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Directory:Water-Fueled Engine by a Friend of Kapanadze

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Pure Energy Systems News

February 18, 2012

Stefan Hartmann of has posted two videos of a Russian group (friends of Directory:Kapanadze Free Energy Generator) apparently powering a stand-alone engine on water. They drink from a bottle of water (of course, it could be Vodka), then pour the liquid into what appears to be a fuel tank. Then they start up the engine.

As it's running, they show the exhaust being clean. As they hold a cup at the exhaust, it collects liquid (assumed to be water), which they then drink.

I'm looking for more info on this. If you happen to know where more info can be found, please let us know or post links from this page.

Official Website



Kapanadze friends water motor 01 free energy


(YouTube / OverunityDotCom February 17, 2012)


: This is the second part of the Russian water motor done by some friends of Kapanadze.

: This movie is from a new release from a Russian movie from youtube user Realstrannik


: As this movie was very long, I chopped it up in parts to make it easier to view.

: This movie seems to be coming from a few friends of Kapanadze that have a working water motor running.... -- Stefan

Kapanadze friends water motor 02 free energy


(YouTube / OverunityDotCom February 17, 2012)

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