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Image:Wang Shen He 1kW device spinning jp70.jpg
Image:Wang Shum Ho 95x95.jpg

The Wang Shum Ho (aka Wang Shen He) prototype 5kW electricity generator is reportedly powered by permanent magnets and claimed to be close to production. It has claimed to be close to production for the last 6 years. The team is seeking a marketing partner and offers a working prototype for viewing by financial backers.


Official Websites - Magnet Motor - Videos posted by Lawrence Tseung


December 10, 2010

Lawrence Tseung wrote:

Wang Shen He Devices

Mr. Wang sent me the following photos. Mr. Lee Cheung Kin and I helped to promote him in 2006 at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He got funding from the Chinese Government and State Electricity Companies. He asked us not to promote him any more as all information became classified.

He recently sent me the photos and stated that those interested should contact him directly. His email address is: []

I believe that the principle behind his device has not changed. The special feature of his device is that no starting battery is required. A slight twist from the hand is used to start the device. The device uses coupling of ferro-liquid and permanent magnets.

Google Wang Shen He or Wang Shum Ho for more detailed information.

Please email him directly for any technical or business information. Thank you

Image:Wang Shen He devices 600.jpg

: On 08/14/13, Ron Denault wrote:

: There is something fishy about the image used in this article, I was an aircraft machinist for close to 10 years and immediately recognized the item identified as "Wang rotor". It is a fly cutter head used on milling machine all over the world. There can be NO mistaking this item.

p.s. Incidentally, on December 13, 2010 4:18 PM MST, Lawrence Tseung wrote (on another subject)

: Dear All,

: I have 9 working FLEET prototypes that can demonstrate that the Instantaneous Output Power can be greater than the Instantaneous Input Power. The experiments were very scientific and would require two oscilloscopes to display such wave forms. These experiments can be reproduced any time. We also ran two workshops at Hong Kong University. In one of the workshops, a student, Felix, produced a FLEET prototype that showed a COP of >200. However, some participants could only produce prototypes with COP < 1, and around 1.6. They listened to the same lecture, used the same material, used the same test equipment and sat next to each other.

: I believe the lead-out or bring-in energy prototypes are all related to the phenomenon of resonance. A slight departure from the resonance frequency or condition will greatly change the result. This is likely the reason why so many appeared to have succeeded and then failed to replicate.

: I believe that when one group mass-produced working units, the World will jump behind. Publicity and funding will pour in. That day is likely to come soon.

: I shall be willing to send you a working prototype if you are willing to show the test results and methods in public. It will give more credibility to the FLEET prototypes.

: Lawrence Tseung

: Director

: Help Seedlings Innovate Foundation Limited (Hong Kong)

- - - -

Dec. 14 update

Lawrence is sending me one of his FLEET prototypes, and my friend, Steven E. Jones, is going to test it. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

How it Works

Image:Wang Shum Ho wheel 95x95.jpg

Outer fixed Cylinder has Eight N pole Magnets Inner rotating Cylinder has 6 N pole Magnets (3 shown). Magnetic Shielding is Used to create N pole Only magnets. By adjusting the alignment of the N pole magnets, slight Rotation of the Inner Cylinder will allow the Magnetic Repulsion to keep accelerating the inner cylinder – energy can then be extracted!

Major Components

1. Cup containing a Vibration Fluid

2. A 4 legged device to act as an unbalanced wheel

3. An unbalanced wheel with vibration damper fluid and one permanent magnet

4. Inner rotating shaft with a disc containing permanent magnets

5. Outer Cylinder with fixed permanent magnets

6. Magnetic Shielding Material

7. On and Off control via disruption of magnetic field using Shielding Material

The magnetic set up on top rotates the magnet at the bottom.

In the Wang device, the magnetic set up on top rotates the magnetic fluid. Once rotation starts, the Lee-Tseung theory takes over. Energy is Lead Out, Lead Out, Lead Out.

The Wang device is essentially two coupled systems enhancing each other.

(1) The magnetic fluid rotation

(2) The unbalanced solid magnets rotation.

In the solid magnets rotation, Wang had to overcome the problem of rotating N pole (X) in the presence of a pair of non-rotating N poles (Y and Z). Y can repel X to produce clockwise rotation. However Z will repel X to produce anti-clockwise rotation.

Wang overcame this with permanent magnets Y and Z placed at a slanted angle, use of magnetic material and the rotating magnetic fluid motion.

The rotating magnetic fluid will rotate faster influenced by the rotating solid magnets.

Thus the two systems complement each other. (The Steorn device use a pendulum or a vibrating system to complement an unbalanced rotating wheel coupled via magnets.)

Wang said, “The magnetic shielding material is used for three purposes. The first is to shield the South Pole so that the N Pole would dominate. The second is to reduce or eliminate lock up. When a N pole (A) is placed in between two other fixed N Poles (B and C), A and B will provide the repulsion force to turn the inner cylinder clockwise. A and C will provide the repulsion force to turn the inner cylinder anti-clockwise. Suitable placing of the magnetic shielding material will reduce the repulsion between A and C. Thus the net rotational force is clockwise. The third purpose is on and off control."



