considerable swirl that changes its internal properties, purifying the water. In Harmony with Nature (Watreco Sept 14, 2008)

Image:Aquaporin protein 95x95.jpg

Water Companies Taking Cue From Nature - When it comes to water technology, nature appears poised to become a major player. Aquaporins sit inside channels in biological cells where water, salts and solids pour in, the aquaporin flips over, ejecting the impurities and allowing fresh water to pass through the cell. (GreenTech Media Sept. 10, 2008)

Image:Mobile maxpure 95x95.jpg

Mobile MaxPure solar-powered water purification system set for Iraq duty - Created by WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp, the stand-alone Mobile Max Pure® unit 7-foot cube opens up at the press of a button to reveal a solar array that can deliver around 3.2 kw of electricity, which combine with the company’s patented AquaMax controls to pump out and purify over 30,000 gallons of water everyday. It can be powered by solar power alone or in combination with an optional back-up generator. (EcoFriend June 23, 2008)

Image:Solar water dinifecting tarp 95x-5.jpg

METROPOLIS NEXT GENERATION 2008 Winner Announced! - This year’s $10,000 prize was awarded to San Francisco based architect and CCA professor Eric Olsen for a "Solar Water Disinfecting Tarpaulin" that promises to provide portable and potable water anywhere that it is needed. (Inhabitat May 5, 2008)

Image:HTI X-Pack 95x95.jpg

Forward osmosis filtration system - HTI have developed a forward osmosis membrane that allows water to pass through, yet blocks very small contaminants. This allows a pure drink to be created from highly turbid and toxic supply waters, even sea water. It is a passive system which harnesses the osmotic potential created by sugars and electrolytes, producing a dilute sports drink, not simply water. (GizMag Oct. 15, 2007)

Image:AquaClean water purifier 95x95.jpg

Difinitive Energy - AquaClean™ processes contaminated water with an electric arc (plasma) to produce clean, potable water which spontaneously creates a high energy, non-polluting, sustainable fuel (AquaLene®). The fuel is claimed to produce 3x more energy than is required to maintain the arc by powering a generator in a closed-loop process.

Image:Magnetic nanoparticles of rust 95x95.jpg

Cleaning Up Water with Nanomagnets - It may seem an unlikely way to clean up drinking water, but scientists at Rice University, in Houston, have found that nanoparticles of rust can be used to remove arsenic with a simple wave of a magnet. (MIT Technology Review Nov. 13, 2006) [See also Proton Cell and water purification]

AquaStar - Portable Ultraviolet C-band Water Purifier can safely and quickly treat a liter of water in about a minute, using a pair of standard camera batteries to generate ionizing radiation that quickly and effectively disrupts the cellular chemistry of all known pathogens.

Ozone Generators and Advanced Oxidation Processes - Spartan Environmental Technologies supplies ozone generators and other advanced oxidation processes for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment applications such as disinfection and for the removal of color, taste, odor, iron, manganese, COD, TOC and specific organic compounds. These processes make water safe to drink, recycle or discharge into the environment. Ozone is generated on site and after use decomposes to oxygen. This eliminates the need to store chemicals on site and does not introduce toxic chemicals into the water.

Image:Michael Wong gold sphere water purification 95x95.jpg

Water Purification via Nano-Gold - Gold spheres, measuring 15 atoms in diameter, mixed with Palladium, and acting as a detergent, hold promise for cleaning up toxic waste more inexpensively and much faster than present methods. (Smithsonian Magazine Oct. 2007)

Image:Plastic membrane CO2-passing 95x95.jpg

New Plastic to Cut CO2 Emissions and Purify Water - Scientists have created a plastic material that mimics pores found in plants and is exceptionally efficient. It can separate carbon dioxide from natural gas a few hundred times faster than current plastic membranes. (Slashdot Oct. 15, 2007)

Image:AquaSun Villager 95x95.jpg

Aqua Sun International solar water purification - Solar powered portable water purification system is capable of purifying 100 gallons/day on solar power. Distributed by First Water, Inc.

Image:MobileMaxPure 95x95.jpg

WorldWater & Power to Introduce New Mobile Solar Power Unit - MobileMaxPure™ tows into a disaster areas to provide portable electricity, water purification, and telecommunications. With the flip of a switch, 15 solar panels automatically unfold to create a 12x18 foot photovoltaic array. (Renewable Energy Access: Mar. 21, 2006)

Ray of light for water industry - University of Aberdeen scientists developing new technology that uses sunlight to treat dirty water and create electricity simultaneously. Three industrial partners develop novel technology for breaking up pollutants found in all types of water supplies. (PhysOrg UK April 28, 2005) (Renewable Energy Access May 3, 2005)

Image:World water power 95x95.jpg

Solar Mobile Critical Response Water Unit Sent to Mississippi - WorldWater & Power Corp., developers of proprietary high-powered solar technology, is sending its trailer-mounted, solar-powered electrical water pumping and purification system to help the relief efforts for hurricane victims in the devastated Gulf Coast area. (PrimeZone Oct. 12, 2005)

Zip Project - Zero Impact Platform project was created to handle waste cycle and water cycle management with clean, renewable technologies available, as well as to support research and development into the same. (PESWiki Aug. 5, 2005)

Image:Kenya Medical Research Institute 95x95.jpg

Invention Set to Revolutionise Sewage Treatment - Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) has unveiled a simple aerobic sewage treatment plant that recycles water, odor-free, that they say is certified fit for human consumption. ( June 19, 2006)

Image:Dean Kamen 95x95.jpg

Segway creator unveils his next act - Inventor Dean Kamen wants to put entrepreneurs to work bringing water and electricity to the world's poor. 1 kW generator uses anything that burns, including cow dung. Water purifier makes 1,000 liters of water per day. (CNN Feb. 16, 2006) (See Slashdot discussion)

Update: Deka Research Stirling engine

Image:CentrO3label 95x95.jpg

New Earth Systems CentrO3fier - Modular treatment system highly effective at removing wide range of contaminants including ammonia, arsenic, heavy metals, toxic organics, phosphates, and many others. Second generation completed preparing for market.

Image:Israel onsite biological process 95x95.jpg

Wastewater treatment plants based on a full biological process - Onsite wastewater treatment process involves proprietary air-positive biologic reduction. ( (See:




(5.47 Minutes) Dean Kamen's Water Machine

Tv appearance of Dean Kamen showing his machine that will change the world

(You Tube March 21, 2008

Image:Energy Quest 95x95.jpg

EnergyQuest Tests Solar-powered Water Purification System - Using only solar power, a new water-purifying system by EnergyQuest, that is both easy to store and portable, will undergo testing by the Texas Water Resources Institute of Texas A & M. (Renewable Energy Access Jan. 4, 2006)

Image:Granular sludge 95x95.jpg

Delft water-purification method promises radical improvement - Delft University of Technology research has developed a compact and environmentally-friendly purification method, in which aerobic bacteria form granules that sink quickly. (EurekAlert June 25, 2006)

Research and Development

Image:Bananas clean pollution sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Water > Directory:Water Purification / Directory:Pollution > Can You Really Clean Polluted Water With…Banana Peels? - Environmental chemist Gustavo Castro at São Paulo State University found that banana peels can help turn water polluted with heavy metals from mining operations or other activities into drinking water. Banana peels contain nitrogen, sulfur and organic compounds such as carboxylic acids, which bind with positively charged metals .... (The Blaze August 13, 2011)


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