Image:Wang Shum Ho generator 95x95.jpg


Image:Wang Shum Ho generator in motion 95x95.jpg

Generator in motion - Videos posted by Lawrence Tseung


Purportedly, the Wang 5KW electricity generator could be sold at US$1,250.


The device is best as a steady electricity generator. Using the torque of the shaft to do work directly was not efficient. It affected the rotational speed too much. Once the rotational speed is reduced, the torque greatly diminishes.

Other devices produced by thier Research and development team include: Pulse motor design, Pulsed pendulum design, Minato wheel design.

Independent Testing

For those individuals or organizations who have the financial means, they can come to see the working prototype in my possession now – the same one the Chinese Officials saw on January 15, 2007.


No patent has been issued yet for this device. The following is the patent application information.

China Patent Information

•Title:????? (An Energy Machine)

•Inventor:??? Wang Shum Ho

•Application date: 1997.11.18

•Publication Number: CN1218329

•Patent Application Number: 97119789.X

•Previous Patent: 91205280.5 –Date: 1991.03.30

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Company: Energy From Air

Lawrence Tseung is a representative of the the Wang Shum Ho generator and pulse motor, both part of the LEE-TSEUNG patent pending technology.

Inventor: Wang Shum Ho
Image:Wang ShenHe.jpg

Wang Shen He or Wang Shum Ho

Html version of Magnetic Motor PowerPoint file - changed to .doc format - Let me start with the story of Mr. Wang Shum Ho and his 5KW electricity generator. Mr. Wang came from a family with royal Manchu Blood. His great grand father was a Medical Doctor in the Royal Court of the Ching Dynasty. As such, his family tradition valued education. Mr. Wang did very well in school.

An official arranged for Wang to go into a local government research institute. Wang built his first prototype at the Institute. The prototype could not generate electricity but could “a sort of? spin. Someone told him that the invention was impossible, and he gave Wang a hard time. He used the income from his other inventions to pay for and slowly overcame the problems of the free energy invention one at a time. Finally, he had a device that could rotate constantly and reliably. He got help from some friends and participated in an Invention Show in GuangZhou in 1997. In May 2006, Wang contacted the Hong Kong Invention Association. Lee Cheung Kin and Lawrence Tseung are active members and have patents or pending patents on Extracting Energy from Energy Fields since 2004. - I am Wang Shum Ho and I do not speak nor write English. Thus I am requesting Mr. Lawrence Tseung to post my ideas for me – using my name. (longer statement follows)


In the News

Image:110101 Gerald Celente on FoxNews 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Trends > Gerald Celente looks to 2011 free energy breakthroughs as the beginning of a new revolution - World-revered trends research expert says: "We're going to see ... an energy revolution. ...We're going to be releasing more information in Trends Journal about breakthroughs in new energy that could shift the whole game. It may be as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel". They will cite PESWiki as a recommended resource. (PESN January 8, 2011)
Image:Wang Shen He 1kW device spinning 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Wang Shum Ho Generator > Directory:Wang Shum Ho Generator - Having received funding from the Chinese Government and State Electricity Companies, Wang Shen He's generators (1 kW and 5 kW), that use coupling of ferro-liquid and permanent magnets, were classified 'top secret.' However, that status changed recently. (PESWiki December 13, 2010)
Image:Wang Shum Ho generator in motion 95x95.jpg

Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Wang Shum Ho Generator - The Wang Shum Ho prototype 5kW electricity generator is reportedly powered by permanent magnets and claimed to be close to production. The team is seeking a marketing partner and offers a working prototype for viewing by financial backers. (PESWiki June 19, 2008)

Image:Wang Shum Ho 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Zero Point Energy > China - A New Magnetic Conversion of Zero Point Energy - The Wang Shum Ho Prototype Electricity Generator was reportedly demonstrated to five Chinese Officials on Jan 15, 2007. Four 5kW working units are planned for academic validation, then 200 more will be produced. Mass production may begin in 2008. “The World Energy Crisis is effectively over.? (ZPEnergy January 24, 2007)

Other Coverage

Wang Shum Ho Innovation document - Cosmic Energy Machines As Explained by the Lee-Tseung Lead Out Theory - Lawrence Tseung is a representative of the the Wang Shum Ho generator and pulse motor, both part of the LEE-TSEUNG patent pending technology. These individuals have not only been playing a role in helping bringing technology of this nature to the world, but also working on a unified model which conventionally explains all operation of over unity devices. Energy from the air are seeking the marketing partner to promote this technology to the World. Despite the Wang Shum Ho team having a working available device, their scientific find has no faculty recognition, and they are further unable to get mainstream media to present their findings.

Wang Shum Ho - A Free energy machine

Discussion Groups

Using the OU Devices to benefit the World - Steorn forum - comments by Lawrence Tseung


See Talk:Directory:Wang Shum Ho Generator


Email Lawrence Tseung (on behalf of Wang Shum Ho)

email: [] or []

If you or your colleague can write in simplified Chinese, you may email Wang Shum Ho directly at wshsdfm20080 {at} and cc Ltseung {at}

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